10 Best Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life & Have Some Fun

Couples realize that new relationships have the best sex and after marriage sex can become routine and boring. Here are the sex positions to add spice.

By MJ Faublas
10 Best Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life & Have Some Fun

When the Spice & Sex Positions Were Hot

It seemed he couldn't keep his hands off of you. No matter where you were, what you were doing, or whom you were around, your man (or woman) could not keep his hands off of you. Your sex life was like the scenes from the "Drunk in Love" lyrics that Beyonce wrote about (meaning the positions were endless, and the sex was at its best). Your heat steamed all rooms and burned all paths, and your sex positions were the envy of anyone you'd share stories with. To say you two were close to being porn stars would not exaggerate your characteristics. The spice was hot and burning. You couldn't wait to see one another. There was no way you could go out in public for more than a couple of hours or else PDA would be of the highest levels. Him pinching your butt, you rubbing his chest, and heading to his tight six pack abs (that always turns you on). You tried positions in private, in public, in your homes, and unfortunately, the positions were tried at friend's homes. There were no safe places that your sex life and sex positions did not christen. It would start with an innocent kiss until his hands were under your skirt, heading up your shirt, and before you knew it, your bra was loosened. Your marriage (or relationship) seem to be in a lustful situation filled with spice, and your sex life could not be better filled with exciting sex positions. But then out of nowhere, it all seemed to stop. Your marriage (or relationship) seem to have entered a dry spell, and your sex life seems to have only been best when it was new. You're left lost and confused, wondering what can you do. You're both still your sexy selves; you still do all the sex positions that you've always done, and yet, nothing.

Getting Your [Sex] Groove Back

Remember watching "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," and thinking this could never be you. Well, welcome to the club "Stella." After giving your everything in your sex life, trying all the sex positions your body will allow, you seem to have given him (or her) all you have to give. So why are you two here, laying in bed like strangers (or worst, like old people). No one warned you about this. You think my marriage (or relationship) shouldn't be like this. It was so good in the beginning. Did we just give our best sex when the relationship was brand new? How can I fix this? Well, have no fear, just as Stella got her groove back, so can you. And the sex positions you're introduced to might be positions you've tried or have always wanted to try, but most importantly, these sex positions are guaranteed to bring you and your marriage to new heights.

What Every Couple Should Know

The rule of too much of a good thing is not good for you applies to sex as well. When you first meet, and as you get to know one another, your adrenaline is pumping, and you can't get enough of one another. This you may perceive as being "in love." So like mating dogs (not calling you and your mate dogs, but you get the point); you two try exciting sex positions, fun positions in exciting places, or new ways to shock each other and bring about some spice in the positions you like the most. As you become more comfortable with one another, that desire in your sex life seemed to have fizzled leaving you and left your marriage in a state of confusion. No new positions seem to heighten your sex life. You seem to have given up on new possibilities for your sex life, and forget all the positions you've googled over time. All you need to remember is the main rule of life "too much of a good thing is no good." Once you understand this rule and help your partner to understand this rule, you both will understand that your sex life can be saved and new sex positions are available to be explored. The sex life you had when your relationship was new will return to it's the best condition, and the spice will return to your relationship. Let's explore the endless possibilities.

All About Sex & Positions

Sex is a pleasurable event when both parties are enjoying each other's company. Sex becomes a tedious task when both (or one party) has less interest than the other. The goal when having sex with another party is to keep in mind that the event is to bring both of you to your highest pleasure point. In other words, the end goal in your sex life is the pleasure principle. Sex gets to be more exciting the more involved you both are emotionally and mentally. The more awareness you both have in what excites each of you during sex, what sex positions each of you don't like, or what new sex positions you'd both like to incorporate into your sex life, the better the sex will be. But always, never compare your new relationship with your current relationship; because the sex life will always seem like it was at its best when it was new, and this may discourage you all from attempting your sex positions.

What is this Spice in Sex Positions?

