Breatharianism: Can You Survive With "cosmic micro-food" ?

How to become one and the celebrities involved with this

By Sophia R
Breatharianism: Can You Survive With "cosmic micro-food" ?

Broadly and without going into the detail of each of these ―and other dozens of philosophies– we know that a vegetarian does not consume food of animal origin (with exceptions) and a vegan does not consume or use anything in clothing or utensils that were an animal.

Beyond whether we agree or not, we can all come to understand the argument against meat or against animal exploitation. In addition, to a greater or lesser extent, in vegetables and fungi (main sources of food for vegetarians and vegans) you can find a large part of the nutrients present in a complete diet.

Today we are going to introduce you to the breatharians or respirators: people who have abandoned food completely and are preparing to practice an eternal fast. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Let's know a little more about them.

Firstly, What is Breatharianism?

Breatharianism is a choice of life, like vegetarianism or veganism. The practice is of Hindu origin, but it is also present in other cultures in China, Japan and Polynesia. The basic idea is that everything that the human body needs can be obtained from the energy that surrounds them.

Respirationists argue that human beings need to eat because they have forgotten their spiritual origin because of living according to a god (the Christian God) who created them in their image and likeness. According to this philosophy, not knowing their own essence has led people to live on other living beings, which has completely undermined the development of consciousness. As they are against relying on food, they obtain energy through cosmic food, which we will be talking about later on.

Prahlad Jani is a 70-year-old bretharianist, of Hindu origin. Jani was observed for ten days by a team of doctors who wanted to assess the effects of total fasting on a man for that period of time.

Jani showed no discomfort or physical deterioration, other than his low weight. He was constantly monitored and agreed to avoid the bathroom so as not to generate suspicion. He was only allowed a minimum amount of water to brush his teeth. And for there to be no doubt, Jani had to spit out the dirty water to verify that he had not ingested anything.

The doctors' report after the observation concluded that there was no physical deterioration or any medical condition. They could not verify that he had spent decades without eating, but that during the ten days of observation he had not even consumed a drop of water.

Another famous case is an American couple that swears by the breatharianism lifestyle, Camila Castello and her husband. In an interview with the newspaper 'The Sun', they said that they had not had a bite of food for nine years, as well as that breatharianism had meant a major change in their lives: a 'notable' improvement in both their physical and emotional health.

Camila says that although at first, she wanted to put aside breatharianism, she finally did not change her lifestyle and even had a 'breatharian pregnancy'."I was completely open to changing my lifestyle when I got pregnant because my son was the first, but I never felt hungry, so I didn't eat anything during the nine months of pregnancy. I knew that my son would get enough of my love and this I would allow him to grow healthy in my belly. My blood tests were impeccable and I gave birth to a healthy child, "Castelo told the British newspaper.

During the second pregnancy, it was not very different since she decided to incorporate in her diet' "a little broth of Prahlad Janirutas and vegetables". It was much less than the recommended intake for a pregnant woman, she explains proudly, but still "gave birth to a healthy daughter."

In the images included in the report, you can see a happy, smiling and physically healthy family formed by the marriage and their two and five year old children. The smile of the little ones may be because their parents do allow their children to eat whatever they want, although they insist: "they know the 'breatharianism' and the energy that exists in the universe and in themselves. We want them to explore different tastes and have a healthy relationship with food as they grow. "

However, the marriage explains that they eats now, sporadically, three or four times a week at most some vegetables, some type of juice and some piece of fruit that they share with their children. And not only that, they both claim that they don't feel hungry and that they never lost weight. "Every time I eat now it's not because I'm hungry, I just don't remember that feeling anymore." Pretty impressive and unbelievable, am I right?

Really, Cosmic Food?

Breatharians are people who have chosen to abandon all kinds of food, solids and liquids, to nourish themselves only with cosmic micro-food. This food, also known as prana, would be present in the air and outer space and would be channeled through the light, they say.

There is no scientific evidence of the existence of prana, therefore there is no support for the idea that it is possible to live from air and light. There have been several deaths from these types of practices, but there are also some testimonies from people who claim they need nothing more than the air and energy that surrounds them, as we showed before. Still, it’s pretty crazy to believe the cosmic food exists, but some people do!

Celebrities Who Embrace Breatharianism

There are not many celebrities that embrace breatharianism as their choice of life. We could say it is because it is quite a crazy an extreme practice, am I right? The only one we could actually track down is Michelle Pfiffer.

