How To Weave Your Hair And Make It Look Natural Like Black Women's Hair

Is your weave out of control? Regretting your wild hair last week? Here are a few tips to having a weave and looking natural like black women's hair.

By Ann Roberts
How To Weave Your Hair And Make It Look Natural Like Black Women's Hair

What Exactly Is a Weave?

Wait, a hair weave, what is that exactly? A weave is just a fancy name for extensions. A weave is intended to make black women's hair look more natural. 
Regretting your wild hair last week that caused you to book an appointment with your favorite hairdresser, requesting the latest short and chic hairstyle?
Hair weaves have come a long way as far as achieving a natural look in the hair, with weaves dating back far all cultures, to as far back as Egyptian days! Companies are offering many different options now, not just weaves for black hair.  It's also becoming more mainstream for many everyday women and not just celebrities. 
So if you ever do get tired of the same look one day, and decide to take the plunge, like the black women have been doing for decades with their hair, then you'll need to  know a few things, for before and after purchasing, that will give you the most natural finished product for your hair.
Perhaps a weave will help and create a new hairstyle for you that can shape your round face.

To Weave or Not To Weave

This is the question. You have spent some time doing the research and wondering if a weave or extensions are the way to go. 

Or, you are a beautiful black woman and your hair has an afro with a mind of its own, so what does a girl do? Weave or not to weave? Weave - a long time in the beauty salon, a constant hit to the pocketbook and expenses. Not to weave - then what do you do with your locks that need some love?

Remember that every woman has a different genetic makeup and research is needed before deciding to weave. Also, many women have a round face, so it takes even more research to find the weave style that matches all the extra componets for thier unique hairstyle.

Have a Little Patience

Patience is the number of component of getting a weave. A visit with your hair stylist can give a better timeline for the day at the salon as it all decides on your method of installation.


1. Glue: 45-60 minutes and is considered the quickest method.

2. Track and sew: the hair wefts are sewn into place with the natural hair.

3. Fusion method: kind of like glue but no glue is used and is the longest session, often requiring more than one to complete the weave extension.

And what about shorter hair? As long as the hair is at the length of at least two inches, a weave can be installed. The length will determine the overall results. If you have short hair, many layers will be needed to reach the desired length.

To weave or not weave?

Why Weave?

What is the purpose of adding a weave to your hairstyle routine? Every woman will have their reasons, here a few.
1. A time saver - extensions can make for an effortless style for those rushed hair mornings.
2. Length - you have grown tired of waiting for your hair to grow or is tsking to long.
3. A cover-up - because nothing is more attractive than some hair loss due to natural baldness or some health-related reasons.
4. Protection - the length you wanted and it is growing too slow, so this will add thickness and allow that growth and no ugly hair growth stage.
5. Hair break - giving your natural hair a break from all the damage is has seen fro the relaxers, chemicals, and braiding. Volume added without to much work or morning routine. Hello, second cup of coffee or a few minutes extra in the covers!
6. Transition - that ugly stage of hair; we have all been there. Enough said.
7. Social Acceptance - sad but true. Many beautiful black women are encouraged to have a weave since their natural hair is not considered acceptable, and they are forced to conform. As many young African American girls are being sent home because of their natural hair issues or the styles that are done - cornrolls, ringlet like curls, frizzy, etc. To weave or not to weave becomes the question at such an early age of life. And, far too many professional black women are being judged for their natural hairstyles. 

Again, to weave or not to weave?

Natural Black Hair - What We Know

Here is what we know. Many black women spend a lot of time hiding their natural afros with weaves, wigs or extensions. Then they spend even more time chemical relaxers to straighten said afro and creating even more damage - including their identities. 

And where did the idea of a weave find its way into our hairstyle anyway? History, of course. The idea behind hair weaving has been around since 5000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. Thank you, Ms. Cleopatra.
During this time of history, it was more of a status symbol and know it is a fashion symbol. Adding more volume, thickness, and length to those locks.
Something else we know, there are four kinds of hairstyles: Wavy, Kinky, Curly, or Straight. There are weaves or extension for all kinds of hair. Give a little time to research what kind of hair you have and what is the best kind of weave to add to your nautral hair.
No matter how or why you decide to add a weave to your hairstyle routine, it does take time, research, patience, and a bottomless pocketbook.

