8 Reasons Why Guys Get Circumcised

We're not here to tell you what to do, whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised, guys. But let's discuss the benefits of each and tell all.

By Jess DeVille
8 Reasons Why Guys Get Circumcised

To snip or not to snip

To be circumcised or to be uncircumcised; that is the question. And for you guys, it’s a question that was likely answered long ago by your parents. It is more likely that you are “cut,” as more than sixty percent of babies born in the United States are circumcised every year. But which is more desirable? Honestly, that is up to the individual and there are various benefits to each. So grab a seat while we tell all that we know about the benefits around circumcision. The definition of being circumcised is having had the foreskin around your penis removed at some point in your life, regardless of whether it was at birth or in adulthood. Alternatively, the definition of uncircumcised is having had the foreskin around your penis left in tact. Before reading this column and determining that being circumcised is the only way to go and damning yourself to a life of sexual torment, understand that this text in no way negates your right as an adult to conduct your personal business as you see fit and engaging with appropriate audiences. This is simply a few reasons that one would prefer being cut over uncut, while still paying tribute to some negative reasons as well.

1. Circumcised guys are staying hard longer

This one is a no-brainer. There wouldn’t be a billion dollar industry in the pharmaceutical field if guys didn’t want to last longer in bed. And the general consensus is that whenever you’re uncircumcised, you have a considerably larger amount of sensitivity on your member. What this leads to is achieving orgasm much more quickly, which may be perfectly fine when you’re flying solo, but a total game changer when trying to help a woman achieve orgasm. There are benefits to each, however, as there is an argument alternatively though that a woman is more likely to achieve orgasm when she has sex with an uncircumcised man rather than a circumcised man. This is largely due to both girth and the ability to stimulate the clitoris with the skin being pushed up and against it. But most women agree that while size does matter, time needs to be on your side too.

2. Circumcised guys have less likelihood of cancer

Studies show that men who are circumcised are much less likely to become a victim of prostate or penile cancer. This may be due to circulating the proper amount of ventilation through areas of your nether regions that are ordinarily cut off from an appropriate air supply when covered by foreskin. An uncircumcised man can alleviate this likelihood by trying to keep their foreskin pulled back during the day, as opposed to only pulling it back to wash or engage in sexual acts.

3. Circumcised guys have less likelihood of STDs

While being circumcised in and of itself is not the appropriate amount of precaution a guy has to take to ensure he doesn't contract or harbor any sexually transmitted diseases, it is certainly a start. Why does an uncut penis cause issues in this area? Studies suggest that because the foreskin is prone to tearing during intercourse that it gives a quick gateway to spreading infection. One study resulted in our finding that men with a known exposure to AIDS or HIV have double the chances of contracting these diseases when they are not circumcised. Those are pretty heavy odds in favor of being circumcised. Reminder: being circumcised is not an end-all, be-all preventative measure when it comes to having safe sex. It is important to always used protection for both you and your partner.

4. Circumcised guys are keeping their condom in its place

There isn't much to be expanded upon here, as by definition, a condom is certainly less likely to slip off whenever you don't have extra skin in play trying to force it's way back up in an unfavorable direction. Remember: whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised, you need to be diligent in ensuring you protect yourself and your partner when engaging in sexual acts.

5. Circumcised guys are Mr. Clean "down there"

The definition for cleanliness here does not stop at only maintaining an area free of disease, but also passing the "smell test." Unfortunately, there are often complaints from women, who have been with uncircumcised men, who tell about a urine or body odor smell permeating from the penis. This isn't said true of everyone, however, because there are plenty of uncircumcised men who are squeaky clean. It is just much more likely to fall under the category of having "dirty dick," when you have to take so many extra steps to get clean or even during the day while you take bathroom breaks, etc.

