20 Sexy Things You Can Do Together When You Work From Home

Make the best out of the situation to boost your love

By Sylvia Epie
20 Sexy Things You Can Do Together When You Work From Home

Being Stuck at Home: A Good or Bad Thing?

As the Coronavirus global pandemic sweeps around the globe, working from home has become the new normal for many people. Couples suddenly find themselves sharing a workspace with their partners and it’s not always all that easy being in such close confines 24/7. Couples are finding out that spending every minute of the day with your partner no matter how much you love each other can take a toll on your relationship in more ways than one.

Being in each other's hair all day long kills the excitement you often feel when you walk through the door and see your partner at the end of a hard day on the job. The stress and routine can have a negative effect on your emotional and sex life. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there are things you can do to spice up your time at home together. We’ve come up with a list of 20 sexy tips you can use to make your confinement together a memorable experience.

20 Sexy Things For Both of You To Do At Home

1.Work in your underwear

Sometimes it’s the simple things that affect us the most, like seeing our significant other going about their business in their underwear. This is a huge turn-on for many couples, it could be comfortable panties, boxers, or even sexy lingerie. It doesn't matter, the overall effect is the same. So as you work from home with your partner do not hesitate to talk shop in your underwear.

2. Send sexy texts

Whether you and bae are working across the room from each other or in separate rooms in your home, use this opportunity to send him sexy texts and find out how they react. Tease him/her with sexy and suggestive photos that will make them want you bad. Sexting is an art of its own and there’s no better time to work on your sexting skills than when you’re in lockdown at home with bae. But beware this can lead bae to leave everything and jump on you, so make sure you’re done with work for the day before sexting.

3. Roleplay a sexy secretary

woman sitting while using laptop

Working together from home does not have to be a boring routine, you can spice things up by role-playing a sexy horny secretary. Wear a pencil skirt, a pair of black or red heels, drop something, slowly bend over to pick it up and watch the magic happen. Get creative and play out your partners' workplace fantasies.

4. Maintain eye contact

When used right a simple look can say a lot, nothing says I’m into you or I want you more than a good old’ electricity filled eye contact. Use your eyes and body language to communicate with your partner, maintain eye contact. Look into each other's eyes from across the room, the work table, or during your lunch break. This reminds them how much you’re attracted to them and is a guarantee turn on. It ignites in them the desire to connect with you and reciprocate the feelings you bring out in them.

5. Make out during your breaks

Make good use of your lunch break and other pauses in between tasks, steal a kiss whenever you can touch your partner every now and then, compliment him/her and tease them at every given opportunity. Flirt with your partner like you both is teenagers all over again, if you both work in the same room, blow him a kiss, wink or smile suggestively and leave the rest to his imagination.

6. Put out a memo banning office relationships

woman smiling holding glass mug sitting beside table with MacBook

This trick went viral a few years ago when a lady tweeted that her husband with whom she works from home had rolled this on her, genius right? Well, you too can try this on your significant other and see how they react. There’s just something exciting about doing what you’ve been asked not to, reverse psychology I guess. This is the best way to take his mind off work and unto all the things you two could be doing instead.

7. Plan an indoor picnic

I know it may sound cheesy but it sets the mood for a great rendezvous, during your lunch break, set up a romantic picnic in your living room or kitchen, throw some sheets on the floor, get some wine, fruits, and a sweet dessert you know the drill and invite bae to spend some quality and alone time with you. Who said working from home isn’t fun?

8. Play the boss and sexually harass him/her

Roleplay with your partner, pretend to be his boss, and sexually harass him in the office. Touch him inappropriately and tease him with suggestive words and gestures, you can also mimic a sexual harassment lawsuit play the victim. Get creative, let your wild and kinky side shine.

9. Cook together

I know!  cooking is probably not your idea of what's sexy but it can be made sensual, spending time with your partner in the kitchen could actually be very sexy. Especially if you’re cooking a fancy menu, there’s a lot you can do with lobster or chocolate. Grab some wine glasses and get creative with your lover, you’d be surprised how much fun it’s going to be.

10. Make love in every room of the house. 

What’s the point of being at home together if you do not put your time and space to good use? You’re supposed to be working I know, but spice up your relationship by making love in every room of the house. Use every piece of furniture you can, the couch, countertop, floor, tables, balcony, bathroom, etc. Take your time and savor every moment of your sexcapade.

Spontaneous Things

11. Touch him from under the table

We’ve seen how it’s done in the movies if you happen to be working across the table from bae, use this opportunity to touch him from under the table with your feet. Caress him with your toes where he is most sensitive, slide down from his thigh to his legs while maintaining eye contact. This is a sexy and powerful move that always yields results if you are bold enough to execute it properly.

12. Write a sexy love note

red rose on brown envelope

A sexy note, a love letter or a poem are classics that are effective even today, write your partner something sexy, you don’t have to be Shakespeare or Keats to come up with something, it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to come from the heart. Remind your partner of a sexy or funny moment you both shared in the past. Compliment or thank him for his love and affection, this bound to trigger something in him.

13. Get suggestive

person with red scarf on her leg

The power of suggestion is everything, spice up your time at home with suggestive gestures, for example, you can wear a nice dress or a skirt and black stockings and then tell him you’ve forgotten something important, when he asks what, whisper in his ear that you forgot your underwear! Or better still show him just enough to blow his mind and he will forget about everything else.

14. Talk dirty

Words, the power of words! As both of you are stuck at home; there’s no better time to talk like a porn star. Let loose and use that vocabulary that’s been in your head for months, the dirtier the better. Don’t hold back; boldly talk about your fantasies and what you want to do to each other or what you want your partner to do to you. It doesn’t get sexier than this, believe me.

15. Have a quickie

nude woman sitting on bed

Have a quickie before you start your work for the day, during your few minutes of break in between tasks or during your lunch hour. A good quickie just for the fun of it can be very liberating and is a good motivator for the rest of your day.

Experimental Things

16. Watch porn together in between calls

couple on bed using MacBook Air beside of window with white curtain

Are you one of the kinky ones who watch porn at work or you fantasize about it but are too shy and proper to watch it in the office? Well, whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself, here’s your chance to live out that fantasy. Working from home gives you the perfect opportunity to watch porn with your partner in a somewhat ‘’formal’’ setting which is a huge turn on and even practices some of the moves at the same time, awesome right?

17. Do a striptease

woman wearing black bikini

Perform a private strip show for your partner, let them sit and watch without touching, set this as the ‘’strip club’’ rules. Slowly entice your partner by giving them a sexy lap dance they’ll live to remember. 

18. Try out new toys

Do you have sex toys and gadgets you’ve been wanting to try but never found the time, well here you go. Bring out those babies for a spin or order some online and hit the sheets with your partner. 

19. Share a warm bath

Prepare a warm bath with candles, rose petals, scented oils, a bottle of wine and some good music, and relax together after working hard all day. There’s something very intense in spending time just enjoying each other's company. It’s sensual, soothing, and builds the bond between you two.

20. Try new positions on the work table

Have you both tried all the positions of the Kamasutra? You probably haven’t so this is your chance to try out a few new ones. Make use of your workspace and try out a few positions on your work table, chair, or any other furniture in your home office. This could be your chance to perfect a skill or two on the subject, take advantage of it.

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Being stuck at home does not have to be stressful and boring if you don’t want it to, with a little effort and some creativity it could end up being the perfect staycation. You and your partner can work in different rooms in your apartment so when you meet you feel like you’ve been apart all day. Set some boundaries, have house/workplace rules you follow during office hours, and then get down and dirty when you’re done with work. This gives you a sense of anticipation and excitement which keeps you going all day.