All You Need To Know About Yoga Spirit

If you want to make a change in your body and spirit, yoga is the right exercise for you. Read about all the facts that you need to know about yoga spirit.

By Vera Aries
All You Need To Know About Yoga Spirit

Yoga - A Connection With Our True Spirit

If you are trying to find you perfect physical and spiritual exercise, in order to accomplish good body posture, relaxed mind and spirit, don't turn around in circle wondering what to try next, choose Yoga instead. Yoga is a connection with our true spirit. No matter which way you choose, or which technique you use - the goal is always the same - cognition, self-knowledge, awareness and connection with the spiritual, which is actually the true spirit. It is thought that yoga originates from the Sanskrit word "yuj," meaning to unite. Thus, yoga is a union with the right spirit. Another significance of yoga is the connection of the mind with the spirit and the body. Yoga spirit is about directing the thoughts to the practice of yoga before starting it. Another meaning of yoga is to achieve what was previously unreachable. When we find a way to turn that desire into action, then yoga happens. In fact, yoga can change not only your body, but in your spirit too.

Different Types Of Yoga Spirit

When you think of yoga i guess you get a picture in your head of a girl sitting or stretching, while mediating and finding her spiritual peace. But this is not everything yoga is about. There are several types of yoga:

"Ha-Tha" yoga

It's the yoga that we all know and practice the most. It consists of a position and exercises with which movements are balanced by breathing, as well as breathing exercises that are mainly performed in a sitting position. This type of yoga achieves a level of balance, and this positively affects our mental health and spirit.

"Gjana" yoga

Yoga of reasoning and insight. This type of yoga requires a deep experience of life and, above all, a pure heart. If you engage in this kind of yoga without prior preparation, it can be dangerous for your spiritual development. Perception, for example, past things through life, can lead the individual to a state of nonsense, apathy, and depression.

"Karma" yoga

Karma yoga is a yoga in action, meaning unselfish work and activity that is not motivated by a reward. Each of us requires a certain recognition and reward for the hard work, but this is not in the spirit of this type of yoga. But that does not necessarily mean that we should let others misuse our energy. It is best to develop a position of reconciliation and vigilance, good-heart and spontaneity in every action, until it has become a habit. Thus, in that way, we will gradually get rid of the negative things that attract negative situations. Recalling that everything that happens to us in life is the best for us and our soul (but often not for our own), is the attitude of Karma Yoga.

"Bhakti" yoga

Bhakti is a yoga directed towards God. The adherents tend to act, feel and think of keeping the awareness of God. Psychologically speaking, this yoga is a great method that balances excessive rigidity and inter-connectivity to the intake. This yoga is very helpful in eliminating intellectual "stagnation" and a powerful tool for releasing emotions. Today, people are very closed, and they rarely allow themselves to express their feelings freely, which is also why they rarely laugh, cry and show emotions.

"Raja" Yoga

Raja yoga in translation means royal yoga, and it represents a spiritual path that leads to realization, through discipline, self-preservation and uncompromising control of the mind and spirit. With daily exercise (concentration, meditation and self-observation) and developing an internal position for non-bonding, spiritual peace can be achieved.

How To Practice Yoga

The yoga is a physical but also spiritual practice that makes circle between the body and spirit, balancing it. If you are a beginner, here are some things that will help you to start exercising Yoga spirit.

1. First of all find a place and time for your spiritual exercise Determine which time of the day suits you the most for you to start practicing yoga. If you want to spend more free time watching a series than yoga practice then combine them both! Put the yoga stall in front of the TV or computer and start. 2. Create yourself a habit Try each day to practice at the same time and in this way you will create a habit for yoga exercise. Over time, you will start and look forward to the next exercise, mostly because of the sense of calm that appears when exercising yoga. 3. Choose your physical and spiritual routine Find the routine that suits you most. If you have already practiced yoga, do those exercises that you think are most needed. If you are a beginner, there are many channels on YouTube that can help you. There are also countless free apps for your smartphone that will guide you through the workout.

Spiritual Yoga Poses For Beginners

If you want to try connecting your body with your spirit, but you really do not know where to start, here are five exercises for beginners.

