20 interesting and useful boyfriend birthday gift ideas

Surprise your partner with unique boyfriend birthday gift ideas

By Aey
20 interesting and useful boyfriend birthday gift ideas

If you are in a relationship, whether it’s new or it has been months of dating, getting the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend can be a daunting and challenging task. The pressure is felt more if it’s the first birthday you and your boyfriend are celebrating together as it can set a precedent for future birthdays to come. The birthday gift has to be unique, meaningful, and useful and should also reflect the status of your relationship. For instance, if your relationship is fairly new then it’s better to get a useful gift rather than a sentimental gift for your partner. 

The ideal boyfriend gift

Your boyfriend is one of the most important person in your life. After all, you chose him over all those other men to spend time with, love and cherish and therefore on his birthday getting the best gift should definitely be a priority. While you might be able to find various ideas on the internet on getting the perfect gift for your man, always remember that you know your boyfriend better than most people. You know what he likes or dislikes, wants to buy or is excited about, and his personal preferences better than anyone. The ideal gift will, therefore, be sentimental, useful, plus something he needs or has wanted for a while. 

20 interesting Boyfriend Birthday Gift ideas

Without further ado, here is a list of 20 interesting gift ideas for the love of your life.

Creative DIY gift ideas

1. Hand knitted scarf or mittens

If you are a girl of many talents and love to knit then be sure to knit your man a warm and stylish scarf for his birthday. You can always go for mittens and knit him a pair of cute mittens to keep him warm in cold and windy nights. He is bound to think of you whenever he puts these on. 

2. Date night Jar

Another crafty gift is a date night jar for your mister. Fill up a jar with 100 or more date ideas that would help your boyfriend next time he wants to plan a special night for you and him. Decorate the jar the way you like and add unique ideas to the mix to keep things fun. 

3. A travel frame

If you and your boyfriend are travel junkies and love exploring new places then a picture frame that commemorates your adventures together is sure to pull at his heartstrings. Get one of your favorite travel pictures and outline the frame with all the places you have visited as a couple. 

4. Open when envelopes

A heartwarming gift which is easy to make and will be a way to tell your boyfriend how well you know him are ‘open when envelopes’. Get a bunch of envelopes, decorate them and give him reasons to open the envelopes when he is sad, angry, needs to be cheered up or needs to know how much you love him.   

5. Him and Her mugs

Take your relationship to the next level by getting your man ‘him and her mugs’ with a quirky message such as ‘he loves his coffee strong’ and ‘she loves tea’. The cups will not only be sentimental but will strengthen your bond especially if you are getting serious or are in a long-term relationship. 

Useful gift ideas

6. Engraved pocket knife

If your boyfriend loves the outdoors and is a true adrenaline junkie then a truly romantic gift which he will appreciate and love is an engraved pocket knife. He can take it with him every time he is out for a hike or a climb and it will definitely come in handy.

7. E-cigarette

If your other half is a smoker and has the intention to quit, try gifting e-cigarettes. These days e-cigarettes are all the rage in the market and especially for the younger crowd which enjoys the occasional smoke while being healthy these cigarettes are a hit. With numerous flavors and designs, you can surprise your boyfriend with this cool gadget which he can show off to his friends.

8. Gadgets

Guys love gadgets whether it’s a new phone, a new technology, speakers, headphones, laptops, you name it your boyfriend is bound to be a geek when it comes to technology and high-tech stuff. Explore the market for the newest gadgets and get him something that he is bound to appreciate, use and love for his birthday.

Romantic gift ideas

9. Watch

Watches are always a great gift to give especially if your relationship is getting serious. A nice stylish watch from one of your boyfriends’ favorite brands or just something classy that he will be able to wear every day to work is definitely worth exploring and investing in. You can even engrave a love poem, or each other's initials and make it the only one on earth!

10. Perfume

Smelling good is always a priority for guys especially those in a relationship. Choose your favorite perfume for your boyfriend which not only he will love but also something you would love on him. You can make the gift special by engraving the bottle with his name.

Gift ideas for long distance relationships

11. Visit him

One of the best gifts you can get for your long distance boyfriend is to surprise him and visit him on his birthday. So book yourself a ticket and go. Not only will he feel special and loved, but you can also make his birthday even more fun and unique once you are there.

12. Send cake

Everyone loves cake and everyone deserves a cake on their birthday. Choose your boyfriend's favorite local bakery, order and get delivered a cake at his doorstep to make his birthday special. Throw in a romantic note with an endearing birthday wish to make the experience even better for him.

13. Make a video

In the digital age, everything can be created on your phone and on your laptop. So on this birthday surprise your boyfriend by making a video collage of your favorite moments and memories together. Remind him of your love and add in a little personal message of how much you miss him to make his birthday special.

14. Virtual Party

Surprise your man with a virtual surprise birthday party. Schedule a Skype call with him and surprise him by making it a group call of his closest friends and family members. Cut a cake and sing him a birthday song so it feels like a party. Not only will your boyfriend appreciate the gesture it will definitely show him how much you care.

15. Send balloons

Nothing says happy birthday as balloons do. Surprise your boyfriend by sending him a box full of balloons. Add little personal, love notes with each balloon to make the gift extra special and elevate the birthday experience. If seeing the balloons wasn’t enough he is bound to adore the love notes with them.

Interesting activities as gift ideas

16. Bread and Breakfast

Nothing says romance like a weekend getaway to your favorite bread and breakfast with your man. Plan a getaway with him for his birthday and smother him with love and affection. This will give you guys a chance to bond and connect and will be an unforgettable birthday experience for him.

17. Take him to the movies

Contact your local cinema and book a screen for your man’s birthday. Play his favorite movie and enjoy the experience together. Not only will he love the cinema all to himself he will definitely appreciate the free popcorn, soda, his favorite movie and of course you with him.

18. Theme Park

Theme parks are fun, exciting and a great way to relax and connect with your man. So this birthday drives him to a nearby theme park and goes crazy on the rides. Enjoy little games and win him gifts to make the experience special for him. After all, nothing says party like carnival food.

19. Book his favorite car

Guys love cars and what better way to surprise your boyfriend than to rent out his favorite car for the day. He will love the gesture and will be more than happy to drive you around the city in his fancy vehicle. It’s definitely something he can show off to his friends and will truly be a memorable gift.

20. Do something adventurous

If your boyfriend loves the outdoors and activities packed with adventure then you can take him for one of the activities on his bucket list. Whether its bungee jumping, mountain climbing, paragliding, or parasailing. Get a couples ticket and go on an adventure together.


Finding the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend is never easy but it isn’t that hard either. Be sure to choose something that will not only be sentimental but something he is bound to love. Pay attention to what he likes or gets excited about and get a birthday gift accordingly. You can make a gift on your own, buy something expensive, or make memories doing fun activities together, the choice is yours. Just remember birthdays are special and if your relationship is headed towards the more serious ground then don’t shy from giving him something extra special and unforgettable.


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