The 8 Best Truth or Dare Apps You Can Use In a Party

Fun truth or dare apps to download before going for a party

By Fred S.
The 8 Best Truth or Dare Apps You Can Use In a Party

Have you ever been to a small gathering, or a party that often gets boring too quickly because standing around and talking is only fun just for a bit? Have you ever wondered how playing a few games with your friends could make a party remarkably fun to be at? We’ve all been there! Do you remember how before technology took over, parties were full off spin the bottle and truth or dare games? If you were told that these games could be played at parties today, and on your phone, would you give it a shot? 

There definitely are a few apps out there that feature truth and dare games for your parties, so that nobody ever feels bored at a party again! Read on, to learn more about the best ones that we’ve picked out for you.  

Get a great party going on with Truth or Dare questions in app


Parties are great places to meet new people – they give you a chance to socially explore outside of your own bubble. Whether to have a remarkable time with the friends you already know, or if you want to get to know new people at a party, truth or dare is a brilliant is a brilliant ice-breaker to kick start it! People have become so prone to using their phones for everything, that a manual game may not be taken seriously at times, for that we have a few applications that could help you bring life to a party.  

Android and iOS play stores now offer various gaming apps including apps for playing truth or dare virtually! These apps include features like spin the bottle, truth or dare with cards, and other classic games. Some selected applications even feature exciting options to customize the game as per your preferences, and each of these categories are discussed in detail below!  

8 best truth or dare apps for 2019

Spin the Bottle Style Apps

1. Truth or Dare – Spin the Bottle:

Truth or Dare - Spin the Bottle - Apps on Google Play

An application by the Rising techie, “Truth or Dare – Spin the bottle” is a game app that is rated 4.2 on the Google Play Store. Spin the bottle and truth or dare has always been a fun and addictive game to play at parties, you usually play this with your friends and/or family, however a bottle isn’t always available and therefore, using this app could help you have loads of fun!  

The app has three modes to choose from, the first mode is for adults, the second for teens, and the third for kids, which makes it a game for everyone. If you’re supervising a children’s gathering and think they need a little push to have fun, make use of this application. Likewise, being stuck at an adult party could also be spiced up, using this application. It’s a simple and easy game to play with over 2500 truths and dares to choose from, yes, you read the number right!  

2. Spin the bottle Truth or Dare:

‎Spin The Bottle! Truth Or Dare on the App Store
Spin The Bottle - Truth Or Dare - Apps on Google Play

This application aims to improve your experience at a party, and how you spend your free time just sitting around a cozy fireplace at home with your family! Like the other app, it also offers the adult, teens’, and kids’ mode to choose from when you’re playing. It offers more than 1200 truths and dares in the game. 

However, this has an additional feature of customizing your own questions or dares, you could choose to go easy on your friends, or go dirty to make things exciting. You could tell the developers care about customization too, because you can even choose which type of bottle you spin in the app. It has a very elaborate and easy to track scoreboard that keeps the game competitive and interesting!  

Truth or Dare Apps With Cards

3. Truth or Dare: Dirty & Evil Drinking Game:

Truth or Dare: Dirty & Evil Drinking Game - Apps on Google Play

This app is a drinking game, mainly targeted at parties! It’s specifically designed for people who love to have some wild fun at gatherings. It includes cards with dares and fiery questions that keep the party interesting. You can play this game offline too! 

It has 8 packs of more than 900 cards, and it needs a minimum of 2 players to play the game. To play this you have to pick either truth or dare, and then answer the question or do the dare that the cards ask you to do. If you forfeit, you drink 2 sips of your drink and then another person takes their turn.  

4. Truth or Dare – Free Party Game:

Truth Or Dare - Free Party Game - Apps on Google Play

This application is initially free on the Google Play Store, but every in-app purchase is paid. It has a 4.3-star rating, and is one of the most downloaded truth or dare games. It’s available in English and Russian language, containing hundreds of exciting questions and dares. Each card comes up with a unique set of questions and these features are constantly updated, making sure you never run out. The app lets you make your own cards if you want to move away from the pre-set questions.  

