10 Places On Where To Meet Women Aside From Going Online

Look out for these offline places on where to meet women for romance

By Angelieh D. R.
10 Places On Where To Meet Women Aside From Going Online

Top Places To Meet Women Online

There are many dating websites that you can join online.

Almost everything in our lives has been ruled by technology. All the nifty apps that you need for your daily life such as banking, shopping, and streaming films and TV shows are all within the reach of our fingertips because of awesome mobile devices such as our smartphones. 

That is why you would not have been surprised to hear your friends mention dating applications or website that they use to meet women. Here are three of the most popular websites and applications for you to meet women online.

1. Match.com

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Match Dating: Chat, Date & Meet Someone New

If you have not heard of Match.com before, they are an online dating website that has been around since 1995. Their headquarters is in Dallas, Texas and their website is available in 25 languages. This just means that you can meet people from all around the world with their 21 million users - the biggest membership among dating websites available as of the moment. 

You can try out their free membership to create a profile and view some potential matches. However, you have to avail of their membership, which starts at $36 for one month, if you wish to message one or some of your matches. Previous users have commented positively on the comprehensiveness of their online profiles which include gender preferences, religion, profession, and dating intentions. 

2. eHarmony

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eharmony - Online Dating App
‎eharmony - Online Dating App on the App Store

Another popular and well-used online dating website is eHarmony which was established in 2000 and operated from Los Angeles, California. The website was founded by a clinical psychologist, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who believed that the success of relationships and marriages hinged upon a couple's compatibility. According to Dr. Warren, research proved that certain "characteristics of a person can predict their compatibility" - a statement embodied by eHarmony. 

They have 4.1 million monthly visitors on their website and over 30 million members from 20 countries around the globe. Each member can sign up for free and answer their compatibility questionnaire. If you become a member, they can deliver your daily matches to you via email. 

3. Tinder

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Another top online platform that you might have heard of is Tinder, a dating application that you can download and use on your phone. They boast of 20 billion matches that they have brought together at present along with a daily match-up rate fo 26 million. These numbers are made possible by the application's straightforward interface where you can "swipe" through a person's profile if you like someone and if the person likes you back, you can get on chatting and arrange a date. 

Tinder's app has been featured several times in popular movies and TV shows. Through the years, Tinder has gotten a negative reputation as a "casual hookup" app because of the simplicity of its platform. Although, it is good to note that they are striving to promote the growth of healthy relationships through their app.

Old Fashioned Way Of Meeting Women Offline

There are still many places to meet women offline.

Meeting women online may be fast and efficient for most people but you still cannot exchange the kind of connection that you can make with a person when you meet face-to-face. In addition to more safety in the face of the danger posed by predators or fakers online, you can really get a true first impression with someone that you have met personally. 

There are still a lot old-fashioned but tried and tested places and ways where you can meet women offline. Not to mention, in a lot of them you can do so with the comfort and support of your friends and family. 

1. At School

You can meet single people from your own generation at school.

If you are a still a teenager or a young adult, you cannot exclude your "second home" as a place where you can meet the woman of your dreams. In school, you can find people who are the same age or generation as you. This is surely a plus point if you want to meet someone who can sincerely understand the troubles and challenges that you are facing along with the thrills and trends of your generation. 

If you have already graduated from school or college, maybe you can think about your high school reunion. Falling in love after years and decades apart does not only happen in movies. You can also make it possible in real life as you might see that special girl again and in a different light - and this time, you are at the right place and at the right time. 

2. At Work

You might find someone special in your workplace.

You have probably heard how most people would say that "you shouldn't poop where you eat." A statement that is supposed to inform everybody of the dangers and messiness of getting romantically involved with someone that you are working with. The saying indeed has some traction when you think about how you could become distracted and emotional instead of being a professional and focusing on your work. 

However, would you really that beautiful officemate of yours go? Especially after that wonderful afternoon, perhaps during lunch or coffee break, when you felt an instant connection after she mentioned your favorite movie or your favorite band. In this case, as long as you know your professional duties and boundaries, why not pursue that special girl?

3. In Coffee Shops

Coffee shops can help you bump into someone new.

