10 Date Ideas for 1 Year Anniversary You’ve Never Thought of

Never run out of ideas to celebrate your 1 Year Anniversary

By Anastasia K
10 Date Ideas for 1 Year Anniversary You’ve Never Thought of

Romantic date ideas for 1 Year Anniversary celebration for him

As your first dating or marriage anniversary nears, besides the excitement of celebrating one year of love, you may experience nervousness and anxiety over how to make it special. Coming up with creative ideas may prove futile, exhausting and sometimes cost you a fortune. Yet, you definitely do not want to be a boring girlfriend or come up with lame ideas.

Love is a wonderful thing especially when you are with someone who understands you and shares your perspective of view in life. Now, sharing that love for a year is something special and deserves commemoration.

In this case, in order for your relationship to grow more intimate and loving, show him that you appreciate him and your relationship by celebrating your anniversary with brilliant ideas that will wow him and at the same time not run you dry of your bank account.

Here are some simple, fun and romantic ideas you’ve never thought of using, that will make him happier and, feel loved and special on your first dating or marriage anniversary.

1. Amaze him with your cooking skills

While both your schedules are often busy, you may often rely on take-out meals or going out for dinner. However, since your first anniversary is a special event, this is the time to surprise him with your cooking expertise. You can do that by getting out of work early and coming home to prepare him something he loves and make it a date at home.

Also, if cooking is not your thing, you can opt to take cooking classes and then amaze him on the day of your anniversary with your newest skill. Most men love home-cooked meals and using this idea will not only surprise but make him want you more.

So, rather than opting for take-out or putting together a couple of sandwiches, spice up your dinner and relationship with your kitchen skills.

2. Plan a date to explore his favorite culture

Maybe he wants to go to the museum or theater, watch an opera or a dance by his favorite band but he barely has time for that. Now is the time to be his genie and make his wishes come true.

You can book a special box at the dance show or opera or save a special spot in the theater just to make him happier. You could also enjoy yourself and probably discover your love for certain cultures that he likes too.

Showing him that you put his interests first on your first anniversary will strengthen your relationship with him while giving you a great time during the date.

3. Buy sexy lingerie and try new and fun things in the bedroom

Of course, this special day will call for some bedroom mischief when you come together to celebrate it. In this case, book a fancy room in a fancy hotel or bring the fanciness home. Then, take up the flirtatious role and wear sexy lingerie that will have him drooling when he sees you.

With that same confidence, tease him while trying new stuff you haven’t done before or in a long time. Include some toys, new positions, and moves that will add a new flame while eliminating monotony in your bedroom affair.

As you turn from sweet and shy to hot and sexy, it will make the both of you have so much fun while increasing your desire for each other.

4. Plan a trip with no electronics allowed

Are you and your boyfriend or husband the adventurous type? Maybe you even met while you both were on a trip. Then your first anniversary is the perfect time to recreate how you met by planning a trip to a place you both want to go and surprising him on the travel day.

Go an extra mile and pack him a bag then take him somewhere he has always wanted to visit or a remote area. Then, leave your devices at home or switch them off when you bring them with you to make it a night about the two of you with no distractions. Then give him a night to remember!

5. Anniversary gift

Last but not least, your anniversary gift will be the epitome of your creative ideas for a special day and night. To help you decide, you can think of something that will make him think about you every time he sees it while having it with him always.

Romantic date ideas for 1 Year Anniversary celebration for her

When it comes to impressing your woman on your first date anniversary, you could be overwhelmed by so many ideas, yet none would seem special enough. Since women are emotional beings, it can be easy and hard to impress her.

Thus, planning your 1 Year Anniversary celebration could have you biting your nails in anxiety wondering whether your surprise will make her happy or upset. However, you do not have to be nervous about that special day with the ideas listed below. Instead, using these creative ideas will leave her mesmerized by your effort and stay completely happy.

6. Switch roles and send her to a spa

If, for the past year you have been together, she does most of the house chores, now is the time to serve her like the queen she is. You can both get a break from work, then start her day by getting her flowers and breakfast (you prepared) in bed. You can even increase the romance by feeding her or massaging her feet as she eats.

Later, send her to a spa and have her relax as you can take up all the housework she does. Cook up a special dinner and create a romantic atmosphere before she comes home. Then land the surprise when she arrives!

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7. Love letters and love messages

Nothing beats the special feeling a woman gets from constantly being reminded by her man that she is special and that he loves her. So, on your anniversary day, why not take it up a notch?

You can write a love message and request her favorite radio station to call her and express your deep loving words to her and thereafter play her favorite song. Also, you can write her a love letter and create a fun game with clues in order for her to find it.

If writing is not your thing, how about singing the words to her? You can enhance the special moment by adding a music instrument to your singing. Thus, take up a music class and learn to play an instrument then surprise her with your learned talent.

8. Karaoke, dancing or comedy?

If you are not a stay-indoors type of couple, then you can take her to a karaoke bar and sing your hearts away. It does not matter whether or not you can sing. Reserve a chance where you can sing together and be children at heart as you laugh at each other’s voices.

If you cannot even sing to save your life, then dancing is your next option. Take her to a place where you both will enjoy the music and dance to your hearts’ desires.

If neither of those two work and you want to incorporate fun into your special night, then you can bring your girlfriend or wife to a comedy club or show and enjoy the jokes.

9. Explore outdoor activities

If you both like outdoor fun, then this is the chance for you and your woman to carry out an outdoor activity. As your goal is to surprise her, have fun and make her happy, then you can choose from hiking, camping, traveling and sight-seeing, biking and much more.

Ensure that you pack any necessary items that you will require during the activity in order to maximize on the fun.

Later, you can come home and enjoy a bath together as you relax and unwind.

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10. Getaway

How about stealing your girl and going on a getaway trip to a far or foreign land? Take up the role of “knight in shining armor” and come to her rescue from a long and tiresome day. Then surprise her with a cruise trip or a stay at her fantasy hotel.


Having a significant other is something special. It is even more special when you stay together and get to celebrate the first anniversary and many others. Such an event spices up your love and sex life while bringing the both of you closer and more intimate than ever.

Thus, using these ideas for your first anniversary will not disappoint. Instead, the results of your effort will be worthwhile and enjoyable for you and your partner. 


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