30 Funny Truth Or Dare Questions To Lighten The Mood

Best funny truth or dare questions to bond over with humor

By Kimmy
30 Funny Truth Or Dare Questions To Lighten The Mood

Truth or dare questions can be humorous and entertaining

Truth or dare is, without a doubt, one of the most popular drinking games ever when you’re hanging out with a group of friends. Asking about their deepest secrets and daring them to do the most humiliating thing is always fun, yet can be hurtful.

Have you ever thought about a fun way of doing truth or dare where everyone is just having a good time laughing and no one will have their feelings hurt? Truth or dare can be fun and entertaining too. It’s meant to create a fun environment for friends to lighten up to mood.

Look no further for ideas for your next truth or dare game! Here are the 30 best questions you should try out for!

30 Best Funny Truth or Dare Questions

Dares that are Clean and Funny

1. Call KFC and order McNuggets

The good old McDonald’s dare. Never gets old and always fun to see your friends try, especially when you’re tipsy.

2. Go out for a 5-min walk around the neighborhood and keep talking to yourself during the whole walk

It’s already funny to think about all the weird stares your friend is going to get.

3. Brush the teeth of the person sitting opposite to you

Whose toothbrush are you going to use? Now that’s the real question. Make sure your friend does the whole 2-minute brush, as advertised by the health authority! It’s important to take care of your teeth to have a dreamy smile.

4. Eat an orange with the skin

Orange skin isn’t exactly the most delicious thing on earth but at least you know it’s healthy. People use that as face masks even. Get your friend to eat the whole thing and see if they become any prettier!

5. Howl like a wolf at the window

A funny and harmless prank since probably no one will really think a real wolf is howling. Get your friend to stand by the window and start howling for a good solid one minute. That will make a good Instagram story.

6. Eat a cone of ice cream without using hands

Place the ice cream on a holder and ask your friend to finish it without touching it with their hands. See how much ice cream they will get on their face!

7. Stand in the front door for 3 minutes and wave hello at everyone passes by

It’s a good thing to be friendly, especially when you’re drunk on a Friday night. Don't be afraid to say ''hello and how has your day been?''

8. Eat a piece of cat or dog food

We all love our fluffy friends! Eating their snacks is a funny dare, except for your pet, who would potentially think you’re eating their food. You might want to sleep with one eye open tonight...Just kidding?

9. Do a catwalk

Pretend you’re Victoria’s Secret model going on your first ever fashion show. Stand up with a straight back and bring your confidence out and shine on stage!

10. Lick your own feet

Okay, I really hope your feet don’t stink. But I guess the good thing is that you’re licking your own feet, not someone else’s.

Questions suitable over text

11. Send an old friend a message to ask for money.

Get your friend to text an old friend of theirs that they haven’t been in contact with for at least two years. Send that friend a text and say they really need to borrow half a million dollars and see what happens.

12. Text the oldest person on your phone to do a morning gym session with you

Morning gym sessions are healthy. Hope that your friend's phone list has a diverse range of age!

Time to join the grandpas and grannies to their daily morning routine! Not only it's good for everyone but its also a great way to start your day right! 

13. Ask the best student in class to sit in an exam for you

Dare your friend to send a text to the smartest kid in class to sit in an exam for you. Say you’ll pay him! See what a good student will choose to do. Will he make you pass or fail? It's a bit risky but hey its part of the fun!

14. Give a nickname to a mutual friend

Ask your friend to give your mutual friend a hilarious, or even a hideous nickname, based on his personality or something significant about him. The point is to be funny, so not something insulting! Then send this nickname and ask someone if they agree this is a good choice!

15. Send a friend request to someone on Facebook

Pick a random person on Facebook and send him a message saying that you would like to be friends with him and see what he says. Justify your reason, saying that he looks cute or that he looks like a fun person to hang out with! 

16. Ask someone from the music team to make you a mixtape

Ask a musician friend to make you a mixtape of different love songs or simply how he feels about you, good or bad. Music can represent a lot of things about a person, it can be very interesting to see what others think of you

17. Ask someone’s boyfriend to send a picture of him with a fork on his nose

This would be hilariously funny. Ask someone’s boyfriend to take a picture with a fork on his nose but you can’t explain to him why he must do that. It will be interesting to see how many people’s boyfriend would actually do that.

18. Ask someone’s dad a secret

Get someone to send their dad a message, asking him to spill one secret about him that he never told anyone. Now, you might not like that secret but your friends will surely enjoy it.

19. Ask a mutual friend who does he like the most from this group

Find a mutual friend of you all, ask him which one of you is his favorite and why. Now, this could either end up being super fun or super awkward for some if someone in the group is the person’s best friend but not his favorite person.

20. Ask your mom if you could adopt a puppy

Without a doubt, this is the cutest question ever. Send your mom a picture of a golden retriever or a husky and ask her which one would she prefer. I surely hope she says yes to this question.

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Questions for adults

If you’re playing this game with a group of fun friends that's very open about sex and all, great! Here’re the best 10 questions you can ask them!

21. When did you lose your virginity?

The answer to this truth questions game will enable your friends to know you better. You may also be relieved to let on the secret to your friends that you are no longer a virgin. Your friends will want to know how your sexual experience was.

22. Who in this room would you sleep with?

Well, you still have to answer this question even if you’re in a relationship. Just pick someone in the room that you would want to sleep with.

23. What’s your favourite sexual position?

Are you a daring adventurer or you like it simple and traditional? Well, whichever makes you come is good.

24. What’s the best outdoor place you’ve done it in?

Was it in the grand canyon? Or a casino in Las Vegas? Or on top of a snowy Swiss mountain? I’m sure there will be some exciting stories about this question.

25. Do you prefer mouthing, fingering, with toys, or the good old fashion inserting?

Let’s face it, most people don’t find straight-forward inserting to be that pleasuring. So, what do you prefer?

26. Have you slept with a foreigner and how did it feel?

Was it any better because it’s exotic? Did they have a sexy accent as well?

27. If you could sleep with someone’s sibling in the room, who would it be?

I’m sure there are times in our life where we find our friend’s sibling very attractive. So...who would you sleep with?

28. Tell us a story of which you overheard your parents or someone else you know having sex next to you.

Remember all the dorm stories where people heard their roommate having sex next to them? Awkward...

29. Tell us the worst sex you’ve ever had

There’s got to be some very bad story that you don’t even want to talk about. Tell us!

30. How many people do you want to sleep with your whole life?

Interesting question. Picture yourself being in your 70s, looking back at your life. What’s the number of sex partners you’ve had that will put a smile upon your face?

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Truth or dare is a game that just doesn’t grow old. It’s always fun and exciting and you can always find out dirt about others. Depends on how you play it, it can either be a game to lighten up the mood and make everyone happy or it can be a heartfelt session where everyone is crying about their past.

However you want this game to go, we’ve got the right questions for you. Try out all these questions on your next truth or dare game and see how it goes!