9 Signs to Know He Is Attracted to You Even Before He Asks

Tall tale signs that he's all over you even before chasing you

By Aey
9 Signs to Know He Is Attracted to You Even Before He Asks

Attraction…Have You Felt This Pull Towards Someone Before?

The attraction is a strangely mysterious dimension of the human experience, which seems as mystical as it is surely biologically rooted in our hormonal responses. It holds that we do not consciously control who we are attracted to and no formula or checklist can explain our preferences. In matters of the mind, body, and soul it is best to leave some things unexplained and accept the truth for what it is!

Having said that, there is quite an overarching similarity in how people behave when they experience attraction and that’s exactly what we are going to get into – telltale signs that someone is most certainly drawn to you by some mysterious natural force we don’t entirely understand yet! Is it the norepinephrine surging in your blood or the alignment of the stars, we can’t say much conclusively on why we find, who we find, attractive; but we can sure as hell tell you how this biological reality manifests itself. So, without further ado!

9 Signs That He is attracted to You Even before He Asks You Out

What are some signs that the guy you have a sweet spot for, is experiencing attraction towards you? Boy, can it be really hard and nerve-wracking to be second-guessing yourself all the time! Does he like me? Is it in my head? If you’re consumed by these thoughts, you are not alone. Humans are complex beings and seldom is it very obvious what the other thinks and feels! But lucky for us, men show some remarkably consistent telltale signs when they are attracted to someone. There could be many reasons he isn’t coming clean but if you can read the signs you can create an environment that makes them comfortable enough to confess their feelings or maybe the surety of reciprocity can have you make the first move! So, let us get into nine no-BS signs that he is really into you!

1. He is different around you

People treat the people that they are interested in, differently – it’s a well-established fact. They might even try to conceal this but snitch on themselves in trying to conceal their telltale behavior. If he gets a little awkward, a little quieter or a little more talkative, more attentive with better posture when you walk into a room, there is something there!

Depending on his love language he may treat you with more respect than he does his other friends or cracks more jokes at your expense in a flirty good-natured manner. Either way, if his ears prop up at the sight of you and his behavior changes, you know he’s feeling drawn to you!

2. He gets jealous

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This is just one of those things we cannot help when we like someone. When you compliment other men or talk about being attracted to other men, he gets salty and snappy or comes off as bitter, defensive, or jealous, he definitely likes you! Furthermore, he may pick faults in people you are interested in or tear them down – either jokingly or sometimes with underhanded seriousness. As a rule of thumb, if they seem to have a generalized dislike for anyone you express an interest in, it might be because they want you to like them instead. Men also have a large tendency than women to get territorial, so watch out for this seemingly unreasonable behavior! It’s a telltale that he feels sad that you like someone else and men’s sadness can often express itself as a sort of aggression.

3. He jokes about liking you.

Believe it or not, women don’t have a monopoly on having deep-rooted insecurities and fears of rejection. Men can feel the same way as well! So, if a man finds himself drawn to you, he will test the waters out, in one way or the other, before expressing how he feels! One age-old way men do this is to joke about liking you or being with you. This is a great way to gauge your reaction to such a suggestion and/or annoying you with it to build a kind of private inside joke and sexual tension between the two of you!

4. You catch him looking

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Men are very visual creatures. Fact. So, they can’t help but look at something that they love or are interested in. You might catch him watching you when he thinks you can’t see him and if you are lucky you might even catch him with a twinkle in his eye or a special spaced outlook in his eye! Think hazy dazy! If a man can’t stop looking at you and looks into your eyes when you talk to him, chances are high there’s something there!

5. You’ll keep bumping into him

When someone gravitates towards your aura, they are also sometimes naturally gravitating towards the spaces and the places you occupy. This could be intentional as well and they make an effort to be closer to. It could also be a bunch of remarkable coincidences! We could say there’s no such thing as a coincidence but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If someone always seems to be around, chances are he enjoys being with you!

6. He listens and remembers things you’ve told him

Men pay attention to minor details you mention when they are trying to pursue you because they are collecting information about you – whether it’s to validate or take away from what they feel or if it is strategic i.e. to give them a better chance at success if they shoot their shot! Don’t get us wrong, of course, there are attentive platonic friends. But if a certain individual seems to be going beyond the “line of duty” so to speak and remembering things they don’t need to be storing in their long-term memory, then they have some motivation to gather information about you!

7. He notices details

When you’re attracted to someone, you are closely observing them, as an act of devotion. You observe them closely because it is pleasurable to you just to witness them be! Because of this intense scrutiny and devotion, they will notice small physical changes in your appearance or energy shifts that others will not pick up on.

8. He takes care of you

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Sure, some helpful people aren’t trying to get in your pants. However, with limited resources, not everyone is signing up to spend time and energy helping you do stuff that doesn’t benefit them. It’s just the facts! So, if someone is always making themselves available, again beyond the “line of duty,” there’s probably something in it for them, like getting to spend time with you. Men also feel like they are performing their gender role better when they take care of you and figure things out for you! It gives them a happy little power trip.

9. You have a gut feeling

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This one is super-duper important even though it doesn’t directly refer to something he does or doesn’t do! Humans are complex beings and there are virtually infinite factors that go into creating special energy between two people. These factors are so numerous and unexplored that there is no way to account for them all. However, intuition is the one tool that can be powerful enough to pick up on something even before you have any evidence for it! So, trust your gut. Everyone has doubts. Everyone fears rejection. But when your gut is trying to tell you something, you should listen! It is the most truthful.

How to Show Him Positive Signs

If you reciprocate and want to let him know you feel the same way, encourage him, flirt back when it comes to banter, let him take care of you or straight up ask him out because a man showing all nine or most of these is at least a little bit into you!

How to Show Him Negative Signs (In The Event it Is an Unrequited Attraction)

If you do not reciprocate and you want to somehow inform him you are not interested, and he shouldn’t get his hopes up, just dodge things. Don’t accept his help, don’t return flirty banter, and try to find reasons not to spend one-on-one time with him. Eventually, he will get the hint!

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We guarantee that a man exhibiting all nine of these traits or most of them, is at least a little bit attracted to you and it’s just a matter of time before he says how he feels! If that’s the reassurance you need to feel secure enough to shoot your shot, this is a green signal for sure! If you want him to stop, then you also know what needs to be done!