After the invention of Wi-Fi and the glamorization of the coffee culture, coffee shops revamped its reputation as a social watering hole for young couples and blind meet-ups. Even if you are working or just surfing on the net, I am sure you would find an opportunity to rub elbows with someone wonderful. 

While falling in line, you might notice someone who ordered the same coffee or pastry as you. You may seat a table away from someone and hear them humming to the melody of that song that has been stuck in your head since yesterday. Take a chance and spend some time in a coffee shop of your choice. 

4. In Bookstores

A book can recommend you to a wonderful person.

You may think that this may sound nerdy or geeky but bookstores can still be wonderful places to meet with someone. Imagine walking through the aisles while searching for that new best-seller that you have heard about and you see a woman who is looking for the same book.

These meet-ups do and can happen in real life. Books can still be a good way of recommending people who might be your soul mate. You just might find that kindred spirit who like the same Stephen King or John Grisham novel as you. 

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5. At your Parent's House

You can meet someone when you visit your parents' house.

You might find this one a little awkward and embarrassing, but you can definitely meet a lovely woman at your parent's house. Believe it or not, parents can also be great judges of other people's character or personality. Most especially, if you are very close to your parents, you can be sure that they could help you find someone who is just right for you. 

Being at your parents' house during a house party or an evening dinner is a great avenue to meet someone interesting and ideally, lives nearby in your neighborhood. Settings like these, where you can talk about your childhood and the town that your grew up in, can already be a good icebreaker to start a conversation and get to know someone. 

6. At your Friend's House

Perhaps love will spark at a party at your friend's house.

Similar to your parents' house, you can also meet someone wonderful while at your friends' house. You could come by for a visit to their childhood home and get to know the people in their community. Your friends' house can also be a place for dinners and parties where you can widen your social circle by meeting their other friends. You might be able to find your soul mate through your mutual friends. 

In addition, meeting in places like your parents' or friends' house can be more helpful for you. If you are surrounded by people you are comfortable with and people who know you very well, you can be assured in making a great first impression to someone special. 

7. At the Gym

Gyms can be a social venue too.

If you love working out and being active, what better place to find the love of your life than in a gym? Other than doing workouts, exercising or learning a martial art, gyms can also be a great social venue where you can meet women. You might talk about your common fitness goals and maybe arrange a date where you can work to achieve those goals together.

You can also ask that wonderful girl from the gym to other activities such as hiking, camping, or cycling. You can also make plans to travel around and have thrilling adventures together. 

8. In a Concert Venue

At a concert, you can meet someone who likes the same music as you.

If you are very fond of a certain band or music group, attending one of their concerts might also be a good place to meet someone. Just think of the hundred or thousands of people who came to see your favorite band. Perhaps one among that sea of people is your perfect match. 

Similar to books, music is also a good way to find a bond with someone that you just met. Through the kind of music that a person likes and the lyrics to their favorite songs, you will be able to tell a lot about their personality. 

9. At a Workshop

You can meet people while trying out new things.

Do you like painting or woodworking? Would you like to learn how to do yoga or pilates? Do you like attending comic book conventions or book signings? Do not waste these opportunities because attending workshops or even business seminars can be a chance to meet new people. 

You can form a bond with someone when you talk about the activities that you are doing or you can get to know each other while spending time in those activities. So the next time that you think about leaving your couch for a workshop, add meeting your soul mate to the list of your personal motivations. 

10. At a Social Event

Try joining speed dating events.

Aside from concerts, parties, and workshops that you could attend, there are also numerous other social events where you can meet up with other single people. One popular way is participating in speed dating events. Several individuals come together in a venue where you can spend a few minutes chatting up several prospective partners. 

If you are not into speed dating, you can also choose to do volunteer work for hospitals, charities or other organizations. In volunteering, you will be able to have opportunities for meeting people and spending a lot of working hours with them while doing good for others at the same time. 


Put yourself out there, it would be worth it.

Whether you prefer meeting women online or offline through the ways mentioned here, whatever your platform will be, the key to finding your special someone is being yourself. Nothing turns away women faster than being a closed book or sincerity. Be honest with your interests and your background, and if the time is right, your expectations for your relationship. However, before all this, you might want to put yourself out there, meet new people, and wear your heart on your sleeve. 

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