Everything You Need to Know About Basil Essential Oil

What should you know about Basil essential oil and its uses

By Swathi
Everything You Need to Know About Basil Essential Oil

Introduction to Basil essential oil

Hardly will you hear of aromatherapy without Basil essential oil being mentioned. But did y you know of the plant - Ocimum basilicum which is the main source of Basil essential oil? 

The oil contains numerous compounds which are very beneficial to your health. Some of these compounds are linalool, which can also help in the reduction of stress. Basil essential oil can be inhaled or rubbed on the skin to work on the  affected parts of the body.

This essential oil is found to have a positive effect on your heart rate, immune function, breathe, stress level and blood pressure.

Benefits and uses for Basil essential oil

As we have stated earlier, the use of Basil oil in aromatherapy is very beneficial to your well being. However, to reap the results, you should use it well. You can spread it throughout your apartment by using a diffuser or you can inhale it for convenience. If you are in a rush; just pour a little on your palm, gently rub your hands to warm the oil and spread the scent, cover your face with your palms and inhale it deeply.

Let us consider some of the outstanding benefits of Basil essential oil to your health.

1. Relieve stress

The oil is naturally a relaxant. It contains adaptogens which allow your body to blend under conditions of stress or depression by considering such reactions as normal. When applied directly or inhaled, the oil can help ease the mental strain, anxiety, nervous tension, and headaches. 

2. Reduce blood sugar level

Basil essential oil has been used in the treatment of high blood sugar levels which could adversely affect the body. 

3. Purification of blood

Toxins in the blood are harmful to the body if they’re not removed. Using Basil oil internally will help in the removal of blood toxins and in the prevention of the diseases that can be associated with it. 

4. Promote a healthy skin

One of the things you want most in life is a healthy and young skin. Basil oil contains special compounds such as citronella and eugenol, which will help in the reduction of skin inflammations and other skin discomforts. 

5. Muscle relaxant

The relaxant properties of basil oils can help to ease fatigue, muscle pains, and sore muscle. If you are having a swollen muscle, all you should do is to rub the affected area with the oil and the relief will come in a matter of days. 

6. Helps mood enhancement

Inhaling Basil essential oil can stimulate the area of the brain controlling your mood and consequently builds up your strength and mental alertness. It can reduce brain fog and helps clear the mind. The oil is so effective that it can calm your feeling of tiredness.

7. Acts as anti-microbes

The use of basil oil can protect you directly from harmful bacteria and other microbes which are present in the home. It can purify the air and ensures that it is safe for breathing and for food consumption. To get better results, spray it on the surfaces of your apartment using a spray bottle.

8. Ease ear pains

Basil essential oil can help reduce the pains in the ear. It is either you rub the area that surrounds the ear with the oil or place a piece of cotton that is dabbed in the oil over the aching ear.

Using Basil essential oil for hair

Basil essential oil is used various shampoos and conditioners. Using during massage helps in blood circulation which is needed for a healthy hair growth. Below are the benefits of using Basil essential oil to your hair.

1. Increase hair growth

If you are suffering from slow hair growth, massaging your scalp daily with basil essential oil will promote your scalp circulation and in turn increase the growth of hair. Once your hair follicles are stimulated, new and healthy hair will be produced.

2. Helps in the treatment of dry and itchy scalp

Basil oil has been very useful in the treatment of dandruff, dry, and itchy scalp. Simply apply a mixture of Basil and coconut oil to the affected part and you will experience the difference. This helps in the increase of blood flow and in the soothing of the scalp.

3. Reduce hair fall

Applying a mixture of Basil oil and shampoo on your hair daily will help in the prevention of excessive hair loss.

4. Promotes a darker and lustrous hair

If you are uncomfortable with the change in the color of your hair, especially from dark to grey, then applying a mixture of basil oil and amla powder on your hair will return it to its glorious dark and lustrous looks.

Uses and Benefits of Basil essential oil for skin

The benefits of Basil essential oil for skin include:

1. Removal of blood toxins

If you are a type that does not like the appearance of pimples on your face, then you should try to eat natural basil leaves which will detoxify your blood and prevents the appearance of skin acne or pimples.

2. Prevents the outburst of blackheads and whiteheads

The sight of blackhead and whiteheads on the skin can be very irritating to a teenager. To avoid this, try using a mixture of Basil essential oil and fuller’s earth, lemon juice and honey on your face and leave it for about 10 minutes every day. Wash it off and enjoy your refreshed face.

3. Treatment of Acne

If your skin has been prone to acne then you can reduce the appearance of it by using a mixture of basil oil, lemon juice, rose water and sandalwood powder.

4. Treatment of skin diseases

Boiling few basil leaves mixed with mustard oil can be used in treating skin diseases. Just apply the mixture when cool on the affected area of the skin.

5. Tones the skin

If you are trying to lighten your skin, then you should take the natural approach by applying a mixture of lemon juice and basil oil on your body. 

6. Treatment of ringworm

Applying a mixture of lemon juice and basil oil will clear ringworms from your skin. There is no trace of the disease after a prolonged use of the oil.

7. Treatment of wounds and burns

If you are suffering from a wound that has refused to heal, you should treat it by boiling a mixture of basil and coconut oil. Apply it on the area of the wound or burn once the mixture is cool.

What does Basil essential oil blends well with?

Basil essential oil blends well with lemon juice, eucalyptus, bergamot, coconut oil, hyssop, lavender, clove bud, lime, Melissa, geranium, and rosemary.

How to make Basil essential oil?

Summer has always been the best time of the year to make Basil essential oil because the leaves are always fresh now. Below are the simple steps to making basil essential oil from its fresh leaves.

1. Pick the fresh leaves

You can get the leaves from your garden or a store.

2. Boil a pot of water

Fill your pot with water and boil it on a stove.

3. Add your basil leaves to the boiling water

The leaves should not remain in the boiling water for more than a so that it wouldn’t become limp and thus, lose its color and flavor.

4. Put it in a strainer

Empty the content of the pot into a strainer to drain off the water. End the cooking process by pouring cold water on the leaves.

5. Dry the leaves on a paper towel

 Try not to squeeze the leaves in the process so you wouldn’t lose its flavor.

6. Pour the basil and oil into a blender

7. Blend the mix

You are to blend the mixture until the oil and the leaves are fully incorporated.

8. Leave it to cool

You can put it in a refrigerator to hasten the cooling process.


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Basil essential oil can be used in the treatment of various health conditions such as stress, skin diseases, and hair loss. You can apply it directly on your skin or inhale it by rubbing the oil on your palm or with the help of a diffuser. However, try to consult your physician if you’re to use the oil in the treatment of a more chronic ailment.