1. Wood

Mode of exercise: Stand upright, bend your right leg and place the right foot on the inside of the left hip. The foot should be above or below the knee. Put your hands together for prayer and look forward. Breathe in five times; then change the page. Benefits: This posture improves concentration, while strengthening legs and spine. It also improves your balance. Avoid this posture if you suffer from insomnia, headache or low blood pressure.

2. Cat - Cow

Mode of exercise: Stand on all four extremities, and place in the same line hips with knees and joints on the palms with your shoulders. Breathe, then bend the spine up (cat) on the exhalation and lower your head down. Re-inhale and lift your head, and bend the backbone to the floor (cow). Repeat 10 times. Benefits: This exercise stretches back and can help you if you have pain in it.

3. Bridge

Mode of exercise: Lie on your back. Bend your legs and spread your feet like your hips. By exhaling slowly lift your hips to where you can. Hands can stand next to you or your back. Stand in the 5 to 8-breathing poses. With the last exhalation slowly lower your hips to the ground. Benefits: This pose is perfect for those who sit all day long. It relaxes you and stretches your back, pulls your tension from your feet and strengthens them. Do not do this if you have neck problems.

4. Spiral

Mode of exercise: Lie on your back. Bend your right knee and set the right foot on your left knee. Put your palm on the right knee and with it help slowly lower it to the left. Try to reach the floor, if you can. Hold about five breaths; then change the page. Benefits: This posture extends the spine and massages the abdominal organs.

5. Child

Mode of exercise: Sit on your feet, lower your head down and put your hands near the body. Stay in this position for more than a minute. Benefits: This posture is restorative and stretches the shoulders, chest and back.

Benefits You Didn't Know For The Body & The Spirit

We have all heard about the positive benefits that yoga has on our spirit. It is recommended to be practiced by people with stressful lifestyles, fast work, obligations under pressure, in order to get spiritual peace. But these are not the only benefits that yoga will give you. One of the basic features of the human body is the constant dynamics of movements both externally and internally. All organs and tissues work without interruption. Yoga as an ancient therapeutic and recently known (modern) discipline helps and prevents acute and chronic degenerative circulatory disorders. Lately, people start to use yoga, but very few know yoga's true use and meaning, and mostly use it for weight loss, body shaping or mental and spiritual conditioning. The yoga can correct a number of mechanical irregularities such as hernia, umbilical hernia, arthritis, etc. With various bodily movements we can influence numerous health movements. Yoga through numerous scientific studies has proven successful in reducing blood pressure, reducing obesity, strengthening immunity, balancing blood sugar, strengthening bones from osteoporosis and various problems in the spine, as well as all problems caused by stress and anxiety, which is extremely important because about 75-90 per cent of the working population goes to the doctor because of stress. Stress plays a key role in the following diseases: hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, asthma, chronic pain, allergies, headaches, back pain, various skin diseases, etc. The positions can be in a sitting, standing, lying, etc. with proper performance of the positions, a load or stretching of organs, muscles, ligaments and nerves can be performed. The advantage of exercising yoga is actually in the numerous geometric shapes that the body occupies, which have positive benefits not only for the spirit, but for the whole body too.

Final word

The most asked question is: What presents yoga spirit today, in the modern world? Yoga is a means of balance for many opposites, creating harmony in the field of diversity and harmony between the body and the spirit. From the mid-20th century to the present, the number of scientific researches for yoga, confirm the positive effects on the body and spirit of this ancient physical and psychological method. Although yoga has the greatest significance in the prophylactic form of maintaining health and increasing the level of energy, self-realization and creativity of individuals, it has been successfully used in therapeutic treatments too. In contrast to conventional treatments such as medicine, surgery, pharmacology, acupuncture, psychotherapy and physical therapy that work to heal the body and spirit with a rather passive role for the patient, yoga gives the patient the opportunity to take an active role in his own treatment and curing of the body and spirit. Practicing yoga is also effective along with the use of conventional methods. However, yoga is traditionally used as a path to liberation and enlightenment of the spirit. If you want to practice yoga together with your friends, make it in a circle so that you can have more visibility of what others do in the circle and learn from each other's mistakes. Start yoga today and within days, see the benefits that your body and spirit will have!