When you think of spice, what comes to mind? Could the spice be similar the foods we eat (i.e.: the more flavor it has, the better). Well, the answer is yes and no. Let's begin with the "yes." Yes, the spice is similar to the flavor added to foods, in that it enhances the taste of many foods that would otherwise be considered bland. Just like the foods, your sex life is no different. No amount of sex positions could save a bland sex life. If you've gone from barely making it past the foyer, to now every night your go-to sex position is spooning, then yes, you've lost the spice. Your marriage (or relationship) is in desperate need of some flavor (spice). Now for the "no;" no, your relationship is not like the flavor of foods. The truth is a relationship (or marriage) could enter it's comfort zone and never lose sight of that steamy sex life that both of you enjoy so much. Your marriage could seem boring in all other areas, and still, have a powerful sex life that has no comparison to when your relationship was new. For your marriage (or relationship), your best sex is yet to be explored. And for your marriage (or relationship), this list of spicy sex positions will only be a treat to both of you.

Keeping Up with the Spice

Now that you understand the type of relationship you have let's get down to the spice of your sex life. For some couples inviting a third (or fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or...you get the picture) party into their bedroom is enticing and brings the fire like nothing else. These couples incorporate more and riskier adventures into their relationships, and their sex life is never a bore. For these couples, the spice of their sex life is dependent on how far they can push the relationship and explore new partners and sex positions. However, there are those that are purely monogamous. For such couples, the constant need to fulfill one another's sexual desires can be tiring. These couples suffer the most because the pressure to come up with new and exciting sex positions or ideas for their relationships seems to become the driving force of the relationship. These couples needed the spice and had the spice of their sex life. But somewhere along their shared time together, the spice became bland, and now they are in need of a new way to raise the spice of their sex life and find new sex positions too. But couples in this scenario need to try new positions, and neither will benefit more than the other. Both couples will understand each other more and bring back their best sex life yet with the sex positions prepared below. So, let's have some fun.

Keeping Up with the Sex Positions

But first, let's talk about you, your relationship (or marriage), and your sex life. The many sex positions that you've tried over the years should make you professionals, and yet here you are reading this article. You've probably come to find that the human body can be bent, folded, and twisted in more ways then you were ever aware of. And in finding this out, you've found yourself doing the google of sex positions that can enhance your relationship. Sex positions come to a mile-a-minute, and if you've read as much kama sutra books as most couples, you will find that some of these sex positions can be difficult to accomplish or simply not what you'd like to incorporate into your sex life. Keeping up with the sex positions in new relationships was never this difficult, however, as the relationship grew to new levels, the spice needed refilling, and new sex positions are needed. Fear not, because there are 10 sex positions that are proven to spice up your relationship (or marriage). These 10 sex positions don't require certification in yoga, acrobatics, or for you to be a bodybuilder. All you need is your partner, an open mind, and a couch (or bed, your choice). So, enough talking already, let's explore some sex positions and spice up your sex life.

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10 Sex Positions to Spice it Up

Remember, the sex positions listed below are solely for fun and your enjoyment. Never try something you don't like or are physically uncomfortable with. Each sex position is to bring you and your marriage into a closer emotional, physical, and mental bond. So let's get down to it:

Sex Position #10: The Sexy Straddle

He's been in control this entire relationship, be it in the bedroom (deciding the sex positions you try), your finances, or your extracurricular activities. Now, you feel comfortable with yourself and wish to take control of at least one sex position. Which sex position can give you more control then the sexy straddle. He's laying flat on the bed, and you're on top facing him. This sex position allows more imagination then you would imagine. For example, you can tie his wrists to keep his curiosity up and push him further by blindfolding him to intensify his desires using this sex position. This sex position is guaranteed to surprise him and make him understand that you can and will dominate the relationship when necessary. But most importantly, this sex position will bring out the control freak in you that he might grow to love even more.

Sex Position #9: Let Him Watch

What man doesn't want to watch his woman get pleasured by another woman. And with that said, pick a date, it could be your birthday, his birthday, Valentine's day, Halloween. It doesn't matter. Once you pick the date, select a new person to introduce into this menage-a-trois. This person should be as open as described by the couple listed above. This sex position requires very little from you and your relationship, just an open mind, and a girlfriend. Your man should get an eye full during this sex position before joining in. This will give you and your girlfriend enough time to pleasure and enjoy one another. So have fun and let this sex position be a treat to not only your marriage (but of course, you as well).

