What is Your Darkness? Your Shadow Element by Zodiac

Find out your dark side from the shadow element of your sign

By Kimmy
What is Your Darkness? Your Shadow Element by Zodiac

What is a Shadow Element or Shadown Sign

Humans are imperfect. There are the dark sides and energy lurking around in the shadows. A shadow element or a shadow sign was never a thing from the ancient philosophers. It is presumably created by the Covens or Orders. So it can be seen as an invention or adaptation of ancient philosophers or magi.

A shadow element describes and depicts the dark side of your Zodiac, a negative characteristic. Whatever word is used to describe does not necessarily define you. As all the Zodiac personality traits suggest, you are more prone to a certain type of behavior or fall trap into certain things. But that by no means will define who you are.

Understanding your Zodiac sign is a great way to allow yourself to be careful. Manifest yourself and glow with your sign rather than let it consume you. Read on for the shadow element for all Zodiac signs!

Shadow Element Based on Zodiac

1. Aries: Darkness

Everyone knows to associate Aries with fire. They brighten up the room and are determined to achieve everything they set out for. They strive for a huge purpose in life that the fear of not being able to be as competitive as they wish scares them.

Without fire, there is no light. Darkness is a shadow element for Aries. It represents their fear of not being seen. They will have an existential crisis if they can't utilize their talents. They are most likely stuck in the loop of doubting themselves and plunges into darkness.

2. Leo: Darkness

Same for Leo, there will always be a tint of darkness lingering around the fire. There will always be a shadow to a candle. There is no light without fire and there will always be shadow when there's a fire. Instead of saying it's a shadow element, a more accurate description would be saying this is periodic. They are creative and passionate about the things they do. They don't like being ignored or questioned. It will create the darkness within them and send them off the wrong path.

3. Cancer: Void

Knowing Cancer, he is highly sensitive and pessimistic. They are emotional and sympathetic, honestly with a good heart too. They are often heartbroken by how bad the world is in its current state and don't understand why can't people just be kind to each other.

A void is their shadow element because no matter how hard they try. They always end up feeling incomplete and lost. There's always a void within that they can't fill. With time and effort, even after searching for decades, they still don't 100% know what their true happiness is.

4. Pisces: Void

Pisces people are also very compassionate with a wide spectrum of emotions constantly fighting to take over. Zodiac signs with drums of emotions and the ability to resonate with others' feelings often find their shadow element to be void. With the influx of overwhelming emotions, at one point, they all feel there's nothing left.

The emptiness is something they can't get rid of. They feel the negative emotions as easy as the happy ones and it often takes them to a space of void. They don't know how to turn it into a happy thought and find themselves lost in searching. They always need a guiding light.

5. Scorpio: Corruption

What are Scorpios known for? Being secretive and distrusting. You never know if a Scorpio is plotting something behind your back. They are resourceful and brave, both can explain their shadow element a bit. Corruption is the dark side of Scorpio. They are willing to take short cuts to achieve results, regardless of the means. They often find themselves stuck with legal trouble or moral conflicts. They are smart enough to know how to cut corners, unfortunately, most of the time they are also willing to go great length to achieve what they want, even if that means breaking the law.

6. Taurus: Choas

Earth is the sign of Taurus. They are reliable and practical. Most are hard workers rather than risk-takers. They like the stable life. However, being an Earth sign, they feel a lot of their surroundings. They take to take everything and may not be able to digest all the feelings.

Taurus finds themselves in chaos easily. They like the way things are, stable and calm and one shred of unstableness can break their rhythm. They are also terrified of embracing their love and dreams if they seem too unrealistic for them. Dream big is not written in their books. A stable life is what they seek and it makes them more perceptive towards negative energy.

7. Sagittarius: Oblivion

A Sagittarius gives out the funny-guy feeling and is usually very energetic. Underneath that sense of humor, there is a danger that they don't know when to stop. They will say whatever comes to mind, even if it comes across as offensive. Their shadow element is oblivion because most of the time, they aren't trying to hurt you. They don't realize what they are saying is not as innocuous as it seems.

They will always struggle with their dark sign if they don't process more of what they say before they speak it. Oblivion is a good way to put it as they never meant any harm, yet people's feelings tend to get hurt around them.

8. Gemini: Chaos

Not hard to guess this one. A Gemini has a curious mind and can be a chameleon, taking in the surroundings well and know exactly how to behave in different situations. However, they also can change their mind as fast as the clock ticks and they are very indecisive.

A Gemini will easily find themselves in a chaotic cloud of thoughts. They don't know the best way to proceed without a team around. They are not the leader type when it comes to decision making. The constant chaotic status will make a Gemini unable to organize their thoughts and they are stuck in the same state.

9. Virgo: Chaos

Paying more-than-enough attention to details and the desire to strive for perfection make chaos the shadow element for Virgo. Their analytical skills are unmatched. They are so scared of being wrong and that they put in all their efforts to make everything right. The conflicting heart is stressful and a Virgo is rarely at peace. When they stop, they are worried that something is wrong along the way.

10. Libra: Oblivion

The Air sign in Libra causes them to fear losing their personality, like losing the air they breathe. They don't want to be your average Joe. They are scared of being less that they forget how much they are already. Sometimes, a Libra can be so focused on themselves that they forget about the people around them.

11. Capricorn: Sin

They are more prone to resort to crimes because of the self-image they put on themselves. Usually described as a know-it-all, a Capricorn would do everything to maintain the popular image that they'd like others to believe. When they want something, they won't hesitate to get it, even if it means breaking the law. However, Capricorn also has a magnificent level of self-control. So the devil is really within themselves, of whether they want to use their self-control to achieve greatness or turn the evil route.

12. Aquarius: Sin

Aloof and emotional, an Aquarius may commit a sin out of love for someone. They are willing to do anything for others and not themselves. Despite being a deeper thinker, they are the most likely to sacrifice themselves for love or commit a sin if told to do so by their love.

An Aquarius can balance both sides and it's up to them to decide if they want to be rational or emotional.

Ways to Identify and Mellow Down your Shadow Element

Having a shadow element is not the end of the world. Everyone comes with a little flaw. And the shadow element is merely a sign that you are more prone to these dark traits, doesn't mean you represent those traits. The best way to identify and mellow down your shadow element is to understand them. Only by knowing your weakness will you be able to go forward.

Understand why your sign is often behaving this way and next time when you encounter a said situation that will spike up your shadow element, you will be able to control yourself. Remember, your shadow element does not define you. It helps you understand who you are and how to improve.

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Scared by your shadow element? Don't be. Take them as a guide to be a better person! Analyse your friends with the traits discussed and see if it matches your friends'!