5 Magic Voodoo Sex Spells To Attract Someone You Desire

Have you ever imagined that you can lure somebody to have a sexual relationship with you using a voodoo sex spell? Learn more about this kind of spell here.

By Dagmar Thomson
5 Magic Voodoo Sex Spells To Attract Someone You Desire


A voodoo sex spell is more powerful than the other spells. If you are attracted to someone or your spouse has lost sexual interest in you, you can cast this spell for better results. Voodoo sex spells are irreversible; so be sure before you cast a spell that that is what you desire. The voodoo sex spell makes you appear attractive in the eyes of your spouse or someone you long for. A Sexual desire is a powerful feeling that one is unable to control especially if the person you desire most keeps in contact with you. Voodoo sex magic will make someone long for you; he or she will constantly think of you and cannot imagine life without passionate sex with you. The physical attraction will be strong for him, and every time you two have lustful sex, the orgasm will be unbelievable. Voodoo is associated with black magic. It is an ancient spell that was practiced for thousands of years. People believed and still believe that black magic is associated with evil spirits and it brings more harm than good. However, there is no way of knowing so until you practice the black magic ritual. Voodoo uses manipulation and coercion to bring the desired results. Hence, make sure your intentions are good and not for evil since once you call upon these spirits, there is no going back. Below are five magic voodoo sex spells you can cast on someone if you find yourself in need of passionate sex;

1. Voodoo Sex Spell For Couples

This voodoo sex spell only works for couples. The ingredients for this spell are a candle, the bed they share and a certain verse to chant. The chanting is repeated several times while the candle burns on the headboard of the bed. The white candle burns off completely before the couple arrives. This voodoo sex spell will make their physical attraction greater for one another.

2. Voodoo Sex Spell During Waxing Moon

The ingredients for this voodoo sex spell are two red candles and a photo or a personal item for the desired person. This particular voodoo sex spell is required to take place during waxing moon especially on a Friday. Make sure you channel the right energy and be in a relaxed mood. Take one lit red candle and place it in front of the picture. Make sure in the picture he is alone to bring more positive results. Take the second red candle and the personal item and do the same. Chant his name or the prepared verse several times until the candle burns off completely. This voodoo spell can affect a perfect stranger, and his attraction for you will be greater.

3. Casting a Voodoo Spell Using a Candy

This voodoo sex spell requires a candy as the only ingredient. You will give the person you want to chew on it. As he or she chews, you will whisper the spell. The effects will take place after a few days. Before giving the candy make sure, you cast a voodoo sex spell on the candle. The same words you used while casting the spell are the same words you will whisper as he or she chews. This spell will bring an attraction towards you in a crazy way. The sex will be marvelous as you two reach an orgasm. This person will never leave your side.

4. Casting a Voodoo Sex Spell with a Rope

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The ingredients of this voodoo spell are a white rope, a photo of your desired person and an apple. On the rope, tie a few knots. If the knots end up being an even number, the ritual can continue, but if the knots end up being an odd number, you should postpone the spell for a few days. That is weird, right? Well, this is done to make the spell work effectively. If you disobey the rules, the repercussions will come back to you in a negative way. After you have tied the rope, throw it to an apple. The apple is cut into two halves, and a photo of your beloved is placed in between the two halves. Do not forget to chant the name as you do that.

5. Voodoo Sex Spell Using Cigarettes

This voodoo sex spell works well for smokers, although a perfect stranger can get affected too. The ingredients required are a pair of socks, a white candle, and a cigarette. Burn the cigarette to the end using the white candle. Place the ash on your left arm. Blow the ash in the socks and give your special someone. Every time the person wears the socks, all he or she will think about is you and the sexual drive you awaken in them. A voodoo sex spell brings a physical attraction to a person and awakens a lustful passion you have never felt before. It enables people to reach orgasm well. Such a sex spell soothes the soul. However, it should not be used for couples since the attraction will only be physical. Voodoo sex spells should be used as the last option; it is powerful magic and should be avoided at all cost. Remember never to cast a voodoo sex spell for a one-night stand.