6. Circumcised guys share a herd mentality

It could be that circumcised guys want to be in the majority instead of a lone wolf surrounded by taboo, whether accurate or inaccurate. The majority of guys are circumcised whenever they are still babies in the hospital, therefore, most fathers are guys who have been circumcised, and they are going to want to circumcise their sons as well. It becomes a societal norm to have your foreskin cut off, and almost a Western rite of passage. This isn't necessarily morally right or should be any reason to have your foreskin removed as an adult, but it is a driving force of the prevalence around circumcision in the United States.

7. Guys are circumcised for religious purposes

While this religious ideal is popularly known to have its origin in the Jewish culture, Christians from all denominations and walks of life are known to share this conviction as well. While many modern-day Christians share the skepticism around cleanliness and other issues we've already mentioned, there are still many who wish to share the tradition of discipline in this way. In Bible times, where we get this practice from, it began with adult circumcision. Luckily for us, we tend to get this done and over with so that it isn't a memory our guys are scarred with as adults. Alternatively, some are not circumcised because their religion or faith tells them to do otherwise. This being said, if your religion convicts you to do one or the other, don't let society dictate your life in such a way that you go against your core beliefs.

8. To be circumcised or uncircumcised? Survey says...

At the end of the day, once we've discussed all that we have, the question remains. What is preferred? Well, that's a loaded question (no pun intended). If you are asking from the male perspective, then it depends on the maintenance of the individual. If a guy is diligent in his cleaning, and very vigilant in determining his sex partners and their STD status, and careful when wearing a condom in ensuring it remains in place, then he can go on to lead a very healthy and satisfied sex life. If a guy would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to cleanliness and wearing condoms, then he can also enjoy a very healthy and satisfied sex life. The takeaway here is dependent on the man himself and what his preferences are. But what about a woman's? We have to be very careful here, because when women try to dictate what a man does cosmetically, we open women up to criticism as well, which is often very unwelcome. We strive for equality in all areas of our lives, as men and women, and this topic is not off limits. So let's set the preface that men and women are certainly allowed to have their preferences in the opposite (or same) sex whether it be hairstyle, weight, height, or otherwise. Okay, let's proceed.

Just like many western men prefer an athletic build or blonde hair, western women have tendency to have a popular preference too. Circumcised. As we've mentioned, while there are certainly women who love an uncut dick, whether for reasons associated with tradition or their ability to achieve orgasm more swiftly, most don't. You are not nearly as hard pressed to find a woman who is either a fan of the uncut or impartial to either basically anywhere else in the world, because it's simply less common to be circumcised in other places. But here in the west, women are brought up in a sense of "normalcy" believing that it is safer and more enjoyable to have a circumcised penis. A dick isn't a very attractive thing to look at, but when surveyed women gravitate toward looking at a circumcised penis over one with its foreskin in tact. There isn't enough study to suggest that it is preferable sexually, or that either choice doomed to an existence of filth just inherently, so whether you are cut or uncut, you can definitely make the best with what you have. And if someone chooses not to be with you just because you are one or the other, then don't ask them a second time. Someone who chooses someone based on whether or not they have foreskin is a person that you don't want to waste your time, breath, or dick on. Screw 'em.

But in child-rearing...

.... it becomes a lot more complicated. Especially if your partner and you don't see eye to eye. While there are plenty of disagreements that could be made regarding the decision to circumcise your baby, the most common is a situation in which the man is circumcised but the woman does not wish to remove the baby's foreskin. The reasons she may have can extend from her fear of a botched circumcision to worrying that the child will not sexually mature appropriately and it will affect their adult relationships. But the most common stress she has is the physical pain that the baby will experience during the procedure. Many new moms even cry when their baby get their immunizations, so it's perfectly natural to have anxiety about such a personal procedure. What we must keep in mind is that there is a numbing process that takes place before the actual cut, and many babies even sleep during the surgery. Also, if the baby grows up to be an adult that wants a circumcision, then it will be much more horrific and hard to heal from than if they had simply had it done when they were an infant.

In conclusion

In conclusion, while we certainly don't disregard someone's right to keep their foreskin or ensure their child remains in tact, there are many reasons to go ahead and snip the foreskin. And if for no other reason, it definitely provides a level of simplicity to the every day that is welcome in the adult life.