30 Signs He Loves You Deeply Even If He Doesn't Say The Words

Signs he loves you so much without saying it out loud

By Brittany O
30 Signs He Loves You Deeply Even If He Doesn't Say The Words

Why don't men always tell us when they deeply love us?

Have you ever wondered if he (yes, I mean that one special guy you’re thinking of right now) deeply loves you even though he doesn’t say it? Maybe you've wondered if he touches you or looks at you in a special way. Maybe it’s the way he acts and speaks around you. It could also be that he is a bit nervous to tell you he loves you deeply because he is worried about the way you will react.

Sometimes we just never truly know, without him saying “I deeply love you.” Men are very odd human beings that we all “can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” They are beyond messy at times and are not the best at showing emotions, let alone talking about their emotions. So a man saying “I am deeply in love with you” is something out of the ordinary. But if it’s one thing they are good at, it’s acting upon their emotions. Sometimes people just need to read the actions men seem to portray to get a full understanding of how they may feel about you. When a man is in love, he'll do anything possible to make that one special person happy.

Men also sometimes forget that women, in general, need a bit of TLC (Tender Loving Care), communication, and showing emotion to know that the guy is still interested. Sometimes men tend to think we know they love us even without them saying it. There are so many signs that we just don't pick up on right away. And they can be really obvious. These signs also work with long distance relationships as well. Here are 30 signs that he loves you deeply even if he doesn't say so:

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1. His kisses are longer and more passionate

If the kisses went from a quick peck to a lengthy kiss with his hand on the back of your head and his fingers tangled in your hair, he loves you deeply. And honestly, those have got to be the best kisses to receive because there's a chance he might just go ahead with saying the three magic words afterwards.

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2. He's wants more physical contact and intimacy

Now, I’m not talking about in bed. I’m talking about the random pokes in your side when he walks by you in the kitchen or pulling you in from behind because he thinks there's too much distance between you two. The random booty taps he does when he walks by from time to time. He pulls you in closer while he’s asleep. He can’t seem to keep his hands off you (non-sexually). He constantly needs to touch you, whether it's holding hands, poking you, tickling you, or even having your cheek in the palm of his hand while kissing you.

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3. He remembers your favorite things

You and he were talking about your favorite character from Harry Potter, and a few weeks later he brings home Gryffindor socks because he remembers your favorite character is on the Gryffindor team. Or you are at a store and send him a picture of your favorite chocolates, and the next day he comes home with a bulk of your favorite candy. Its things like that that give you signs he loves you without saying it.

4. He remembers the important dates without you saying it repeatedly

If he remembers dates such as your birthday, your anniversary or any important dates such as a doctor’s appointment or nail appointment, then consider yourself lucky. (Especially if he books you a nail appointment himself!) For us, remembering important dates is something we may have grown up doing. We remember birthdays, holidays, special events, concert dates, and so on. So a guy remembering a date that's important to you is a great sign that he deeply loves you without saying the words.

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5. He pays attention to you!

Each of the signs has a different reason for why he deeply loves you without saying it. Everyone knows that sometimes we just need someone to listen and pay attention to us! Sometimes paying attention could go a long way. If he pays attention to you, he'll know when you get your visit from mother nature, when you’re upset, depressed, happy, your favorite movies, your favorite television show, and so on. And that is the best feeling ever, to just know that someone pays attention to your thoughts, feelings, hobbies, and much more.

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6. There are more conversations between the two of you

Do you see an increase in conversations? He’s warming up to you and trying to have more to talk about. He wants to have that kind of connection that resonates so deeply with you that he can talk to you about anything at any time. The conversations last longer than fifteen minutes now too. He's open to hearing your opinions and the knowledge you may share with him while conversing often. You can be more than certain that he loves you.

7. How he has become more playful with you

He has been more playful with you, which I'm sure you've been loving. He's showing this by joking around with you, throwing pillows at you, randomly stepping in your way when you need to go to the bathroom, or even laying on top of you. When he’s in this playful mood, play along with him. The “I love you” will slip out eventually. This has got to be one of the cutest signs you'll ever see when he deeply loves you without saying it.

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8. He is always giving you eye contact

If you pay attention to facial expressions, you’ll notice when he begins to maintain eye contact with you for a longer amount of time than before while having conversations. He's paying attention to the facial expressions you give. The way your eyes twinkle at a certain topic, or how they may even change color depending on your mood. Even from a long distance away, he's trying to make eye contact with you. And that is another one of the signs.

9. He opens up to you

Have you realized that he's becoming more open with you? He's telling you more stories from his past like embarrassing moments, awkward situations, how he was in school, and all of the above? It's good best that he does because he's showing you he deeply loves you without saying it and without using any sort of action.

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10. He does things that he normally wouldn't do

Has he started going out more with you to stores, nail salons, the mall? He's definitely trying to show you he deeply loves you without saying it. Most men would rather stay home playing video games but when it comes to being with someone they truly love, they will go to the most bizarre places with that one person.

11. He always stays close to you

Has he been around you more? Maybe not wanting to lose sight of you in a store, or just wanting to walk close to you whenever you go somewhere together? It's because he enjoys your presence and wants you around and close to him. He also wants to protect you as well. Sometimes it's the little actions that men do that we may not realize they actually deeply love us.

12. He calls you every chance he gets

Do you notice an increase in your call log? That's good! It means he wants to hear your voice. He enjoys the conversations you both have. He also wants to make sure you're okay and happy all the time. So he puts in an action that we don't normally pick up on, and this could be one of many signs that he deeply loves you without saying it.

