9 Ways On How To Get Over An Ex And Move On Quickly

Ways to get over your ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, husband or wife

By Portia S D
9 Ways On How To Get Over An Ex And Move On Quickly

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.

Bruised emotions and battered egos find a couple on an emotional roller coaster

How To Get Over Your Ex

Ways to get over an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is largely dependent on the fundamental reason for splitting up in the first place.  Relationships that have developed over a period of time have a stronger emotional attachment than the overnight fling which in most cases are less significant.

Generally, one or the other party, and in some cases both parties walk away outraged.   However, there are circumstances when both partners mutually agree to a split-up.  It makes no difference how a couple splits up, separation of any kind results in pain and anxiety.

Unfortunately, breaking up is a reality of life. Needless to say, bruised emotions and battered egos find a couple on an emotional roller coaster.  There is no quick-fix in getting over an ex but there are tried and tested methods that have proven successful.

Give yourself permission to cry .....

and bawl your eyes out!

At the onset, one should give oneself permission to cry and bawl one’s eyes out.  Tears have a way of healing the soul.  There is a popular scripture that says “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. 

Finding it in one’s heart to forgive is extremely important to healing for the soul.  Harboring inept anger and bitterness is futile.  Also recognizing that sometimes people come into one’s life for a purpose or a season but they were never meant to stay is a worthwhile realization. 

Ways to get over your Ex Boyfriend

1. Writing

Writing is therapeutic

Consider writing or journalizing.  Since the beginning of time scribing has proven to be extremely therapeutic.  Alternatively, picking up the phone and making that reservation for a spa treatment.  Rubbing away all those knots and cramps that may have been caused by anxiety and stress.  Then consciously begin to strategize life going forward even considering a short holiday to rejuvenate.

2. Get off social media for a bit.

Resist the urge to stalk your ex into oblivion.

Social media has made it harder for women to stop obsessing over a partner, so the first thing Toni Coleman, a psychotherapist, and relationship coach, recommends is to unfriend someone, at least until you are over them, or make a commitment to not check their page. "In addition, you will need to be careful of the pages/posts of mutual friends where you can see pictures and hear things about the ex and possibly the new person they are dating."

Ways to get over your Ex Girlfriend

Pimp up your ride ......

restore an old vehicle or a motorbike

3. Re-awakening of hobbies or sports

Listed herein are ideas that keep you preoccupied during your recovery period and re-awakening of hobbies or sports which might have ended as a result of the relationship.  Restoring that old motorbike in the garage or pimp up your ride will surely provide a useful distraction.  Joining a gymnasium, sports club or traipse those hiking trails because there is nothing like the fresh outdoors to clear a foggy mind.

4. Avoid Rebound Relationships

Throw caution to the wind and steer away from rebound relationships. These relationships have proven to only provide a temporary distraction when getting over a break-up. Men were found to be more likely to enter rebound relationships. The research inferred that allowing a healing period before becoming involved in another relationship will stimulate healthy judgment going forward.

How to get over your Ex Husband

Yoga is a mind-body practice that reduces stress

It is a stereotypical philosophy that women handle breakups worse than men do.  Most women are able to live comfortably without a partner and are more content with singleness in comparison to their male counterparts.  This is largely due to the emotional strength that is inherent in females.

5. Engage

It is helpful to find a confidant to talk to but remember to refrain from complaining.  Many have found solace through activities that heal the soul and restore your form. It has been proven that people who have experienced distress in their lives are able to deal with ordeals better by way of talking. Other valuable diversions include joining an athletic club as this also provides a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

6. Do Some Yoga

Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation to reduce stress.  Therefore include a daily routine of meditation and yoga. 

Even if you are not a flexible person, try it out as a holistic therapeutic to keep the physical body tones, the mental and emotional aspect of you checked in. Some practicing yoga may even release anger or cry in the session due to the mind-body connectivity, allowing you to release your emotion (which you may not know that should be released) and take a step to move towards a new life.

7. Study Something You Always Want To

Enrolling for a study course if you have available time. Alternatively, there are many courses that can be completed online.  Studying is a really good way to be positively distracted and achieving new goals in the process.  If there were any goals sacrificed due to the relationship then reconsider, picking them up and pursuing that passion again.

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How to get over your Ex Wife

Time heals all wounds

Time does heal all wounds, therefore,  it is advisable to allow oneself time and space to reconcile those wounded emotions.  Try avoiding regurgitating the life that you spent together and indeed do not blame oneself for what might have gone wrong.  There are many ways to escape the deliberation of a “million thoughts a minute”.  Instead, strive to make a concerted effort in joining a social support group that deals with divorce and breakups. 

Divorce can be more complicated more especially if there are children involved.  There is no quick solution on how to get over your ex-wife.  Cutting all ties may work in casual relationships however following marriage there are so many things that force partners to stay in contact, the primary being children born from the relationship. 

Men have an innate need for nurturing and are generally not able to live without companionship or emotional attachment which is the reason why more men remarry.  However, throw caution to the wind and avoid delving into rebound relationships. 

Swimming releases 'feel-good' hormones

8. Swimming

There are creative ways to be positively distracted and a few are listed herein. Swimmingeven for just half an hour at a time, is known to be effective for lowering incidences of depression and anxiety and improving sleep patterns.  Swimming releases endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones that lead to experiencing a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing.

9. Adopt an Animal or Do Sports

Consider adopting an animal from the local animal shelter or contemplate purchasing season tickets for a sporting term or even joining a sports club.

However, it cannot be stressed enough that in light of all the emotional turmoil which occurs, avoiding alcohol and drugs at all costs has proven to be the best solution for a speedy recuperation.

Soaring above the parched places

Avoiding "one million thoughts a minute"

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In summary, we have discussed various ways to get over an ex and move on quickly.  The recognition that some people come into our lives for a season and are not meant to stay is very comforting.  However, any type of separation, whether it be a casual fling, divorce or otherwise will cause emotional scars.  And the secret to overcoming the resultant stress and anxiety is to find positive distractions that lead to healing of the soul.  Prayer and meditation are one of the best ways to harvest soul healing.