70 Best Cute & Small Meaningful Tattoos You Will Want

You want a cute small unique tattoo that has meaning, but you don't want to affect your life or family. Well, here's some to choose from.

By MJ Faublas
70 Best Cute & Small Meaningful Tattoos You Will Want

Tattoos & You

So, you've made that new years resolution to get that small tattoo on your body. You've searched for pics that best fit your personality. You've thought about where to place the tattoo. You've even picked out the best tattoo shop, interviewed the owner and picked the best tattoo artist. And yet, the year is almost over, and you've still not gotten that tattoo. Your mind is made up, but you still lack the guts to go and get inked. 

Could it be that you've been hesitant toward your decision to get inked because, though you've done some thorough research, you still can't convince yourself to go through with your decision? It could be that deep down inside, you understand that longterm commitment related getting inked, so still you've not gone forward with your decision.

But now the day has come for you to move forward and commit to your decision. After reading this article, you will feel more comfortable about your decision and go forth with getting inked.

The Changes of Tattoos Over the Years

Over the years, the world of tattoos has changed. What was once created during the Neolithic times and has shown evidence in the mummified skin of ancient people around the world, is now a practice of art on the skin. The practice of tattooing was always practiced around the world by many different cultures.

During the years of 2100 and 550 BC in China, the practice of tattooing was considered a barbaric act and only became a popular practice in recent genres. In Greece and Rome, as early as the 5th-century BCE tattooing was being practiced to penalize slaves, criminals, and prisoners of war. However, in Egypt and Syria, tattooing was a decorative practice and even used for religious practices in the ancient Mediterranean world. 

In India, permanent tattoos, called pachakuthu, became popular during the 1980s. In Indonesia, tribal tattoos were practiced. In Japan, tattooing was practiced in spiritual practices and for decorative reasons; this practice goes as far back as during the Paleolithic period. 

In Persia, tattooing was practiced on slaves and prisoners during the classical era. Tattooing in the Philippines was used as a form of rank and accomplishment; however, some were tattooed for magical qualities. Other cultures around the world that practiced tattooing early in the years include New Zealand, Samoa, Siberia, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, Great Britain, and later on North America.

So over the years, tattooing has been transformed from either being a barbaric practice, spiritual practice, and now a form of self-expression.

Small or Large Cute Tattoo

When you're getting inked for the first time, the best suggestion is to go with a small tattoo. A small tattoo is discreet. A small tattoo will ease you into the who idea of being tatted. So instead of going for a large tattoo that you will later dislike, go for something small and meaningful. 

A small tattoo can be later integrated into a larger tattoo if you choose, or even be covered later on. But if you're not convinced, here are 10 reasons to go small with your first tattoo:

1. You'll be able to express yourself and still have a little secret to yourself if you're not ready to share with others.

2. You'll get more attention with a small tattoo than with a large one.

3. Small tattoos are sexy.

4. Even if your family is against tattoos, a small tattoo might be acceptable as it doesn't overpower your body.

5. Small tattoos are unique.

6. There is more meaning behind a small tattoo than a larger one.

7. Small tattoos are not only cute but have a greater impact on your life.

8. If you're thinking about a couples tattoo, small tattoos are more unique for both men and women.

9. If you come from a conservative family, a small tattoo will be easier to keep a secret.

10. Having a unique small tattoo that your partner will only find after exploring your body in-depth makes getting a small tattoo more appealing.  

Where to Put Small Tattoos

Deciding on the right body part to place your small cute tattoo can be challenging. Before you decide on where to place your small tattoo, you must figure out what type of person you are. Are you an extrovert, introvert, shy, outspoken, a giver, or receiver? Once you understand whom you are, the next step is to understand the idea behind selecting a body part for your new small tattoo is to understand the reason for the tattoo. If you're expressing your artistic side, you might want your small tattoo to be in a place where it can easily be seen, so a small tattoo on the back of your leg, neck, or ankle will be perfect. Another idea is to place your small tattoo would be on your foot, leg, or wrist if it's an animal tattoo or simply a tattoo of abstract items.

But if you wish to be more discreet, you may place your small tattoo in places they will not easily be seen. For example, if you have long hair, a small tattoo on the back of your ear is sexy. For only when you pull your hair up will the tattoo be revealed. Another idea is if you are fit and normally dress conservatively, then a small tattoo on your abs, chest, back, or ribcage is ideal. For only when you expose these parts will the tattoo be revealed, allowing others to see the tattoo.

No matter where you place your new small tattoo, keep in mind your family's reaction, how unique you want your tattoo, if it's a tattoo for men, be reasonable with your selection as to not stir controversy, and understand that it may change your life.

