15 Best Love Songs For Him That Tells Him All You're Feeling

Groove and dance romantically with these best love songs for him

By Evelyn
15 Best Love Songs For Him That Tells Him All You're Feeling

15 love songs for him that shows your love for him

Do you have a boyfriend in your life that keeps you smiling all day long just by thinking about him? Do your heart skips a beat every time you hear his voice or is near him? Being in love with a wonderful guy is something that doesn't happen to everyone. He makes you feel special every day, how can you express to him all that you're feeling when words fail you? It seems that you can't find the right words to express how much you love and appreciate him every day.

You can try to find a gift to show him how you feel, but you can't buy a gift every day. Besides, remember that guys respond differently than girls when they're presented with a special surprise. Have you tried to do something special for him before? What has been his reaction? Was he expressive, did he show great amounts of excitement? We bet that he didn't and that didn' sit well with you. It's not that he didn't appreciate or was happy with his surprise, it's just that guys are wired differently than girls when it comes to showing appreciation for a special surprise.

Guys don't like the extravagant they are more comfortable with the simple, something they can relate to. So think simple and something that can go straight to his heart. How about using music to express your feelings? Music is kind of a universal language, there are millions of songs out there that were inspired by love, so all you have to do is find the right ones and make a love playlist for your boyfriend. If you "hit the right notes" we're sure you're going to melt his heart.

We'd like to help you with said melting so we have compiled a list of songs in different genres that we're sure are going to evoke an emotional response from your boyfriend. The lyrics are going to make him remember all the beautiful moments that you two have spent together, all the good times and that is going to put a big smile on his face.
You can give it to your boyfriend as a gift for him to listen by himself or you can play it during a romantic dinner so you can watch his reaction, either way, he'll know how much you love him.


Country love songs for him

Let's begin this love journey with a little bit of country. Country songs have a love language of its own, the lyrics are simple but straight to the heart. There are so many good choices for this genre but we selected three for you to sing and dedicate to your man. wink

1. Valentine by Martina McBride

This song performed by one of Country's greatest female singers, Martina McBride, (co-written by Jim Brickman) is a simple song but very romantic about a woman that, no matter what considers her man to be his Valentine all the time.

If you want to sing it to him, this lyrics will get straight to his heart:

"An even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
'Cause all I need is you, my Valentine
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine

That says it all, right?

2. It's Your Love by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

This country song is a perfect example of a strong love that's still going on. It's Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (husband and wife) has some very heartwarming lyrics. You'll be telling him what his love has meant to you.

"It's you love
It just does something to me
It sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough
And if you wonder
About the spell I'm under
Oh it's your love"

Love's the best spell.

3. How Do I Live Without You by LeAnn Rimes

This song was in the Billboards Hot 100 for 69 weeks so it's fair to say that it was a favorite and with good reasons. A woman is saying to his man that living without him is not possible, that's how much she loves him. 

"If I had to live without you
What kinda life it would be
Oh I need you in my arms, need you to hold 
You are my world, my heart, my soul..."

Perfect choice of words.

R&B love songs for him

We continue the journey with some R&B songs. Some of the best love songs fall under the R&B category, so if you choose to go with this genre, you're in the right track. Here are a few options to groove into your boyfriend's heart.

4. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man by Aretha Franklin

You can't go wrong with the Queen of Soul, the great Aretha Franklin. This one's an oldie but it's timeless too, we think is a must for your love songs playlist for him. With this song's lyrics, you'll be also reminding him to not take you for granted. 

"Take me to heart
And I'll always love you
And nobody can make me do wrong
Take me for granted, leaving love unsure
Makes will power weak
And temptations strong"

I love you, but you better take good care of me. wink

5. 1+1 by Beyonce

How about some Queen Bey? She shows her more vulnerable side with this song, so it's perfect for you to show him your vulnerable side too. 

"If I ain't got nothing. I got you
If I ain't got something I don't give a damn, 'cause I got it with you
I don't know much about algebra, but I know one plus one equals two
And it's me and you
That's all we'll have when the world is through"

Perfect for the two of you.

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6. If I ain't got you by Alicia Keys

Any R&B love songs lists which don't include a song by R&B songstress, Alicia Keys, is not complete. This song has some beautiful and strong lyrics, they're perfect for you to show him how much you love him.

"Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you, yeah"

He means everything to you.

Cute love songs for him

The next songs on the list are going to put a smile on his face, they are going to evoke all kinds of beautiful feelings. They are sweet and undeniable cute songs about love. Don't forget to include them.

7. I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran

This song has a very calming vibe in the voices of Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran, two very well liked singers and songwriters. They tell a fresh story about the beginning of a love relationship.

"I was made for loving you
Even though we may be
hopeless hearts just passing through
Every bone screaming
I don't know what we should do
All I know is, darling,
I was made for loving you..."

So sweet.

8. Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves

This song is from the '80s and it just makes you want to get up and sing and dance so he'll know how much you love him.  It's so cute, beginning with the title, I'm walking on sunshine...

"I used to think maybe you love me, now baby I'm sure
And I just can't wait till the day when you knock on my door...
I'm walking on sunshine (Wow!)
I'm walking on sunshine (Wow!)
And don't it feel good

Need to say more?smiley

9. One and Only by Adele

Adele herself described this song as "the first happy song" she has ever written. With this song, you'll be telling him that you're perfect for him and that your love is totally worth it.

"I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
I promise I'm worthy
To hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove I am the one who can walk that mile
Until the end starts"

Dare him to love you more.

Romantic love songs for him

You're searching for ways to be more romantic? What better way to achieve that than with a romantic song, these ones are going to send powerful messages to your boyfriend and will make him feel very special.

10. Take My Breath Away by Berlin

This song by Berlin is an '80s song and it was made popular because of the movie Top Gun, so you know it hits right on the romantic category. It's a very powerful ballad.

"Turning and returning
To some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion
 As you turn around and say
Take my breath away..."

Do you take his breath away?

11. When You Kiss Me by Shania Twain

This lovely song by Shania Twain is a perfect romantic song for him. Go ahead and include it on your list or sing it to him during a romantic dinner.

"Oh, when you kiss me
I know you miss me
And when you're with me
The world just goes away..."

You're definitely in love.

12. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

This song is a must in any romantic love song list. Whitney Houston just says it all with her amazing voice. He'll know you'll love him no matter what.

"And I will always love you
I will always love you
You, my darling you, hm..."

Powerful words.

Rock love songs for him

Love rocks, right? Then you should include some songs from this genre, especially if your boyfriend is a fan of rock music. You'll catch his attention with these rock love songs for him.

13. You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac

This rock song is optimistic, fun and upbeat and in the voices of Fleetwood Mac, you can't go wrong. 

"Sweet wonderful you
You make me happy with the things you do
Oh, it can be so
This feeling follows me everywhere I go..."

He puts a smile on your face.

14. You're The Inspiration by Chicago

Another classic and so right for your rock love songs for him. Chicago always delivers when it comes to love songs.

"You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration..."

He's your heart and your soul.

15. I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders

This rock love song by The Pretenders is a masterpiece and it will assure him that you'll be there with him no matter what, that he can lean on you always.

"When you're standing at the crossroads,
And don't know which path to choose,
Let me come along, 'cause even if you're wrong
I'll stand by you..."

That's what love's all about.

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Music is a wonderful thing, it can soothe a soul, it can put a smile on a face, it can evoke the most amazing feelings. We hope you have enjoyed this love songs list we have compiled, you could include so many more songs, but start with these ones, he'll get the message.