Unspoken Words: What Chemistry between Two People Looks Like

Being nervous around each other means they’re catching feelings!

By Madiha A.
Unspoken Words: What Chemistry between Two People Looks Like

What Is An Unspoken Attraction?

Men and women, like opposite poles of the magnets, are attracted to each other. This invisible force of attraction is the basis of every romantic relationship. Where in most cases people openly express their feelings, in some cases silence prevails. Fear of rejection or natural shyness stops some people from sharing their feelings. 

The unspoken attraction is when two people have feelings for each other; they feel the chemistry but find it difficult to say it out loud. It is the kind of attraction where eyes say everything and the ears listen without a word being said. Sometimes it is because you can’t say something or maybe you don’t need to say anything because everything is obvious. The attraction exists and you both know about it and are 100% sure about it. So, why say something and waste the words when the other person already knows.  

Can Other People Notice This Chemistry Between Two People?    

Whether you say it or not, if you like someone and are still waiting for the right time to share your feelings, tiny acts and gestures of yours will let others know about your feelings. No matter how hard you try to conceal your feelings, your body will express your feelings in peculiar ways. If the attraction is genuine and authentic, people around you will notice it. They will know that something’s been cooking up and sooner or later they will hear the news. 

The chemistry between two people has four elements; physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. When two persons are synced at all four levels, the chemistry can be felt even by strangers. 

What Are The Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People?    

When people are in love, they express their emotions and feelings in different ways. Some people are so good at words that they can write poems for their beloved while some others express love through gifts; some are more expressive physically whereas some express their sentiments through body language. The best thing about chemistry is it cannot be created; it develops on its own. If you want to know whether chemistry exists between two persons or not, here are a few signs for you to be sure:

1. It’s in the eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. The unspoken words and unshared feelings can be conveyed through eyes and eyes don’t lie. If two people are attracted to each other and aren’t finding enough courage to say it in the face, their eyes will definitely do the job for them. The sparkle in the eyes on seeing the beloved is a sign that undeniable chemistry exists between the two individuals.

2. The all saying smile

When people look at each other, they smile. The smile is a universal language and a connection between strangers. The smile upon seeing the beloved is proof of real chemistry. Even the thought of the person puts a smile on your face which is straight from the heart.

3. The talking silence

When chemistry exists between two persons, even the silence speaks. The feelings are conveyed without needing to utter a single word. You don’t feel the need to start a conversation because you are completely relaxed and at peace in your romantic silence. The mere presence of each other is enough for you.

4. Your body language will say it all

Love changes a person for good. It enhances the senses and teaches you the art of expression. The sparkling eyes, the rosy cheeks, the fluttering eyelashes, and the deep breaths are all signs that you are in love. The body language and gestures amplify the chemistry that exists between two persons. 

5. The time flies

When you are in the company of a person who is close to your heart, the time flies. No matter how much time you spend together, it will be less. You will lose track of time and it is a sign that chemistry exists between the two of you. Time becomes a relative thing with the right person.

6. You will feel sexually attracted

Love is incomplete without physical intimacy. When two persons fall in love, they need to make it whole through an emotional and physical connection. If you feel sexually attracted to someone, it is proof of the presence of chemistry.

7. You feel drawn to each other

When it becomes impossible to stay away from each other and you always want to be with someone, it is a clear sign that you have a special connection. When you are together, you want the time to stop and when you are away you can’t wait to be in each other’s company proves the existence of chemistry.

8. You think about the same things

Very few partners are on the same page when it comes to important life decisions. When there exists chemistry between two people, they not only understand each other’s desires, they respect them as well. Thinking about the same things, coming to the same conclusions, and making decisions that align with the other person’s emotional needs is something that only a few couples enjoy. 

How Do You Know If The Feelings Are Mutual?

Many a time it happens that feelings of attraction are not conveyed instantly. People take time to analyze their feelings and wait for the right time for the expression of love. The attraction is there and the connection feels right but how to know if the feeling is one-sided or the other person also feels the same or not? If you want to be sure before taking the plunge and know whether the other person is equally interested in you or not, here are a few signs:

•    You feel that you are the focus of his/her attention
•    You feel his/her eyes on you even if you are looking away
•     They don’t miss a chance to flirt with you
•    You love each other’s company 
•    They make intense eye contact whenever they look at you
•    They don’t miss a chance to touch you on conscious and unconscious levels
•    They try to impress you and make you happy
•    They are concerned about your wellbeing and safety
•    They reach out to you whenever you need them
•    You are their priority and they go to any limits to be there at every special occasion in your life 

If you think all or most of these signs exist in your relationship, the feeling of attraction is mutual and 100% real.  

How Do I Help My Shy Friend Develop Their Relationship With Someone They’re Attracted To?    

Most of us help our friends here and there with their relationships. We try to be there in their downtimes and cheer them up with lame jokes. We offer advice from personal experiences and offer a shoulder to cry on; because that’s what friendship means. 

If your friend is a shy and reserved person, he/she might find it difficult to convey their feelings to the person they are attracted to. You might see the frustration of your friend because of their inability to express their feelings and that surely saddens you. Well, you can play your part in several ways and make it possible for your friend and their partner to bond. Here are a few tips to bring your shy friend’s relationship to life:

•    Ask them to take it slow. Tell them it is ok to wait for the right time and not take any decision in a haste
•    Tell them to find mutual interests and try to find a real reason to talk to the person they are attracted to
•    Help them relax and ease their anxiety and tell them that nervousness can ruin an otherwise normal conversation 
•    Encourage them to come out of their comfort zone and do something exciting or adventurous for their partner
•    Help them improve their confidence and give them tips to start a conversation
•    Help them find perfect outfits for their day-outs and dates
•    Help them select appropriate gifts for various occasions

With proper advice and guidance, even a shy person can have a happy and healthy relationship. You just need to give a direction to the shy friend of yours. 

Why Do Some People, Who Are Clearly Attracted To Each Other, Not end up together?    

Life is cruel and uncertain. Even the most compatible and in-love people don’t end up together. The people you think are meant to be together and even the soul mates part ways and become strangers. Various factors and elements play their role in separating people who were clearly attracted to each other and some of them are as follows:

•    It can be due to infatuation; an intense but short-lived passion that subsided as quickly as it developed
•    If the people were not what they pretended to be. Fake personas don’t go a long way and as the real personality is revealed the relationship is the first thing that gets affected
•    Besides all the attraction, if the partners are not honest with each other, the relationship will end 
•    If the attraction was just physical or materialistic, I am sorry to say, the individuals will not end up together
•    If the attraction is platonic, the relationship will remain nameless and will end soon

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Unspoken words and feelings surely reach the other person whether you are intending for it or not. No matter how hard you try to conceal your feelings, if the feelings are genuine they will find their way and will be felt and absorbed. It all comes down to the intensity and authenticity of the feelings and if it is there, the chemistry will be noticed even by strangers