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70 Cute & Small Meaningful Tattoos You Will Want

Now that we've found the reason to continue with your decision to get inked, and you've found the place to put your future small cute tattoo. Let's find the right design.

Wrist Cute & Small Tattoos

Wrist tattoos can be controversial if not done right. For example, if the wrist tattoo is too large, it may look tacky or unclassy. However, a small wrist tattoo will display hidden truths about your personality. Small wrist tattoos tell your viewers that you actually thought long and hard about the responsibility, reason, and art to choose. You weren't just having a drunken night and decided to make such a permanent decision sporadically. It shows your level of understanding behind getting inked, and the choice of making the tattoo small, tells everyone that you are mature, reliable, and sensible.

1. Crowned Cute & Small Wrist Tattoo

You've always felt like a queen, and now you have the opportunity to confirm those feelings with this cute, small, crown tattoo. This small cute tattoo shows off your sweet side and lets everyone know how confident you are as a person.

2. Cute & Small Message Wrist Tattoo

Mantras are positive phrases we say to ourselves to balance our mental state or just to bring more light into our lives. What better way to engage in positivity permanently than to put your mantras in cute, small tattoos all over your body parts. Hey — whenever you're feeling low, all you have to do is read the sweet message on your wrist and your day will brighten up.

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3. Cute & Small Mountain Wrist Tattoo

This small cute tattoo is a hiker's dream tattoo. It displays the one thing they love most about the outdoors, and that is the beautiful mountains. With this tattoo, you'll always be ready to head out for your next climb.

4. Cute & Small Bees on Wrist

Regardless if you just admire them greatly or you're a Beyonce fanatic, these cute small bees tattoos can be displayed on each arm as twins.

5. Super Kitten Wrist Small Tattoo

So you love your cat, right? And you've been wanting to honor your kitty's life. What better way to do so than with this super kitten small wrist tattoo that is oh so cute.

6. Infinity Cute Small Tattoo

Whatever you believe to be forever can be honored in with this small infinity cute tattoo. 

7. Small Solar Tattoo

Gazing at the stars is one of your favorite things to do. You study the phases of the moon, this movement of the heavens, and yet when it comes to getting that small cute tattoo, you were stomped. Well, you're welcome as this small solar tattoo is just what you need to show off your love for the skies.

8. Small Musician's Wrist Tattoo

Think about it, outside of your guitar and keyboard, what is missing in your life. Yep, that musician's tattoo. Be it a treble or clef note, or even some half or eighth notes, whatever you decide, a musician must have a tattoo to match their love of the art. And yours is below, so go have that ink put on your body with confidence.

9. Creative Small Wrist Tattoo

Drawing is what you do for a living, the art of creating come easy for you; however, when it came to deciding on a small cute tattoo, you had nothing. Well, how about you grab the pic below or one of your drawings and take it to the ink shop. Have them recreate a small version of it and voila! You have your small tattoo to get inked. Oh, yeah! You're welcome.

10. Small Wrist Coffee Lovers Tattoo

Yeah, getting a Starbucks tattoo was out of the question, but you still love coffee right? So, how about a cute small cup of Joe on your wrist to display that strong relationship you two share. You know coffee is the first connection you have every morning, and without it, life would not be right.

So, honor your relationship with the magnificent joe and get inked with this small cup of delight.

Ear (Ideas) Cute & Small Meaningful Tattoos

The ear can be a sensitive area to get inked, however, because the tattoos are small, it could be less painful than expected. When deciding on your small ear tattoo, keep in mind that if it is visible, you may draw attention to it at all times. But for those of us who wish to keep some mystery, getting a behind-the-ear small tattoo is great and fun. 

So no matter where you decide to place your small tattoo, have fun in deciding on the art to use. But here are some examples below:

11. Cute Small Flower in the Ear

Make it a project with this cute small flower tattoo. As you can see, the small flower is accompanied by a piercing that brings the art into a 3D form, making it look even more beautiful. If you desire, you could change some colors, the style of earring worn, or just keep it as you see. Either way, your ear will look amazing, and you will have a piece of art on your head.

12. Behind the Ear Small Tree Tattoo

You're a fan of Christmas and believe it should be celebrated all year long. Well, it can't be, but here's a small tattoo that will help you keep the celebrations going year round though. This small tree tattoo will show off your festive side and is also oh so cute.

13. Small Message Behind the Ear Tattoo

It's cute, funny, and can be paired with a matching couple tattoo. It's also unique, and men would love to see it on the back of their ladies ears. This small "location" tattoo, will always help him find his way home. 

