10 Most Common Reasons Why You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out

Dreams about one's teeth falling out can be scary and perplexing. But get to know some 10 common reasons you dream about your teeth falling out here.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
10 Most Common Reasons Why You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out

Meaning Of Dreams About Teeth Falling Out

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Dreams, whatever their nature is, are either a reflection of our current state of mind or a warning about an approaching danger. Sure, there are dreams that just appear to scare us alone with no meaning; but the truth is that even the seemingly meaningless dreams have in them a lot of messages for the dreamer.

When you dream about your teeth falling out, you are most likely going to be worried about what it means. Well, if you are, you should worry no more because, in this piece, we would highlight 10 reasons you are probably having dreams about your teeth falling out.

But before then, since dreams are somehow spiritual, to grasp their spiritual meanings, it is always good to, first of all, investigate their literal or physical meanings. Most times, by analyzing and understanding the literal meaning of dreams, you can infer their spiritual or deeper meanings. Bear in mind too that two people can have similar dreams but with different interpretations.

That is possible because dreams are symbols, and depending on the unique situation of each person at a time, the meaning may of a particular dream differ. Having said that, it is good to reflect on the functions of teeth to the overall health of the waking body. No doubt, without the teeth, our beauty as humans cannot be said to be complete.

Without the teeth also, one cannot eat certain foods which may be necessary for one's sustenance. So, whatever action that would lead to the removal, breaking, or falling out of our teeth in the physical is surely an act that poses a great threat to our survival. No one enjoys their life without their teeth.

In another light, teeth falling out can be a sign of growth or aging in the physical. For a child transiting from adolescent to adulthood, it may not be unusual for such to experience teeth falling out or even breaking. The milk teeth would have to give way for the permanentadult teeth that can break bones. Also, the older a person grows, the weaker their teeth become and as such, might just be falling out on their own.

With this background knowledge, we shall now examine 10 possible live events that might account for your dreams about your teeth falling out. Hopefully, one of those reasons would resonate with you.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 1: Insecurity

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One of the possible meanings of your teeth falling out in a dream is that you are feeling insecure about your current state. As dreams about teeth falling out can suggest a loss of something, you may be afraid in reality that you would lose your pregnancy, job, spouse, partner, or relation.

In any case, the subject you are insecure about would have to do with life or connected with your source of livelihood. For instance, if you lose your pregnancy or job, many lives would certainly be affected. And let's say you have not lost any major thing connected to life, dreaming about your teeth falling out may be a warning sign that you should not be too carried away.

As such, the secret to understanding which is which when it comes to a dream about your teeth falling out or breaking is to do a self-appraisal to see what major life changes you are undergoing. And if you are not currently experiencing any change, you should perhaps prepare for one. That's because dreams about teeth falling out are at the least signaling an impending change that has either happened or about to happen.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 2: Compromises

If you are about to make a compromise in your wake life, you could start having dreams of your teeth falling out. The dreams are to alert you to the end result of compromising your position or stance on any life subject.

You could also be having this dream because you are faced with making a decision about something that affects you personally for which you are seriously confused about. Let's say you are already tendering towards making a decision and you keep having this kind of dream, you should reconsider it and make a U-turn.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 3: Inaction

Every day of our lives is filled with decisions to make, and these decisions often determine our fate both in the short and long run. However, where nature demands that you make a choice or decision and you remain indecisive, you could begin to have dreams of your teeth falling out.

Among other things, such dreams about your teeth falling out are warning you that your indecision can be very costly. Let's say you are pregnant and there is a major operation you have to undergo but you are scared about such that you ignored it. Having dreams in which your teeth are falling off, breaking, or rotting can mean that you would lose the pregnancy if a speedy action is not taken.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 4: Self-Image

If you are self-conscious in real life, having dreams that your teeth are rotting or falling out can be a reflection of your internal struggles to accept the reality of aging. Put differently, it means you are afraid of growing old.

Obviously, efficiency decreases with age and because of this, you might become unduly anxious about your fate in the coming days. Hence, your incessant teeth loss dreams. As long as you continue to accommodate the fear, the dreams may never depart from you and can become scarier as days pass by.

So, technically, the teeth-falling-out dream is instructing you to accept yourself and be more self-confident and assertive. That's because if you aren't approaching your 60s or 70s and you keep having dreams like this, you are probably battling with self-acceptance. Your teeth rotting or falling out may be a call to start viewing yourself in the right perspective.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 5: Sexual Fears

In some expert's opinions, another viable reason you could be having dreams that your teeth are falling out is due to sexual repression. In other words, you are beginning to sense that you might no longer be sexually capable as a person.