Things to Consider for Your Weave - Black Women Included

The idea behind a weave is transformation - so when choosing your weave first decide the style want for your hair type: Curly, straight, wavy or kinky.

Some tips for the four different kinds of hair.

Curly - go for a textured hairstyle.

Straight - choose a more silky hairstyle: Yaki, or Remy hairstyle.

Wavy - you want a versatile style and one with a body: Malaysian Virgin Remy.

Kinky: Choose an afro-textured and try to match to your natural hair.

How To Weave Your Hair And Make It Look Natural Like Black Women's Hair

This article lists twelve tips you should know before dropping the cash on a weave or extensions, and how to make them look as natural and beautiful as the black women do with their hair weaves and extensions.  Also, don't be worried about your friends and loved ones "shock factor." Most women confess, that after they tried them, although their inner circles noticed a change? 
Although most of them couldn't quite "put their finger on it," they were blown away at simply how beautiful they looked.  The more natural, the better, so here are the twelve tips to achieve that.

Don't Go Cheap

Cheap hair will ruin your own natural head of hair 100% of the time

Be prepared to spend a fair amount of money on your new weave or extensions, but this is where you need to invest most of your money the most and will get the most bang for your buck. 
Synthetic hair will not blend with your natural hair the way authentic human hair extensions or weaves will. If you want that natural look that black women get when they change their hair, then be prepared that beauty is often painful, especially in the pocketbook.

Two Inches Longer

Don't purchase locks that are severely longer than your hair

As bad as you want that weave or extensions down your back, don't make this mistake if you desire to have a natural look at the end.  Black women often use weaves and extensions on shorter hairstyles just for more fullness or a new texture. Black women are experts at using weaves and extensions for stylish new hair-dos, with length not always being their goal, but rather fullness or a new curl. 
If your desire length, purchase weaves and extensions about two inches longer than your hair.  You'll still be surprised at the difference. 

Color Match - Black Hair Weave

If your own natural hair doesn't match your newly purchased hair - You're busted

This is where other cultures and ethnicities will have it a little more difficult than black women.  When you choose those new extensions or weave, get as close to a color match to your hair as possible.  It will be very noticeable if the new weave is even a half shade lighter or darker than what it's being attached to.  If you desire a completely new color, then you'll need to color the weave and extensions beforehand to match your hair.
And keep in mind, that you match your skin tone and choose the correct length to shape your face.

Washing Your Synthetic Weave

Knock the commercial sheen off of your new purchase or it will stand out

Even black women with a completely different texture and color than possibly your hair, take this next step.  Immediately after arriving home with your new purchase, take your best shampoo and conditioner and wash the weave or extensions. 
This hair, even the natural human hair extensions and weaves, have a chemical and commerical sheen applied to them before being packaged for sale.  It looks great on the shelf, but it will not end up matching your own natural hair sheen.  Wash it, condition, and blow dry your new weave extensions before you ever start.
Taking care of your purchased weave extensions ensures the length of life they have and giving you the most use of them. With proper preparation of your synthetic hair, you will ensure that you are adding life to your current hairstyle or finding a new altogether. 

Remember you paid for the synthetic hair - get the most out your purchase for your different hairstyles.

Part & Tease

Sectioning off your hair, teasing and spraying the roots will make the new hair take hold - Preparation is key

Preparation is key, and this is a significant step you should never skip.  Sectioning off your hair with a comb, then teasing the hair vigorously at the roots, will make the new weave or extensions adhere well to your scalp and hair.
This prevents them from becoming too loose over time and slipping down the hair shaft. Apply a firm holding hairspray to your roots after teasing as well, as it is the glue that holds it all together.
A tip for the black women who have those beautiful natural weaves know that this is an essential step.