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14. Small Leaflet Behind the Ear Tattoo

If you're tickelish, this small leaflet tattoo might have you giggling all day long. It's unique, beautiful, and shows off your artistic side.

15. Small Lightening Bolt

Lightening strikes and you come alive. Well now you have a small tattoo to show off. Have fun.

16. Musicians Small Behind the Ear Tattoo

If you'd like matching small tattoos, grab the small wrist musician's tattoo and match it up with the behind the ear tattoo. Your tattoo combo will be unique, no matter your background, your family will appreciate that your tattoo is meaningful, and you'll earn respect from your peers. You're bound to enjoy your musician's life even more with this small tattoo.

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17. Small Animal Tattoo

You love exotic animals, and can't have them as pets. Well, you can add small cute ones to your body. So, get inked with your faves and let your inner panda out.

18. Small Illuminati Tattoo

Are you a fan of the Illuminati ones? Or are you simply an ET fanatic? Either way, you can show off your admiration for the secretive, unique, occultic societies with this small tattoo that's bound to be the center of attention and conversations at all social outings.

19. Small Gun Tattoo

Show off your love of guns with this cute small tattoo. But don't point it at your brain though!

20. Small Moon Tattoo

You always wanted this small moon tattoo and now you have the perfect design. Well, what are you waiting for?

Ankle (Foot) Cute & Small Meaningful Tattoos

Tattoos on the foot or ankle can be tricky if not done correctly. These designs below are for both the adventurous types and the conservatives. The designs are for both men and women, and no matter your family, these unique designs will show off your artistic side and earn you some admiration.

21. Small Anklet Tattoo

Yes, you always forget to put on that ankle, and now you can have it on at all times with this cute small anklet tattoo. 

22. Small Rose Ankle Tattoo

Roses are red, and they belong on your leg. Well, at least this one does. This small cute tattoo is reasonably adorable enough to be worn by men and women, It's unique, and your family won't mind if you get inked with this cute small rose.

23. Small Water Color Tattoo

Black ink never appealed to you and so, getting a colorful tattoo might be what the artist in you requires. You have this beautiful, unique design below to try on. 

24. Small Foot Artist Tattoo

A simple foot tattoo will bring out the unique design of your feet. Have fun with your choice.

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25. Small Vampire Ankle Tattoo

For vampire lovers, this tattoo is ideal.

26. Small Seahorse Tattoo

Under the sea, where we will be. This small seahorse tattoo is perfect for all sea lovers.

27. Small Artistic Ankle Tattoo

The nudist in you can never go out there and bear your all. But you can get a small artistic tattoo to show off your inner desires. This unique small tattoo will be a shock value for your family to be ready. And men will think so highly of you when they see your choice of ink.

28. Small Namaste Ankle Tattoo

For the Buddhist in all of us, we have this small Namaste tattoo. Even if you're not into tattoos, you will admire this small Namaste tattoo for it is unique and beautiful. So bring some peace to your feet.

29. Small Message Upper Ankle Tattoo

Just be and get inked. This small tattoo will be simple, unique, and to the point. And you won't regret getting it.

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30. Small Back of Ankle Tattoo

A rose is still a rose. But on the back of your ankle, it's a unique statement. You won't regret this decision.

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Cute & Small Meaningful Tattoos on Abs

Your abs can be the most attractive part on your body, and what way to honor your sexiness than with a small unique tattoo. This tattoo choice can be the one that enhances those six pack abs you've been working on and bring out your attractiveness even more.

31. Side Ab Small Heart Tattoo

Small hearts on your abs, this is a perfect couples tattoo and can be enjoyed by men and women.

32. Small Gamer Tattoo

What better way to show off your gaming skills and love of video games than with a small gamer tattoo. This could change your gaming abilities and make you a legend.

33. Small Linkin Park Tribute Tattoo

What better way to honor your fave band than with this tribute tattoo.

34. Small Kandy Stripe Tattoo

He's located in New Zealand, so if you're ever in town, a small kandy stripe tattoo can be the perfect addition to those six pack abs.

35. Small Daria Tattoo

Any fan of Daria will love this small cute tattoo. Show off your abs and get noticed.

36. Small Hilarious Tattoo

A little humor is all it takes to get the conversation going, and this small funny message tattoo will do the trick.

37. Small Self-Love Tattoo

Positive reinforcement on those abs with this small self-love tattoo.

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38. Small Fairy Ab Tattoo

Lovers of fairies will adore this small cute unique tattoo.

39. Small Island Tattoo

An entire scene on your six pack abs and you'll be the center of attention.

