Explaining Threesomes: Why Some Enjoy The Company Of 3

A fantasy to some, a reality to others. Find out now about it!

By Kimmy
Explaining Threesomes: Why Some Enjoy The Company Of 3

Threesome, If You Don't Know What It Is

A group of three people engaging in the same activity, most widely used when referring to group sex. If you haven't already heard of a threesome, it's a very popular term used and even more popular activity. There's no gender boundary as to who joins a threesome. It can be BGB (boy, girl, boy), GBG (girl, boy, girl), GGG, or BBB. Put up any combination you want.

Threesome is only second to the traditional 2-person sex in terms of popularity. Oftentimes couples invite one more person to spice things up a little and to enjoy some extra touches or double penetration, depending on what the goers are into.

The Psychology Of Threesome

Engaging in threesome fun is the number one fantasy for Americans. As many as 84% of Americans have tried some forms of a threesome at one point. Curiosity is the biggest drive for those to venture out. The thought of having sex with someone else, probably someone of the same-sex, is alluring. A lot of people judge and bash any threesome attendees as gay, when most of the time, it has nothing to do with your sexual preference. Fulfilling your fantasy to have sex with someone sharing the same sexual organ as you can be an interesting and fun memory for couples to cover before they spend their life together. It's more about exploring.

A ton of other psychological incentives come into play. Some want to please their partner sexually while some want to please themselves by having more in the act. There are a ton of reasons behind a threesome and it will be hard to generalize it. Nonetheless, all the reasons point to the same end goal, to have a better sexual experience.

9 Reasons Why Some Enjoy Threesomes

1. Curious to understand sex of the same sex

You can be perfectly straight and are still curious about having sex with another of the same sex. It doesn't make you guy. Everyone has the freedom to explore and experiment. The thought of doing it with the same sex can be intimidating if you are raised to believe it's sinful. But none of that should stop your curiosity from reaching out.

A threesome unlocks the secret room inside many people's heart, an experience that many probably would choose to only have once in their life. Plenty of people do it for the experience. They will remember it for the rest of their life and enjoy it.

Another benefit is that by understanding how to pleasure the same sex, you know more about your body and how to pleasure yourself. Some erogenous zones might be news to you. By trying it out on someone else, you know what could potentially be a hot spot to you and it enhances the quality of your future sex life.

2. Improving your sex drive

It's not uncommon for a partner to develop the lust and desire for a threesome. By bringing in a third person, the couple may know more about what is lacking in their sex life and how they can improve it. It's almost as if it's a study class to delve into the anatomy of your body, especially if you and your partner have been experiencing a decrease in your sex drive.

3. Fulfilling a fantasy

A threesome serves as a myth in many American households. From the old times where it all seemed so unforgivable to now where everyone is doing it, engaging in a threesome is like living out the dream and rebel against the others that told you not to commit in such an act.

In many households, this is still highly criticized and judged, meaning a threesome seems like an unattainable dream, which naturally, turns more people into lusting for it. 

4. More possibilities of a role play

For those avid performers that are constantly bringing role-plays in the bed, the third person opens up doors to many more possibilities for different scenes, characters, and settings. It makes your heart pound just to think about it. In this non-conventional sex act, you are introducing a new way of sex by realizing your fantasy in bed.

So many shy fellas refuse to admit they often fantasize about a different setting than plain old banging in bed. They have a whole new scenario playing in their head. Those adventurous enough to bring in a threesome will usually be able to live out the script they have written in their head.

5. Double penetration

Whether you a guy or a girl, double penetration can sound irresistible. If you are doing a BGB, your dream is coming true. A physical reason to have a threesome is to enjoy sex acts that usually can't be done with only two people, naturally, double penetration comes on top of that list.

Most men find that to be exotic and erotic while women could feel double the pleasure. Not only is double penetration one of the most-searched categories on porn sites, but it's also one of the most sought-after acts in real life.

6. Triple the fun

While masturbation can be a bundle of joy, most believe it's not as satisfying as having sex with a real person. Can you imagine having a threesome? That's only tripling the fun. Similar to completing sex acts that can't be achieved without a crowd, a threesome allows the group to utilize the help of many sex toys. You are able to change things up for the better and explore the realm of sex in a brand new telescope.

7. Something new for married couples

Things get monotonous and repetitive when you have been married for 25 years. The love is still there, but the excitement, maybe not so much. Group sex can be a wonderful way to bring back your interest in each other's body, by looking at someone else's. Couples have an acclaimed threesome to be the turning point in their sex life. They never had to do it all the time, even just once or twice is enough to make them feel attracted to their partner.

You see those hands wandering on your partner's body, remembering how it was in the old days. That's one of the biggest success a threesome can achieve, saving your marriage.

8. Evaluate your sex life

It might sound too academic, but a threesome is a good way to evaluate your sex life and what your partner is not providing you. Do you find the third person better in bed than your partner? Why do you think might be the reason for that? How can you and your partner work together to overcome this?

Looking at your sex life from another person's perspective can give you a good, honest review of what you are lacking and what needs to be done.

9. The feeling of dominance and wanted

As the leader of the pack will feel dominant over the rest and it's a huge self-esteem booster. They feel they are asserting their dominance and feel wanted at the same time. It further expands their sexual fantasy of being in control in bed.

For others, group sex makes them feel attractive and wanted because multiple people want to have sex with them. It increases their confidence. A lot of couples have remarked how a threesome makes them feel hot again after not having anyone else to flirt with for years.

Should you try it or not?

Having a threesome is undoubtedly an intimate thing. You should only do it because you want to. Despite a large number of people that have tried it, it's worthwhile to note that most treat it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they cherish, but most probably won't repeat.

Make sure you are doing it for the right reason. Perhaps you are curious and want to tick it off your list, or perhaps you find the sparks missing in your sex life with your partner, perhaps you want to fulfill your own fantasy. Whatever the reason be, ask yourself if you want to do it because it benefits you. If you are doing it because someone else is pressuring you to, then don't, because you will end up regretting it for sure. A threesome is obviously still sex, and thus, should be enjoyed. If you are able to feel excited about it, it will be a great experience.

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Having a threesome is sexy and erotic, something that doesn't happen every day. If you are unsure if a threesome is for you, those 9 reasons above should give you a clear understanding. If you decide it's for you, make sure you find the right partner(s), someone that you can trust. And most importantly, always protect yourself and practice safe sex. Having a threesome will bring you to cloud nine!