Before you start application, take notice of your vulnerable and weak areas and apply where needed

This is one department that both black women and other ethnicities' hair types, all follow the same rule of thumb.  Don't get caught up in the instructions that come in the box, or feel you need to use all the hair that came along with your purchase.  Take notice of what areas of your hair need the most added fullness or length and concentrate on those weak areas. 
No rule says once you apply for an extension or weave on the left side of your head, that you must then apply for another extension or weave to the right side of your head as well.  Yes, the instructions and the order to follow are important and go hand-in-hand. To achieve a more natural look, play around with the synthetic hair a little bit and use your best judgment on where and how much to use.

Less Is More

Don't apply more thickness or weight to what you've already got- It will be a sure fire giveaway

This is huge, and you'll see why after being in the "weave and extension biz" for a while.  If you have thin hair, don't suddenly add a ton of thick, new pieces.  The majority of the new hair will be placed from about your eye level and down, not higher. 
So if you apply weight or thickness that does not match what you currently have, the new thickness and fullness will not look evenly distributed, and that can be very noticeable.  Want to perfect this as many black women do with their weaves and extensions?  Then don't go crazy and over apply.  You'll end up with the hairstyle that you do not want especially if you have a round face. 

Cut And Blend!

This is what makes your new move undetectable and well worth it

Let's admit it, the cost of beauty can be expensive especially when it comes to the purchasing of a new weave and extensions. So, what do you do once you have purchased your new hair and want to save a little money - apply it yourself? But, wait, you still need help.
Black women hair tip: have your favorite hairdresser help with your new hairstyle. For a little extra cost, you can visit your hair girl and have her layers to cut layers into your hair and the new hair weave, allowing both sections blend together making your hairstyle product look as natural as possible.

No Wet Bedheads

A rule of thumb to live by or tangles will be your new worst enemy

After you've gotten that new head of locks, it's very important to take outstanding care of your new style.  A sure-fire way of ruining your new look very quickly is to go to bed with your extensions or weave wet. 
You will wake up in the morning to tangles that cannot be untangled and that will need to be cut out.  It will ruin all your hard work, so make sure your hair is dry before climbing into the covers.
Again a step that applies to black women and to all ethnicities that decide to add a weave to their new hairstyle.

Conditioning - Essential to the Weave

Purchased hair is dead and will quickly become dry and bristled if not conditioned properly

Conditioner. Conditioner. And, more conditioner. You have made the correct choice in choosing human hair over synthetic - congratualtions. And, as all black women know, this is the best choice; but the hair is now off the root and is no longer receiving nutrients from the body. What to do?
Conditioner is the best option. All hair becomes brittle between washing, styling, and being witness to all the elements leading to dryness and being brittle. By adding a conditioning routine to your hairstyle will keep your hair and weave healthier - and the money well spent.

Tie It Up

To prevent a tangled nightmare each morning, throw your hair in a bun the night before

Tangles. Bedhead. Bad hair day. We have all have had them and the best way to prevent that morning routine being even more stressful is to have a good bedtime routine for your hair.
Another black women hair tip - throw that weave up in a bun or tie it up loosely before hitting the pillow. This established routine gives the hair a break from the added weight of the weave and prevents a night of tossing and turning, leading to a hot mess hair morning with a head full of tangles.

Wear & Tear

Keep an eye on when it becomes time to replace the weave or extensions


So, you have found a new hairstyle and found a way to make to your weave be as natural as any black women's weave - effortlessly mind you.
Unfortunately, this hairstyle will not last forever and will require constant upkeep and a deep pocketbook to get help if needed.  With that said, keep in mind that you need to know what your overall goal is, and how long you what to continue with this beauty routine.
Skin tone, face shape, especially those with a round face; are essential to the routine of weaves and extensions.
If you want to continue with your new look or try a new look, you'll need to say yes to the entire process over again and purchase new extensions or weaves every 3-6 months, depending on how well you treat it.
As they say, beauty can be painful and expensive sometimes, but when it comes to your hair - take the time to spoil yourself. Because you and your hair are worth it - weave it up my friends.