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13. He laughs more often with you

Have you realized one of the signs is when he's been laughing more often with you? He is beginning to laugh more at the little jokes you make, or even the facial expressions you make while speaking. He's enjoying your company. And it's great that he's laughing more; there's no doubt about it, he deeply loves you without saying it.

14. He has become very protective

This can be a good thing if he isn't stalking you and hiding you from everyone and the world. Your man becoming more protective means he wants nothing but for you to be safe. Whether it's texting him when you get to and from work, the store, or to your location with a group of friends, he just wants to know that you're okay. He may even call once in a while to check up on you. Or when you both are in big crowds, he would prefer you to be close at all times. He also may not enjoy too many long distance trips away from each other for a long time. Can't blame him though, this world is crazy. Sometimes we don't need actions just to know a guy deeply loves us without even saying it.

15. Signs of love even after fights

Are you normally the one to say the two magical words "I'm sorry," after a fight? We've all been there, but what's great is when he begins to be the first to say "I'm sorry" more often than he used to after the fight. He also wants to communicate after the fight, and compromise with you. It sure will be shocking when you're no longer the one saying it and he's willing to put in some effort.

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16. He has begun to make an effort

One of the clearer signs that he deeply loves you is if he has begun to make an effort in your relationship. He's willing to communicate, share, and just be happy around you with no drama. And if he's doing the most he can, then don't ever question it because he's showing signs that he deeply loves you without saying it.

17. He sacrifices his happiness for yours

I mean how he lets you eat his food if you don't like yours. Or when he is busy playing a game online and pauses it to help you curl your hair. It's actions like those that let you know he deeply loves you.

18. He listens when you rant

He listens when you rant about a bad day at work or the crazy driver who cut in front of you. This is a very important sign that we miss quite often. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us, and when we think we have no one, men tend to be there. And that alone is one of the ways he shows he deeply loves you without saying it.

19. He has a nickname for you

We all end up with nicknames at a certain time in our relationship. Sometimes the names just come up from old embarrassing stories you two used to tell each other, or from the expressions during any conversation.

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20. He tickles you

So we know one of the signs is him becoming more closer, and another sign is getting more physical. This sign is similar to those but the best one to have. When he tickles you more, it's pure happiness. It may even be a moment when you realize you deeply love him without saying it.

21. He sticks around even after your worst days

You know the days when you just hate everyone, and every little thing annoys you? Is he still around you and acting the same? If so, he’s gonna stay around forever. That’s a way to show he deeply loves you without saying it.

22. He helps you more around the house

Ever realize how you are always cleaning and cooking in the house? There will come a time in your relationship when you'll slowly begin to notice that he has begun helping you around the house.

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23. He respects you

Your man respecting you is one of the most important signs when you're trying to figure out if he deeply loves you without saying it. A man should always respect the person he is with. He should talk to you with respect, and respect your choices and goals. He should also stay positive and supportive regardless of what you do (to a certain extent!). This is highly important.

24. He surprises you occasionally

Do you randomly start getting flowers out of the blue at work? Or even flowers sent home on your day off? That's all him, surprising you. Don't forget the surprise romantic dinners after you've had a long day at work. He's trying to put in some effort into these actions to show you that he deeply loves you without saying it.

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25. He includes you in family outings

He has started to bring his family around, and he invites you out with him to see them more often. It's because he deeply loves you. This is also important to not just us, but to men too. He thinks his family will love you as much as he loves you. That's one of the signs, without question, that things are getting pretty serious.

26. His friends and family love you

One major sign us women look for when we love someone is if our family likes our new boyfriend. If his family and friends absolutely love you, you will definitely know too. They will welcome you with open arms to their home whenever. They even look out for not just him but for you too. His family and friends probably, more than likely, know if he deeply loves you without him saying it.

27. He's now interested in your hobbies

Ever feel like you've given his hobbies a chance and you enjoy them, but when you try to get him involved with your hobbies it's impossible? It happens to almost everyone. And say, at the next painting class you have, he surprises you by showing up at the class without telling you. Him taking an interest in even just a few hobbies is one of the best signs there is. He'll eventually come clean and tell you he deeply loves you.

28. He is constantly happy around you

If a man is always happy around you and speaks to you when he isn't, know that he trusts you. And most of the time when a man trusts you he's got to love you deeply.

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29. He's on top of your savings

If you guys plan a trip or have to work in another state for a few days or a week, the long distance may be tough. But if he's on top of his money, there won't be an issue with your honey making it back home. If he is on top of your savings as well, he has plans for you and him in the future. That alone is a huge action that he is taking to show that he deeply loves you without saying it. He could be planning an engagement, who knows!

30. You catch him staring at you unexpectedly

You know the little glimpses we see guys giving the women they love at random times? Yeah, those. They are definitely real. For example, you turn your head to play a game on your phone after conversing, and a few moments later you look up to see him staring at you with a certain glaze in his eyes. That moment is when you realize that he deeply loves you without saying it. And all of the signs above should give you clarification as well. If you catch him staring at you unexpectedly just know he loves you, and don't ever question it.

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At the end of the day, there are multiple ways to tell if a guy deeply loves you without him saying it. Sometimes we pay attention to his actions or sometimes miss them entirely. The signs also vary depending on how he treats you. There are always many signs to look for, and you shouldn't ever overthink if he shows you more than half of thirty of them. Just keep in mind that maybe he needs you to show some of the signs you love him before he shows you more signs or verbally says the magic words. If you're in a long distance relationship, these signs can qualify for you as well. Don't worry though, he'll get the chance and start saying "I love you," before you know it.

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