When Do We Have Our First Kiss In A Relationship?

Can we kiss in on the first date? Second or Third date??

By Sophia R
When Do We Have Our First Kiss In A Relationship?

When Is An Appropriate Time To Kiss?

We are fascinated by those romantic scenes in movies where two people kiss passionately and immediately establish a true love connection between them.

And it is that the importance of the first kiss is that it marks the beginning of love. As much as you are attracted to a person, no matter how much you enjoy seducing him, looking at him, smiling at him, rubbing him, until you don't give him the first kiss, that link we all look for when we fall in love is not established.

But the question that arises in this game of seduction is when to give the first kiss? where? how? The answers depend on the passionate needs that the other person and you believe in. Because there are times as soon as we meet a person, we feel the urgent need to kiss them and, other times, the desire arises little by little.

Top 5 FAQ Answer On When To Have Your First Kiss

Want to know more about what you should do and when to expect your first kiss with your date? Keep reading and find our 5 answers to the top 5 FAQ on when to have your first kiss:

1. Which Date Should I Have The First Kiss To Not Freak My Date Out?

Kissing on the first date is not bad, but it is not a rule and sometimes it is not the best option. It all depends on how things happen, right?

While a kiss may not be such a big deal, it is an intimate expression of affection. And it means that both are interested in each other. Of course, there are different types of kisses, but we are talking about that first and shy kiss, the one that you will surely remember later and the one that makes clear each one's intentions.

As we said before, the only one who can determine if it is early or late for a first kiss is your body, which will be asking for it more urgently or less. But as soon as you notice that you urgently need to join your lips to your date’s to see if an intimate connection is possible, do not wait too much for it to happen, because there are trains that only pass once.

This does not mean that once you feel the need to kiss him do it in that same moment and place. Maybe you are not in the best place to give them that first kiss that will remain in the memory of the both of you, at least as long as your relationship lasts. For example, If you have fallen in love with your co-worker and you are on a coffee date, it is not the most appropriate place to have that first kiss, it is better to wait for when you two are alone.

So basically, it is all about how you feel and how the situation is going.

2. Is a peak on the cheek considered a kiss?

In front of the passionate French kiss, those on the cheek have a much more tender meaning. These types of kisses are common for couples and dates who are just starting to go out, but also among friends and family. They are one of the most universal signs of love, but they also talk about the respect and affection you have for the other person and how happy you are to be by their side.

So yes, a Kiss on the cheek is true, a kiss, but it doesn’t have any sexual connotation or anything, it just expresses affection and interest when it comes to dates. So it’s a good sign!

3. Should I hold hands with my date first before kissing?

Just like a first kiss, taking someone's hand is also one of the first approaches that reveal a lot about what that person feels for you.

Even if they are not in a relationship as such, perhaps this will help you to gather the signs to know if you should stay with him and give it a try or better go for separate paths.

You shouldn’t live up to the standards of holding hands before or after the kiss or anything, as I said before, there are no rules in this game. Again, it all comes down to how the data is flowing and the chemistry you two are feeling. If you see it right and convenient to hold hands, go for it!

4. What if I really want to kiss my date?

Maybe you don’t want to wait, and you really want to kiss your date. The desire seems to come over you and you can’t control yourself.

As we said before, kissing on a first date is not bad at all, but you have to know when it is okay and when it is better to wait a bit. Here are some circumstances in which it is totally allowed that you kiss them:

  • Mutual attraction: you two knew each other before and both felt a lot of attraction for each other before the date.
  • A lot of chemistry: even the table next to you can tell that you are kissing with your eyes and are dying to actually make it happen
  • You were talking from before: you have been talking for a long time and the intention of the date is clearly known.
  • Perfect date: everything went perfect and you both are having a great time.
  • Do not lose anything: it is a very impromptu date and everything seems that you will never see each other again.

If any of these is your situation, go for the kiss!

Now, on the other hand, there are some situations where you better leave the kiss for later:

  • Very short date: the date lasts very little and there is not enough confidence yet. It is not good to kiss strangers.
  • They do not convince you: you are not sure if you want to see that person again.
  • The topic stresses you: if thinking about the whole date and kissing makes you nervous, it is better to simply decide beforehand not to give that kiss and really enjoy the date as it is.
  • Not one sign: the other seems to want to avoid an approach at all costs. In this case, it is even better not to try.

5. How should I kiss my date?

If you are finally decided on kissing your date, but you don't know how to actually do it, we have got your back. Leave aside the stress that this moment can cause you and make this first experience pleasant and unforgettable. We will give you all the advice so that the inaugural kiss leads to many others. Take note:

Don't think too much

We want to start by giving you the best advice we can offer you. Don't crack your head thinking about everything that can happen. You will only get more nervous and the kiss won't be good.

The kiss isn't the only thing that matters

The mistake many people make is to only worry about the kiss at the end of the date when the most important things happen during it. Try to have a good time, after all, that is what you had that date for.

Start with a little physical contact

You have to make sure you get them at the moment or you will lose your chance. If they seem comfortable with your presence, then start with small contact. Lean in so that your arms rub against theirs. In general, if they are interested, they will respond to this progress by leaning a little. When you see a sign of interest continue with small touches on their hands, rubbing their back, etc.

Go for it

If the physical contact continues, go for the kiss! Lean in and kiss them softly. 

All those previous nerves and preparation also deserve a special moment. Do it without a hurry: it is a moment to enjoy, to try, to lengthen and, to feel it and do it with desire. You have to have the confidence to be able to transmit it and it is essential that the moments happen without pressure for it to be special and unique.

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You will be an expert on dates and first kisses after reading this article! No more weird and awkward kisses on first dates that shouldn't really happen. Or, who knows? Great kisses on the first dates that actually should happen!  Remember, you shouldn't generalize any situation as every case is going to be different, just practice our tips and everything will be fine. You will thank us later!


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