Should I Be Flattered Or Be Alarmed If He Wants To Be More Than Friends?

What to do when progressing to be more than friends is too fast

By Sameet
Should I Be Flattered Or Be Alarmed If He Wants To Be More Than Friends?

Did You Both Just Meet And Now You Are Together?

Sometimes you meet someone, spend some time, get along, become friends and after a considerable amount of time, you get close enough to call it a relationship. But one other way is that you meet someone new and within a week or two, you find each other so perfectly that you skip all the stepping stones and just dive into it. If you think you're the latter one, then this article is for you. 

Does this mean there's a problem with being too close too fast? No way. There was a reason for this to happen, maybe you two were in sync with the excitement and energy that moving too slow would've been boring. There is no way you can define or put limitations to love. It is what it is, and totally different for everyone. 

For example, some couples take decades to finally marry each other and still aren't happy, but some take a leap of faith and get together instantly, and yet they stay happy. You can never predict what's fast and what's slow, but if you find yourself pondering over your speed of the relationship, then here's a guide to help you out.

Should I Be Concerned If He Progress Too Fast To Be More Than Friends?

Love itself is pretty scary and amazing at the same time. The initial stages are so overwhelming, your heart's always out of control when you see that person, it's all butterflies and rainbows. BUT, if things are moving way ahead of time, it gets scarier. Even if you and your loved one are totally okay with things leaping along, there are still some reasons why slowing it down might be helpful.

Signs that it's fast

Here are some guidelines to tell you whether he's too eager to be more than friends:

The L Word

You're never supposed to rush saying those three precious words unless you're absolutely sure. If he says that too fast, just within days of seeing you, that's a sign. You might also feel that you're not connected enough or he doesn't know you that well to be in love with you. 

His friends know everything

Guys normally take a fair amount of time to introduce you to their friends or even talk to them about it. This is a very good sign that he likes you that much that he would like you to be a part of his life, but this is also a sign of moving too fast if you barely even talked about his friends or didn't spend that much time with him alone even.

Telling the Parents

Talking to parents and wanting you to meet them is a BIG step. This cannot be taken lightly and definitely not at the beginning of the relationship. How do you know it's too soon? You're way too nervous and confused about this, whereas if you had spent a considerable amount of time with each other, that wouldn't be the case.

Talking about Marriage and Children

Coming from a guy, usually, girls would be pleased to hear the commitment talks. But just meeting someone and talking about it, gives you a feeling of having a lot to deal with. These matters are a big deal and you'll have an ample amount of time to tackle them.

14 Ways To Protect Yourself (Physically and Emotionally)

No matter what, you and your happiness come first. Never lose yourself following someone's path. Slowing down a notch won't harm your relationship, but only make it clearer. Here are some tips to protect yourself both physically and mentally:


1. Milestones

Every little milestone in a relationship, whether your first kiss or cooking together, holds its importance. If you do it all in one day, where's the charm in that? Each stepping stone teaches you something and if you miss it all out, you might actually never understand your partner at all.

2. Keep it in your pants

Be careful in taking serious decisions about your sex life, even if it seems irresistible, resist it. It's better to wait for the perfect time than regretting it for the rest of your life. After all, more pleasure awaits when you've been patient all that time.

3. Dress up the way YOU like

Often guys like to boss around about the ways you live your life and the way you dress. If you're okay with wearing what he likes, no problem. But if it makes you uncomfortable and he doesn't understand that, it means he doesn't know you that much.

4. Constant texting can be bad

Ever feel like you're always tiring your eyes on that screen, that you forget where you are or what you were supposed to do? People around you start getting annoyed and you miss out on a lot of things like work, studies, your everyday activities, etc.

5. It's okay to say no

Even if you're swooning over him, it's not healthy to accept his every demand and decision. Take a stand for yourself and you'll never lose your dignity. When you say no, you're actually being true to yourself first, it's your right, avail it.

6. Have some Me Time

This is a known fact that people need to spend time with themselves more, doing things that put their minds at ease. It could be short trip, a full spa day, a day out with your gal pals etc. The whole purpose is to relax, so it'll be useless if you keep thinking about relationships. This will give you time to relax and enjoy.

7. The proper body language

Your body language and small reactions to things can mean a lot. You keep laughing at every joke that you don't even find funny, or trying really hard to be exactly the way he wants, even if it means not being comfortable in your own skin. This is not opposite of protecting yourself and basically abandoning yourself.


8. Don't trust too soon

No doubt, a relationship is built on trust, but it's okay to take some time to entirely trust someone. A little wait will only keep you from getting hurt. Make him earn your trust and earn him too.

9. Lower your expectations

 This is the universally accepted rule, to never expect too much. In all other relationships, expectations hurt like hell, but in love, they're even more painful. 

10. Stay connected with your friends

Friends will suffer the most when you get into a relationship. Very few people realize in the first few days, that they're getting so involved in it that they miss out on their friends. So stay connected, even if something bad happens, you still have your support.

11. Give and get space

Space doesn't mean physical distance but giving each other time to reflect. It's absolutely essential to let each other do things they like in their free time and not constantly spying on them or keeping track of every single thing.

12. Monitor yourself and your relationships

If you're just getting worked up and tired in a relationship and too afraid to lose yourself in it, then just talk to your partner. Discuss the progress with them and who knows you two might be on the same page. If not, then it's okay to ask for what you want. If you can't protect yourself, then no one can.

13. Explore your options

There's a big world oit there, confining yoruself to one person or group will only let you down. Expand your imagination and social circle too, think positively about how someone exactly right for you might be out there, who matches your pace and understands you.

14. It's okay to get advice

If you're too confused about something, it's absolutely okay to seek help and advice from family or friends. It's better than suffering from a fast and confusing relationship that leads nowhere.

Should I Continue And Pursue This Relationship Romantically?

It all comes down to you, if you feel the chemistry is right between you two, then go for it. But dragging a relationship is very toxic. Romance is all about the passion and the fire that drives you both towards each other. Too fast, too slow won't matter if you see each other riding down the happy sunset at the end. You should only stop if anything puts you out of your comfort zone, otherwise, it's all good.

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What's the rush anyway? Something as special as love needs to be cherished at every step of the way, every moment should be enjoyed to the fullest before moving to the next. So take a deep breath, take everything in perspective, then decide.