Before she became a successful actress, Michelle Pfeiffer was like any other young hopeful kid that wanted to make it into the Hollywood world. At this changing and difficult time of her life, she got involved into the Breatharianism cult. She now says how she got caught up with a “very controlling” couple who believed in breatharianism and put her on a diet “nobody can adhere to.” To the Sunday’s Telegraph magazine. “They worked with weights and put people on diets. Their first step was vegetarianism,” Pfeiffer told the magazine. “They were very controlling. I wasn’t living with them but I was there a lot and they were always telling me I needed to come more. I had to pay for all the time I was there, so it was financially very draining. They believed that people in their highest state were breatharian.”

The actress said she was “saved” from it by her ex-husband Peter Horton, who was working on a film about the Moonies, or followers of the Unification Church founded by Sun Myung Moon, at the time. Through research “on this cult” she realized, “I was in one.” Thank God she could get out of it safely.

How to Become a Breatharianist?

Ellen Greve is one of the main members of modern breatharianism. She recommends converting gradually so that the body does not suffer an abrupt trauma. But first, to connect with the universe:

The first step is to find a place that allows you to connect with the universe, be it the countryside, a forest or the beach, it must be a spacious place, close to nature and in optimal conditions for meditation.

The ritual begins when the beings of the planetary hierarchy are invoked to ask for help in absorbing energy, sometimes, when it is not achieved, Buddhist mantras are used to strengthen relaxation. This is because the vibration of the voice emits sounds to the being with whom you want to contact. When the chosen sentence is repeated, the mind is immersed in a span of light so that each cell in the body feels the power emitted by the incandescent flames of the sun.

Then, through the fire chakra, the mind must form a thread or element that is desired to connect the solar plexus with the star to let the energy flow. Thus the waves of the sun descend through the thread and the energy purifies the individual's chakra. When the thread is finally clean it moves to the next chakra until it is fully charged with energy. Whether through this ritual or by the imposition of reiki hands, the individual becomes a creator, a being of light.

Now, after you are connected with the universe, the first step is to eliminate meat consumption and become a vegetarian. Then, abandon all kinds of food or objects of animal origin and become vegan. Then, only consume raw foods and fruits. Finally, consume only liquids ( water) and then abandon them and live on prana (air).

And not only from the air but also from the Sun. According to them, observing the center of the Solar System for a few minutes at sunrise or sunset is also enough to obtain the energy needed to live.

Breatharianism claims you only need 21 days of this to form the habit and become accustomed to this practice.

Safety Reminders

At this point. Is what defends this doctrine real? Is it possible to live without eating or drinking anything for a long time? And during a pregnancy? What risks do these types of practices contain?

Let's listen to science. The adult human organism can last about 20 days without eating. In this sense, starting with the first step within this doctrine, reducing food for 21 days does not have to have serious and irreversible consequences. Weakness, asthenia, tachycardia or slight mental confusion are the symptoms that can occur during this progressive reduction. These are easily eliminated after normal food intake.
Something that does not happen in the process towards this 'way of life'.

Thus, after these 21 days, the total lack of food leads to a progressive multiorgan failure and the individual can even go into a coma because the brain requires high levels of glucose to function. Therefore, if the food restriction is total, it is not that you do not lose weight or improve health, as breatharianism defends, but that the organism ends up claudicating.

To stop eating is unfeasible with health. There are vital functions and energy cannot be obtained if it is not through food. It is possible that the human being may be subjected to large periods of fasting, but in no case for years. We would have deficiency diseases due to some micronutrients and severe problems by not incorporating the nutrients that make us fulfill our vital functions.

On the other hand, in relation to Camila's previous statement in which she claims to have had a pregnancy without taking any food, experts say that during pregnancy this practice is still "more dangerous" because it could compromise the development of the fetus. It makes no sense because in pregnancy, the mother's nutritional requirements are higher and, therefore, a greater contribution of certain nutrients and energy input is needed for future life to develop. It is irresponsible to promote this type of doctrine or idea. In this sense, We could highly doubt that this mother strictly complied with what she says. Both the mother and the son were in serious danger.

As for the child being born healthy, it would be necessary to know who and how she made the assessment of the newborn. At childbirth, everything might have been normal and the child may have been born healthy, but we can only assure this when they are five years old. Any problem in the child could be told at that time.Ultimately, the experts conclude, these are personal experiences and stories, not trials or controlled clinical studies and, therefore, without objective and scientific validity.

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After learning everything there is to know about breatharianism, we must insist on the seriousness that this type of practice can lead to negative physical and mental health. An example of this are multiple deaths of those who practice breatharianism. In fact, it is estimated that it has produced at least four deaths per year in the last 20 years.

Our advice to you is to stick to a healthy, nutritious diet and stay very far away from extreme practices like Breatharianism. It will only put you at risk and harm yourself. Keep healthy, friends! No need to starve ourselves!



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