9 Super Useful Standing Sex Positions in Small Tight Space

Thinking of public spaces? Master these standing sex positions

By Sophia R
9 Super Useful Standing Sex Positions in Small Tight Space

Breaking the routine in intimacy is essential to enjoy a full sex life, so if you are already tired of the old common missionary, we tell you some tricks to enjoy good standing sex, a sexual posture not so easy to master but that can cause unforgettable orgasms and sexual experiences. If you have already tried to do this pose but cannot balance enough, take note of a few tricks we will tell you next.

According to sexologists, having good standing sex is not impossible, it's just about not giving up and having some practice. Having standing sex, according to the expert, causes feelings of adventure and emotion, which increase dopamine, a hormone related to love that generates intense feelings of sexual excitement.

Another benefit of having standing sex is that since you are face to face with your partner, it can increase intimacy between the two. It is a sexual position can be very passionate, since it begins in the least unexpected way, perhaps a kissing session ends at the next level.

Also, With this posture the female orgasm can come fast, since it allows direct contact with the G-spot. I think we don’t really need to tell you more in order to make you try it, am I right?

Take note of the best tricks to have good standing sex:

Stand well

Unlike other sexual positions such as the missionary or doggy style , standing sex requires a stable foothold.

Some foolproof footholds for balance in this position are a wall or a narrow shower, which we will talk more about further in this article.

Use hands and feet

Having sex standing up is not just about penetration, it can also be a lot of fun and enjoyable using your hands and mouth.

If you tried to have standing sex but were unsuccessful, you can always opt for oral standing sex. You can do it in turns, while one continues standing, the other can bend down to give oral sex. When it's your turn to receive oral sex while standing, place your hands on your partner's head to guide them with the correct movements.

Remember, having sex on your feet requires a little practice, so if you don't get it right the first time, don't get frustrated, keep trying until you reach the orgasm you want so much.

9 Super Useful Standing Sex Positions

Having standing sex is a very fun and passionate practice that for many couples is essential. It is an excellent excuse to get out of bed and enjoy different spots in your house ... leaning against a wall or a column for example.It is also possible to practice it without either of you leaning against something, which results in a true demonstration of balance.

The adrenaline that is unleashed when having standing sex can make the encounter an adventure for both of you. That energy rush is worth tapping into for a delightful experience. That is why we will give you 9 different positions to make your standing sex the best out there.

For super tight space

As we said before, standing sex is hard, so being in a tight space where a wall or columns exist will make it way easier. Somewhere like a shower, bathroom, or a hall will work just fine for this next positions we will give you, take note:

1. Against the wall

Standing upright facing each other, the male helps his girl hang onto his torso. While he carries her, she must support herself with her legs, while he places her against the wall in order to balance and initiate penetration.

Whether it is on the main wall of the room, on the wall of the shower or some other space in your house, this pose can be very exciting for some couples.

Thanks to the swing of one who is suspended in the arms of the other, penetration is profound in this posture; And when it comes to timing, it's possible to swap turns.

A variant of this pose is simply practicing it without leaning against the wall or some other surface.

2. Feet on the ground

In this position, the man stands behind the woman whilst she is facing up against a wall, so that he can penetrate her, while caressing her with his hands at different points. The friction of skin with skin in this posture is more than exciting for both of them and best of all, the hands are always free to seek to stimulate the other more. In addition, she can carry her head back to receive the kisses of her partner on the neck.

What is great for men is that this pose gives them a great advantage: they can easily control ejaculation.

3. The Thai Wheelbarrow

This next pose is a little more difficult than the lasts we mentioned. Those with the necessary flexibility can be encouraged to try this pose. You also need a good dose of balance.

The woman must position herself as if she were going to perform a yoga posture called «Sirsasana», only that instead of leaning on her own arms, she will be able to rest her legs on the shoulders of her partner (who must stand in front of her) whilst she is pinned against the wall for support.

Depending on his height, he will have to flex his own legs a little to find to bring their genitals together and start the penetration. The movements will be short, but they can be very intense and pleasant. You will love it!

For maximum pleasure

These next 6 positions are the most pleasurable of standing sex. Read them out, choose your favorite and the one you want t try out the most, and enjoy maximum pleasure. Here they go:

4. Doggy style

Source: Bad girls bible

Doggy style is one of the favorite positions of many couples. It is very exciting and does not require too much effort from the woman. And it should be noted that penetration can occur both through the vagina and through the anus.

When it comes to rhythm control, either one can take it. Of course, whoever decides to have the initiative, will have total freedom to offer the maximum pleasure to the other.

This pose can also be practiced standing up. To do this, the man stands behind the woman, while she flexes her torso, without touching the ground with her hands. Thus, instead of being on "all fours," the girl is left standing, bent forward. You will love it!

5. The tightrope walker

This is another posture for standing sex that requires some physical skills, or at least a good attitude to try. How? Well, the man remains standing and holds his girl perpendicular, thus keeping her back to him. She will rest one hand on the floor and hold the other in the air, balancing while penetration occurs.

It should be noted that in this position, penetration can be vaginal or anal, depending on the tastes of the couple. Don’t be scared! Dare to try it out!

6. The visitor

Another of the best postures to have standing sex is the visitor. It simply consists of facing each other, standing, and getting close until your genitals rub. Your legs may need to be flexed a little for maximum comfort, but nothing more. This posture is very simple, but with a great capacity to offer a passionate encounter.

7. The airforce

This pose is a variation of the pose against the wall, but without support. In this position, the person who enters will be standing, bearing the weight of the other (topically the woman), who must surround him with his legs. To practice this posture you must have enough strength, but if you need extra help you can always lean on some surface, to keep it longer.

8. The fan

In this posture, the person to be penetrated is placed on a flat surface, such as a table, while slightly arching his or her back. The person who penetrates will do so from behind, choosing the rhythms, the depth of penetration, etc.

You might already know this one because it is very simple and many people enjoy it and do it, so if you have forgotten about it, this is a friendly reminder it exists and it is awesome.

9. The Sagittarius

Despite being an intense and challenging position, "Sagittarius" stands out for allowing you to enjoy a deep penetration that fully consents and stimulates each of the parties involved, because thanks to the angle of penetration, it allows man to stimulate the point G of the woman and her reinforce her pelvic floor.

The man has to take her from behind, grabbing her waist with their hand and raise her thigh to the height of their hip allowing their penis to penetrate her. During all of this, the woman Leans back on him and rests their left hand on his neck to have a better balance when lifting their leg whilst making sure to keep their other foot firm and strong as he begins to penetrate her. If you do it right, it will be a new addiction.

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Having standing sex is an experience that can be very pleasant for both of you. So you know, whether it's behind a door, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, or where both of you can have a little privacy, you can try to make love in a different way, out of bed.


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