Uncovering How Does Vagina Actually Taste Like

Exploring this discreet curiosity that no one talks about

By Evelyn
Uncovering How Does Vagina Actually Taste Like

Is there any particular taste down there?

Are you curious about how your vagina taste? Have you asked this question to your guy? Any particular answer? Well, you're not the only one wondering about this, and if you explore this topic on the internet or ask this on a girl's night out, you're going to find many different answers. We'll explore a little more on this, so stick around and maybe you'll get your answer. wink

All your body parts come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, right? Well, that's also true for your vulva (this includes the labia and the vaginal opening) Vulvas also have different and natural aromas and flavors. The thing is that throughout our lives, we have received so many inaccurate messages (from movies, TV ads, from other people) regarding how your vagina should smell and taste. They have told us that the vagina should smell and taste like roses. frown

This could cause you to worry about how you smell and taste down there, right? But the fact is that when it comes to the taste of the vagina, there's a variety of tastes and that's totally normal.

If You Have A Healthy Vagina, What Should It Taste Like?

According to experts, the flavors or taste of the vagina occurs in a spectrum. What does this mean? The flora in the vagina experiences changes in pH (acidity), so the taste can range from sweet to acidic, and that's totally normal. The vagina's environment is naturally acidic and this is thanks to the presence of billions of lactobacilli bacteria inside it. The bacteria a not of the bad kind, just the contrary, it beneficial and it helps the vagina resist the overgrowth of many potentially harmful microorganisms. 

In some polls around the web, people have described the taste of the vagina, and some answers could seem weird... some said it taste like yogurt, others said it taste like sourdough bread, some said it even taste like beer All this could be accurate because the vagina's acidity could be translated to tangy, tart or fermented flavor. 

Some people have also expressed that the vagina can have a slightly coppery or metallic flavor. This taste could be due to two things: the vagina's acidity or the presence of trace amounts of menstrual blood (blood has a naturally metallic taste because of the iron it contains). If you've heard that the vulva also tastes salty, that's because sweat has a tendency to accumulate in the nooks and folds of it. This flavor goes away when you take a shower.

Is it Ok if the Vagina's Taste Changes?

Yes, it's totally OK. Your vagina's taste fluctuates with your hormonal cycle. The pH in your vagina changes and it can definitely influence the test of your vagina. It's often hypothesized that what you eat can also change or have and impact on the flavors of your vagina. For example, strong-smelling foods like onions, garlic. broccoli, asparagus, or any other cruciferous vegetables can change the odor of your breath, your urine, and your sweat, and, theoretically,  all these can show in the taste of your vagina.

There's an urban legend that says that eating pineapple or other sweet fruits can change the taste of your vagina, that it makes it sweeter. There are no scientific studies done about this but there are several Reddit threads talking about this topic and people are saying that the vagina taste like oranges, candy, smoothies, cookies... and there are even people weighing in telling others that if they want to change the flavor down there to a sweeter one, they should take a supplement of an enzyme found in pineapples.  

Doctors have been asked this question too, and while there is no scientific proof, they admit that patients have noticed a change in the taste of their vaginas after eating pineapple. This is purely anecdotal but if you want to try it go ahead and see if it's true. smiley Plus eating pineapple is good for your body because it packs Vitamin B, fiber, and a good dose of vitamin C.

At the end of the day, it's OK if your vagina tastes like... a vagina. It's a natural thing for your scent and smell to change throughout your menstrual cycle but what you need to know is that your vagina is not going to taste like a tropical fruit no matter how many you eat 

What does a "funky" taste means?

We've established that your vagina could taste salty, bitter, metallic, sour, but what it shouldn't taste is funky. If there is an unusual taste in your vagina then it could mean that something is not good down there. A variation in flavor is a natural thing and now you know that your vagina is not going to taste like strawberries but if your notice a fishy or a remarkable foul aroma that could be cause for concern and you need to have it check out. (Smell and taste are closely linked, so if something smells funky by correlation it could probably taste funky too0.

if your vagina suddenly develops strong and foul odor or tastes, it could mean that there is some disturbance in the pH levels. The vagina can pretty much maintain the bacteria down there, status quo, it does a pretty good job of it (usually) but when something like a new bath product or medication upends that status quo, the bacteria that live there can cause trouble. Trouble like inflammation, irritation, or even infection, and that definitely causes unusual smells and tastes.

How to make my vagina taste better

There are no specific scientific studies where you can consult how to change the taste of your vagina or make it better. As we said before, your vagina should taste like vagina and that's totally OK but if you want to do something about changing the taste... there are some things like sweet treats that people stand by that could achieve that goal.

Diet can play a part when it comes to change the taste of your vagina, this not backed by scientific clinical trials though, this is just anecdotes of human behavior which suggest that certain foods we eat can affect the smell of urine or sweat and it may also affect the taste of your vagina. Many people agree that we are what we eat, so these anecdotes don't seem that far away.

What sweet treats could make your vagina taste better (according to some anecdotes)? Well, you can try pineapple, blueberries, kiwi, mangos, and cucumbers. There are natural sugars in these fruits and they can improve the sweetness, flavor, and odor of your secretions. 

There are two main things that you can do to make your vagina taste better.

1. Good nutrition

This is a fact, good nutrition affects every part of your body, vagina included. so one thing you can do to make your vagina taste better and be healthier is eating a good nutritious diet. What foods are recommended to help you maintain a healthy vagina? What you eat can really help you keep everything down there in top-notch conditions and smelling and tasting good. Here are some examples.


The vagina has an acidic pH, if everything is OK down there, it can usually maintain the pH level balanced all on its own. Nevertheless, these levels can change thanks to stress or exercise, and fluctuation of your vagina's pH level is not something you'll want because it can become an environment for bacteria and other organisms to grow and cause infections and inflammation. This is where eating yogurt could be beneficial for the health of your vagina. Yogurt is a probiotic and it contains a live bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus that can help maintain your vagina's pH levels in the right acidic range.

Concentrated cranberry juice

Cranberry juice can help you prevent or ease urinary tract infections, but you'll have to drink the concentrated version because the other one is loaded with sugar. Cranberry juice has an ingredient called proanthocyanidins or PAC that makes the bladder slippery and more resistant to E. coli. So by drinking big quantities of concentrated cranberry juice you'll be flusing all harmful bacteria and preventing infections.


It's crucial that you stay well hydrated, so you can give a boost to your energy and circulation, and it's also beneficial to your lady parts. If you experience vaginal dryness, the recommendation is that you drink 6 to 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Dehydration can make your vulva feel dry or itchy and this could lead to scratching and that could make your vagina more susceptible to infections. So drink plenty of water so your hydration levels can stay in optimal conditions.

2. Good hygiene

A cleaning daily routine for your vagina is essential. You have one for your face, right? Well, do the same with your vagina, keep it clean, hydrated and moisturize. To make your vagina taste better you need to keep that area free of sweat and other bodily fluids So wash it with water and mild pH-balance soap, this way you'll be preventing any build-up of secretions and dead skin cells and you'll rinse any lingering urine and sweat.

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Vagina tastes come in a spectrum and it's ok if they change throughout the month, You shouldn't worry about changes in tastes or smells unless it's something funky, then you should consult a doctor. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet, and have good hygiene so that you maintain a healthy vagina.