To Freud as well as to some other classical psychologists, your teeth rotting or falling out in a dream reveals that you are anxious about your sexual capability. Well, again, the appropriateness of this reason to your case would depend on the latest happenings in your life. Check out your sexual life. Have you had any course to worry over it lately? If so, this might just be the reason.

Experts have gone further to link dreams about teeth falling out to losing one's power and authority perhaps over a people or thing. To them, a rotting tooth suggests depletion of influence and recognition that one used to enjoy.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 6: Expansion

In the physical,  teeth falling out can be as a result of growth. Ideally, as children grow up, their milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth after most of the milk or temporary teeth have been removed. So, there isn't just one side to dreams about teeth falling out. It can be a sign of personal expansion too.

If you have been yearning for a child, it could be a sign of an imminent pregnancy; if you have been hoping to advance your business, your rotting or breaking teeth can signify your success. However, to you, in this process of expansion, it would look as if you are losing something.

In fact, the process of expansion can appear to be painful in the beginning just as losing a tooth can be painful too. But then, it would turn out to be great in the end. You should, therefore, find out if there is a developmental stage you are going through in real life as your dreams about your teeth falling out might just be a reflection of it.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 7: A Secret

Well, another reason you might be having dreams about your teeth falling out is that you probably have one secret you are not willing to let go of. Stated differently, it means that if possible, you want to reverse to your earlier lifestyle or stage in life where literally, you were toothless and dependent on milk.

So, the meaning of your teeth breaking or falling out is that you prefer to remain on a spot and not have to risk anything or face failure than progress and be exposed to various life challenges. It's a known fact that during the early years of a child's development, he or she lives on the parents and feeds on the breast milk without much stress.

In your own case now, it could be that there is a big challenge you are battling with and you are relishing those old days when you were without problems. You seem to be fixated on the past and would like to regress if possible. The fact, however, is that those challenges are normal for moving to the next stage in life. Once you get out of them, you become a better person.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 8: Caution

The first time one loses a tooth as a child is usually full of reflection. You bring out the tooth and examine it over and over again. In fact, many children who are inquisitive would ask their parents about how best to take care of their teeth so it doesn't fall out again. Those were moments to take precautions.

This same imagery can be what is playing out in your dream. In other words, one possible meaning to dreams about teeth falling out is that you should take caution about your day-to-day activities and actions. Perhaps you have been living a carefree life and your spirit man is calling you out to tread softly.

As such, if you can figure out that you are going through some changes, you may want to see the meaning and reason for the teeth-fall-out dream in this light. Take things easy and watch what you do and say. In fact, you may have to watch those you move out with too.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 9: Rebirth

If you are a woman, having dreams that your teeth are falling out could be as a result of an expected pregnancy or birth of a new baby. Respected authorities in dream analysis such as Jung have linked teeth falling out in a dream to the giving birth (both literally and symbolically) of something or someone new.

Usually, in such fall out dreams, you experience some levels of pain or discomfort, the type that normally accompanies delivery; but just as a woman rejoices when the baby is finally delivered, so also are you bound to rejoice when your travails are over. It's like a farmer going out to sow seeds, usually, the sowing process can be challenging and difficult, but at harvest, the pain is forgotten.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Reason 10: Strength

Interestingly, in some cultures, the teeth are often seen as a unique symbol of self-esteem and power. In those cultures, dreaming about teeth falling out could be interpreted as meaning that you are going to have a favorable living edge in life.

But then, the meaning of the dream can vary depending on the scene surrounding the fallout. If it was violent, what it probably means is that you have a very aggressive personality. This aggressiveness can turn out to either be positive or negative.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out: Conclusion

There you have some of the possible reasons you have been having dreams about your teeth falling out. Good enough, if you know the reason behind your dreams, you can pretty much tell what it means. You would, however, notice that in the 10 possible reasons suggested for your teeth fallout dreams in this piece, the first five are negative while the other half is positive.

What this means is that there are no hard and fast rule to the meaning and reason for a teeth fall out dream. For some it could suggest the expectation of good things such as pregnancy and job, while for others, their teeth falling out in a dream is a bad omen.

Whichever way you view it, remember that dreams and their interpretations are subjective. It all depends on each person’s perspective on it. As such, it is strongly advocated that before you come to a conclusion concerning your dreams about teeth falling out, you should study all the circumstances surrounding it.

Sometimes, dreams like this are warnings to the dreamer to watch out for things that might go wrong in their lives. So, do a self-appraisal and put in order everything that should be put in order. Usually, when the message that a dream is conveying has been gotten and heeded, it ceases to come.