40. Small Dark Love Tattoo

She loves me....she loves me more. Show off your love of self with this small dark love tattoo.

Cute & Small Meaningful Tattoos on Your Back

The most seductive place for a small tattoo is your back or along your spine. Small tattoos accentuate your back and bring on your sexiness.

41. Along the Spine

Straight down your spine, this message tattoo is small and unique. You'll leave everyone wondering what inspired this tattoo.

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42. Small Behind Neck Tattoo

A rose for you and one for your significant other. This small rose tattoo is unique and beautiful behind the neck.

43. Small Butterfly Ankh Tattoo

Nothing says purpose like a small tattoo under your chin. The location is unique and will be a shocker for your family.

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44. Small Mum Tattoo

No one loves their Mum as much as you and this small tattoo will show off your love for that special woman in your life.

45. Small Nature Lover's Tattoo

There was a time when you had to go outside to get a piece of nature, but now with this small tattoo, you can take a part of nature with you where ever you go.

46. Small Aztec Neck Tattoo

This aztec tattoo can be a small as you need, but placing it on your neck will make you a unique person.

47. Small Storms-a-Brewing Tattoo

Storm lovers will adore this small tattoo which is filled with action and movement.

48. Small Numerical Tattoo

No matter the reason, a number tattoo has purpose and goals.

49. Small Juliet Skeleton Tattoo

She broke your heart and the best way to express your emotions is with this small Juliet skeleton tattoo.

50. Small Memorial Dedication Tattoo

Whomever you've lost in the past can be honored with this small memorial dedication tattoo. So show off your love and never forget your special person.

Cute & Small Random Meaningful Tattoos

Cute small tattoos can be worn almost anywhere on your body. Here are a few to choose from.

51. Under the Breast Small Tattoo

Large or small breast will look irresistable with this small tattoo inked under them.

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52. Rib Cage World Tattoo

You've been working out like crazy and now you want to decorate your new sexy body, this small rib cage world tattoo will show off your love of travel and new body.

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53. Arm Small Tattoo

Small windmill tattoo to show off those toned arms.

54. Pinky Cute & Small Tattoo

Imagine you can ink an entire star system on your little pinky. With this small galaxy tattoo, your finger will look like a work of art.

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55. Double Hand Cute & Small Tattoo

Wanted something that is meaningful, and you went with this small prayer tattoo. It's unique and magical.

56. Small Cloud Tattoo

Rainy days are the best and you can show off your appreciation to Mother Nature with this small cloud tattoo.

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57. Random Small Tattoo Sets

To the moon and beyond or man on the moon, whichever way you interpret this small tattoo you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

58. Cute Small Monogram Tattoo

Your intitials identify you and now you can wear it proudly with this small tattoo.

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59. Message Side Hand Small Tattoo

The best place to be is in paradise and this small message tattoo on your hand is beautiful.

60. Cute Small Lotus

A lotus on the back of your leg, and it's small, cute, and unique. You're a work of art in the flesh.

61. Small Fruit Tattoo

Vegans will love this small fruity tattoo.

62. Small Cat Tattoo

Are you a cat lover? Than this small kitty tattoo is perfect for you.

63. Between Breast Small Tattoo

You've chosen your design, now where do you place it? How about inbetween your breast. This is a location that will raise eyebrows and show off your uniqueness.

64. Forearm Small Skull Tattoo

A small skull on the arm will show off your bad side, so go wild.

65. Small Cute Combo Tattoo

A combo of small tattoos goes a long way. You will not have to add anymore to your body with these two.

66. Small Cute Dedication Tattoo

Here's a variation of small dedication tattoos to choose from. Feeling lucky?

67. In Motion Small Cute Tattoo

This small tattoo looks 3D and plays with your imagination, so enjoy.

68. Small Cute Script Tattoo

The sun will come out tomorrow....well now it will be out all day with this small solar tattoo.

69. Ring Finger Small Tattoo

Not into wedding rings? Well this small ring finger tattoo could be perfect for you and your mate.

70. Couples Name Small Tattoo

Share your love of one another with this cutre small couples name tattoo.

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Deciding on a Cute & Small Tattoo

So, you've got multiple designs, and now your most complicated decision is deciding on one. Well, to make it simple first decide on what you'd like to express. Secondly, decide on where you'd like to place it. Third, make sure your family will not mind your new venture into the world of ink. If your family is conservative and you still want to go through with your decision, place your new small tattoo in a discreet location and slowly introduce them to your new work of art.

Either way, remember, it's your body, and you have the right to decide on getting inked or not.

Choose Wisely!

Lastly, remember that tattoos are permanent and can be costly to remove, so choose wisely and enjoy!