Sex Position #8: Standing Blower

In this sex position, your partner is like a lawnmower. He stands in full attention, and you're in position on your knees ready to be watered. As you take your partner into your mouth, he will melt with the skills you bring to the table. Be sure to have him in a compromising place such as the bathroom or kitchen for this position. He should be unwilling to leave even if he'd want to.

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Sex Position #7: Reverse Cowgirl Gone Bad

You've tried this sex position many times but never like this. Similar to the typical reverse cowgirl, but with handcuffs or hand ties. This position should be used when you are feeling most confident. In this position, your man is at your mercy, and you will show him who's in charge. The reverse cowgirl gone bad position allows you to go a little crazy when on top of your boyfriend. To be frank, this position should also be attempted with another woman if you are feeling truly bad.

Sex Position #6: Together

Let him see that you can be intimate with more than just him in this position. This sex position is more than reaching your sexual pleasure, but more for the display of your ability to show affection to another. This position shows your beau that you can be soft with girls and enjoy them beyond a quickie. This position shows your beau that you can look her into her eyes, give her intense pleasure via the sharing of emotions, and slow intensified physical pleasure. This position should be one of the positions your partner will want to try over and over even though this position does not involve him.

Sex Position #5: Tie Me All Up

50 shades of your marriage (or relationship). In this position, he is in full control. You are at his mercy in this position, and he should enjoy it the more uncomfortable he makes you. You will squirm, twist yourself into new positions trying to get out of his knots. His goal in this position will be to keep you under his control and maintain that control until he's ready to set you free from his tie me all up position.

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Sex Position #4: Straddled by Cowboy

In this position, he gets to play the role of the cowboy and straddle you until you scream for mercy and pleasure. This position puts him in control of your entire body. He will enjoy this position because your arms, legs, and head will be under his direction. Whatever position he puts you in becomes your permanent receiving position until he moves you. Let him have his fun and enjoy your man as well.

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Sex Position #3: Watch Me Do It

This is your chance to show him just how much love you have for yourself. Most women would become intimated by this position, but now you. Just grab a toy or not, and have some fun. Take your time in this position, teasing him, making him unable to wait to join. This position shows him that you can and will enjoy your body if need be. Show him that you can be self-dominating by spanking yourself, take it slow and then intensify the use of toys or your finger in this position. The point of this position is to be later incorporated later on in the relationship when the two of you are not together because of traveling or other engagements. This position would become your go-to face-time position when apart.

Sex Position #2: Watch Him Do It

Now that you've had your fun, this position is all about him. Let your beau use this position to show you what he can do without you around. He should be given the full authority to give himself the most pleasure in this position. This position should allow your man to bring himself to the brink to no return and that's when you climb on top of him and finish off the job. At this point, your man will respect your sex positions and praise your sex life.

Sex Position #1: Three-Way Helicopter

This position can be unbearable for purely monogamous couples but could be a go-to for free-loving couples. But don't underestimate this sex position. This sex position involves you, your mate, and a third party. In this position, your sex life is guaranteed to gain some spice, and the preference of the third party is up to the two of you. In other words, if your man desires invite another man into your bedroom in this position. But if you desire, invite another girl in this position. The possibilities are endless as long as you two are comfortable. The most important decisions in this position are deciding whose blowing your man and who he will pleasure with his mouth. May the luckiest lady win as this position can be switched up and you both can take turns being the helicopter blade. Enjoy this position and make sure your mate is having some fun as well.

So Let's Get it On

Now that you've done your research on positions, you understand that the bedroom involves more than just circus tricks to spice up your sex life. The sex positions that you try should have continued involvement in your relationship. Don't just go after one hit sex position wonders, go for positions that you can add-on to. These positions will continue to be a part of your sex life being enhanced throughout your lifetime. But of course, when incorporating sex positions, always remember to have fun. Let your partner know which positions work for you. In other words, if a position is uncomfortable, speak up. If a position is your favorite, also, share this with your partner. The more open the communication regarding your sex position desires, the better the sex will be. And of course, sex is not just about the physical positions that are involved int he bedroom. Sex goes beyond just putting your bodies in interesting positions but goes into the level of emotional and mental connection that you two share. So, enough said. Now that you've read up on some new (or favorite) positions go on a spice up your sex life. Go get it on with these new positions and have some fun.