12 Best Ideas to celebrate your Marriage Anniversary

Romantic and Sweet Ideas to celebrate marriage anniversary

By Evelyn
12 Best Ideas to celebrate your Marriage Anniversary

Celebrating marriage wedding anniversary with husband

How long have you been married? 5 years, 10, 25? Do you remember your wedding? We bet it was beautiful and you and your husband were so happy and excited to start this new chapter of your life together. If your wedding day was so special and important, shouldn't your anniversaries rate in the same category?

We know that sometimes it's difficult to really celebrate an anniversary because you have a million things to do and so little time. But think about this, celebrating your anniversary really shows that your marriage is the #1 thing in both your lives. Besides, isn't it nice to take a little time to reminisce and relive that special day that changed your life forever?

If some years have passed, our memories have passed with them and they may seem colored by our present, so the celebration of your anniversary can help you remember some detail that you had forgotten, and that detail could spark new light into your marriage.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary can also help you create new memories. You and your husband could decide to celebrate it by going down memory lane, maybe you'll go to the places where you shared special moments, for example, where you had your first kiss, or where he proposed. Just by doing that you're creating new memories, that will nurture your love. Those treasured moments are something you can lean on when things get tough.

So celebrating your wedding anniversary with your husband should be about reminiscing, that's not just about honoring the past, it's about your present too. "Look how far we've come together and how good we are!" And that is how you inspired yourselves to anticipate a great future, more years together, making more memories.

A wedding anniversary can also be a time to reflect and inspect. Is your marriage growing? Ask yourselves questions like this, "What did we do this past year that was good? "Should we change something? "What can we do to make things better?"

And don't forget to include the family, celebrating a wedding anniversary alone with your husband is a must but if you have children make time to celebrate with them too.

Creative and Romantic ways to celebrate your wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries come and go so fast that sometimes you barely have time to say "Happy Anniversary!" to each other and consider that your celebration. It's nice that you both remembered it but since a wedding anniversary is a milestone it would be nice if you do something special to commemorate it.

It's hard to come up with ideas and sometimes work and finances get in the way of your plans but there are some creative and romantic ideas that can help you make celebrating your wedding anniversary with your husband special.

Let's take a look at some of them, maybe you'll get inspired.

1. Plan a weekend getaway

There are so many cool and beautiful places to go for a wedding anniversary and you and your husband may have a bucket list of places you want to go. You can pick one and start making plans to go there on your next wedding anniversary, but for this one how about a weekend getaway?

Is there some special place nearby that you can visit for a couple of days? Maybe a cozy B&B or a place on the beach or a couples spa? The possibilities could be endless if you really want to get away. Choose a place and pack your things, the goal here is to spend a couple of days together outside of your routine so you can reconnect and celebrate your time together.

2. Learn something new together

Is there something that you both would like to learn together? Maybe you both enjoy a good dose of adrenaline and for a while, you have wanted to try something exciting like rock climbing. Find a class or a course where you can learn how to do that as a couple. 

If rock climbing is out of your comfort zone, then try something more mellow like a cooking class, there's something cozy and romantic about cooking together. Enroll yourselves in a cooking class, that time you'll be spending cooking together will be priceless.

3. Create a memento of the day

Since your anniversary is a very important day, why don't you create a physical memory of it? This is the perfect way to celebrate it and then you'll have a memento that will remind you forever. Put your heads together and come up with an idea of what to do. 

We can give you some options. For example, you can hire a professional photographer and do a photo shoot of the two of you. You can choose to do it inside and do a lot of posed pictures (movie star style) or you can choose to do it outside in a special location.

You can also get crafty and do a piece of furniture, like a bench to sit outside and relax where you can carve your names wink (that sounds very romantic). Or you can keep it simple and do a scrapbook with memories and photos of the last year. Any way you go, you'll have something physical to remember that special day.

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4. Go down memory lane

Remembering why you fell in love with your husband and he with you is a very romantic way of celebrating your wedding anniversary. so how about going back in time and do some reminiscing? You can try to recreate your first date. What did the two of you did on that first date? Maybe it was very low key, you know, dinner at a fast food chain and a movie later? It would be great if the same places are still available, but if they're not find something similar and go there.

5. Spice it up trying something new

Experiencing new things together is a great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Is there someplace near that you always wanted to visit? Now would be a good time to do it. You can go to that restaurant that everyone is talking about, you wanted to go but haven't had the chance to. Go ahead, do the reservation and go dine there on your wedding anniversary.

6. Exchange meaningful gifts

It doesn't have to be expensive but it has to come from the heart. It can be as simple as a handwritten note or a framed photo of a special moment you two shared. Or a memento of that vacation you took some years ago, something you'll both cherish. Sometimes the little things are the ones that really make a statement. 

How to celebrate marriage anniversary on a budget

Some couples (and maybe that's you) want to celebrate their wedding anniversary but things are a little tight right now regarding money. There's not much of it to spend on a lavish celebration or gift. That doesn't mean you can't have a memorable celebration to commemorate the day you both said Yes!

So, how can you celebrate your marriage anniversary on a budget? We'll give you some ideas. 

7. Go out for coffee or for breakfast

Any of these two options will cost less than a fancy dinner and it can be as romantic as one. If you both love coffee, choose a cozy coffee place where you can enjoy a cup of joe and each other's company. For the breakfast option, maybe check out some local B&B, some with a lot of charm. wink

8. Send him on a fun and romantic scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun. You can do it in your own town including your favorite places (as a couple) and in each one, you can leave a clue accompanied by little love note (just to add the romantic touch). You can send him on a scavenger hunt through various towns too, more possibilities to make it fun. Give him a map and send him on.

9. Midnight picnic under the stars

It doesn't have to be at midnight but there have to be stars.smiley Put some cheeses and crackers together and a bottle of wine and leave him an invitation to join you outside for a picnic. Eating while stargazing is a very romantic and frugal way of spending your wedding anniversary. Hopefully, the skies will contribute and give you a clear night. 

10. Movie and snacks at home

Thanks to "On Demand", now you can watch your favorite movie at home. So browse on Netflix or Amazon or the one you prefer and sit on the couch with your guy to watch the movie. You can compromise and watch something you both like. Prepare in advance some snacks (something besides popcorn) and get yourself ready to have a nice, quiet and romantic movie date night with your hubby.

11. Serve him breakfast in bed

Surprise him with his favorite food in bed. That's always a hit. Ask him what he would like to eat the next day but instead of serving it on the table or in the kitchen, take it to him in bed. You can look on the internet for some bed printables for him, this detail will make it more special. 

12. Read a book to each other

If you two are book lovers, then reading each other your favorite one out loud would be a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. You can read it in bed while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee or you can sit outside, get comfy and read it there.  

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Your wedding anniversary is as important as the day you said yes and married your husband. It's the best way to commemorate that special day and to reminisce on all the things that you have been through as a couple, all that has made you get where you are now.

Make time to celebrate it, you now have lots of ideas to suit you and your wallet, and you have your ingenuity. We're sure if you put your heads together you'll come up with something very special to celebrate your wedding anniversary.