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Customisable Truth or Dare Apps

5. Truth Or Dare Kids:

‎Truth Or Dare - Kids Game on the App Store
Truth Or Dare Kids - Apps on Google Play

Most applications offer limited pool of questions and dares that are built-in, but what if you want to play it wild, with your own customized dares and questions? Kids know their friends well enough to have hilarious inside jokes, and they'd have the perfect kind of question or dare to assign for making the game interesting! For that reason, “Truth or Dare Kids” offers an option to create your own personalized dares and questions!  

This app can be of use even if there's not a kids' party going on, it has an option for the user to play the game alone, which gives it an edge! The app guarantees all the questions and dares to be family-friendly as this is a kids' verison, so you can peacefulyl let your kid explore the game with his or her friends! The best part is, it's available on both iOS and Android, so no kid will feel left out at the party. 

6. Truth or Dare - Party Game:

‎Truth Or Dare : Party Game on the App Store
Truth Or Dare - Apps on Google Play

This app has a 4.1 rating on the Google Play Store, with hundreds of built-in questions and dares that you’ll hardly ever get bored of. But if you do, or just to spice things up, this one also gives you an option to customize your own dares, and questions. Being able to customize your own dares and questions gives you the liberty to dictate the direction of your game.  

The questions you design or choose will have more depth in them as compared to the general ones available in the app. The developers of this game are same as the kids' app mentioned above, but this is just the adult variation of it from Marco Studios. You can play this game with up to 20 people, and with as low as 2 people. It’s frequently updated with the latest features, and is extremely easy and fun to use! This app also has three modes to choose from – kids, teens, and adults.  

Truth or Dare Apps For Couples Only

7. Truth or Dare? Dirty!:

‎Truth or Dare? Dirty! on the App Store
Truth or Dare ? Dirty ! - Apps on Google Play

Have you ever been at home with your partner and wanted to try something fun and intimate but hardly ever know what to do? How about you play truth and dare with your partner, but a naughtier version of it? This game contains a lot of bold challenges and questions that you could use on your partner. If that isn’t enough, it lets you make your own cards to make things as fiery as you want them to be!  

This is how you play the game, start off with getting a little intimate, and then take turns asking the questions or assigning the dares, complete the dares or answer the questions and then move to the other person. Make sure none of you skip the questions or dares, if all goes well, by the end of the night, you’ll have a lot of fun.    

8. Dirty Truth or Dare for Couple:

‎Dirty Truth or Dare for Couple on the App Store
Truth Or Dare for Adults & Couples - Apps on Google Play

This app has an astounding 4.6 rating on both, the Play Store and the App Store, and is reviewed as one of the hottest and hilarious truth and dare games to play. This app is suited well for both a gathering or for just a couple’s alone time together. 

It has a combination of both dirty and clean dares and questions that keep you entertained throughout the match. This app lets you play the game without WiFi availability too, making it easier to play anywhere and everywhere. You could be camping in a no-service area, or on a bus, or even amidst a power outage; but the game would still be available. 


This app lets you categorize the dares and the questions according to categories, you could put all the dirty dares or questions into an adult category and separate the regular ones to a general gathering category. It’s one of the most downloaded truth or dare apps that lets you have a great time if you and your partner are trying something new.  



Parties and social gathering can often become very monotonous, and boring, if there isn’t anything new in it; how many parties would you attend where you just stand around and talk to people? At some point you want something new and exciting to do with your friends or family. Truth & Dare is an option that is both fun-filled and exciting for everyone around you.  

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, including Truth or Dare games, you can find versions of these games for kids, teens, adults, for parties, with a spin the bottle feature, and for couples! Each of these categories are discussed in detail in this article, and will surely be the light of your next party!  

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