10 Weirdest Sexual Fetishes That Are Mind Blowing

Top 10 sexual fetishes downright weird that some are attracted to

By Fred S.
10 Weirdest Sexual Fetishes That Are Mind Blowing

Defining Fetishes

The word fetish is derived from the Portuguese word ‘fetico’, which translates to “obsessive fascination.” In psychology, the technical term for referring to fetish is ‘paraphilia’, signifying an unorthodox sexual attraction in an act, body part, object, or sensation. To this day, over 500 separate fetishes, or paraphilias have been discovered in people. There definitely could be many, many more.  

The University of Bologna, Italy, conducted a study in regard to sexual fetishes. According to the study, most common fetishes involve parts of the body that are considered not to be sexual. A foot fetish is quite common, almost everyone knows about it these days, and it’s an example of this. As a matter of fact, you’d be surprised to know that nearly half of all paraphilias are foot fetishes, in different variations. In the second place, there are fetishes involving accessories like gloves, stockings, leather boots, etc. We’ve discussed ten of these 500+ fetishes in this article, keep reading to find out what they’re all about.  

1. Diaper Bondage

In this form of submissive bondage, role-play activities include adults regressing to being in an infant-like state. Typically, the person exercising this fetish will put on a diaper and act like an infant, or a toddler. They seek care and nurturing from their partner in this role-play. In psychological terms, diaper bondage is also termed as paraphilic infantilism, psychosexual infantilism, autonepiophilia, or simply ‘adult baby syndrome’.  

2. Sleeping Sex

This sexual fetish is actually classified as a sleep disorder. It causes a person to desire sexual activity or stimulation during their sleep. This sleep disorder is called ‘sexsomnia’ and it’s relatively rare to be found. Both genders, male and female may start sleep sex. However, most cases of this particular fetish involve men initiating it.  

3. Cuckoldry / Cuckolding

Cuckolding is another weird fetish in which a person gets sexually aroused by watching their partner engage in sex with another person. This would naturally incite a feeling of rejection or humiliation in the person watching. But these feelings surprisingly don’t make the fetishist upset, but rather they can be associated as part of the attraction in this cuckoldry sexual fetish.  

4. Omorashi

In short, many people refer to this fetish as ‘omo’. It falls in the category of urolagnia sexual fetishes, all of which relate to pee in one way or the other. Omo fetishists generally experience sexual arousal as a result of having a full bladder and wetting themselves. They also get aroused by seeing their partner wet themselves. “Bladder desperation” and “panty wetting fetish” are some other phrases that describe Omorashi. The word Omorashi itself is from Japanese origins, meaning ‘to wet oneself’.  

5. Spanking Art (Spankophilia)

There are many people who enjoy a bit of spanking in the bedroom every now and then. This introduced as ‘Spankophilia’ to the world, which includes getting aroused by spanking your partner or getting spanked by them. It’s encapsulated by the BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, masochism) universe. This particular fetish of Spankophilia gained a lot of traction with the Fifty Shades film series. Where several displays of spanking and other BDSM activities are displayed in abundance.  

6. Sensation Play

Sensation play is an erotic sexual fetish that strictly gives priority to physical feelings. This goes in contrast with several other sexual or erotic play forms that revolve around power exchanges and other mind games, such as submission, domination, etc. In sensation play, the physicality of eroticism comes first. It focuses on the actual physical sensations that feel amazing on the skin, and fetishists experience arousal resulting from these. Examples include ice cubes, silk cloth, massage oils, etc. These are applied and used in a controlled way to trigger the release of endorphins that deal with feelings of pleasure. There may be pain involved in some activities, such as using candle wax or ice cubes, it’s a cause of sexual satisfaction for a fetishist.  

7. Daddy Domination Kink

The female, who usually plays the submissive role in this simple sexual fetish, refers to her dominant counterpart as ‘daddy’. This gives it the name of ‘daddy kink’, which has actually grown to be quite common with a few features here and there on mainstream media.  

8. My Little Pony Fetish

Fetishists associate this classic children's cartoon program with sex. Men who are adult fans of this show are informally called ‘bronies’, and a portion of this community has grown to strongly fetishize it. This has occurred to an extent that there’s actual porn being produced and streamed that’s related to these My Little Pony series. These have roleplay sequences that are based on this show.  

9. Looners / A Fetish of Balloons

Looners are people who have a fetish with balloons. This, weirdly enough, means that they somehow find them attractive in a sexual way. People having this fetish look for ways to include balloons into their sex lives. Some of them get off on watching their partner sit on a balloon and pop it, while others look for creative ways to actually have sex with balloons themselves. It’s a strange world out there, that’s for sure. 

10. A Fetish for Hands (Quorofilia)

Quorofilic people, i.e. individuals who experience a fetish for hands, are sexually attracted to hands, or specific parts of the hand. It could be fingers, nails, palm or just the sight of a hand itself. Some are also sexually aroused by watching the hands perform actions, whether the actions are sexual or non-sexual.  

Why Do People Have or Develop Sexual Fetishes?

After reading through all of these alarming forms of sexual inclinations that some people possess, it’s understandable to have just one simple question in your head; why? Why and do people get into these Weird and strange fetishes? This section of the article is meant to answer this query in particular, through biological, evolutionary and psychological standpoints.  

Any sexual fetish could arise from one or more places. This wide spectrum of source possibilities for a fetish explains why we see these sexual inclinations in such diversity all around the globe. Here are a few reasons that could possibly chip in to develop a sexual fetish in a person.  

1. Imprinted Memories

As the youth develops sexually, it may naturally latch onto any idea that lightens up the memory of some of their earliest sexual experiences. 

“If an object was pleasant or salient to early sexual experience, we may associate that object with sex, and the use of it continues on with sexual behavior. Every sexual experience is generally physical and psychological. As we learn to associate an object or experience with arousal, the two become tied together, so ultimately, we develop fetishes through experience.” Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D., Sexuality Counselor since 2001. 

This means that a certain for objects, sensations, or even scents could incite extraordinary feelings of sexual arousal just because of its link to an early sexual experience that we’ve had. For example, a boy uses a specific type of lavender-scented lotion to engage in masturbation for the first time; he may end up developing a fetish for the scent of lavender itself.  

2. Diversity in people

There's a viable argument that there exists a variety of sexual fetishes due to the huge amount of diversity in people. What makes some fetishes to be perceived as weird or strange is the association of ‘non-sexual’ objects or acts towards gaining sexual arousal from them. But what is ‘sexual’ or ‘non-sexual’ is subjective, and this varies from person to person. While a majority of people may find a certain object to be non-sexual, a small group may perceive it to be sexual. Hence, the sexual inclinations of that small diverse group are termed as a ‘fetish’, when it might just be a matter of personal preferences.  

3. Associated Qualities

This one is pretty simple to understand. Sometimes, people develop fetishes for non-sexual objects that may actually associate to a quality that’s ‘sexy’ in their mind. For example, numerous people find intelligence to be sexy. In this way, a sapiosexual person may develop a fetish for glasses as they are directly associated with intellect and smartness.  

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Most of us enjoy some sort of kinky activity during sex or have predilection for a specific thing. So, what exactly separates us from a fetishist? A serious fetishist technically cannot be able to climax without the presence of his/her fetish. For example, you may enjoy involving bondage, roleplay or biting as fun options during sex with your partner; this doesn’t mean you’re a fetishist for these things. Some examples of actual fetishes could be; needing or wanting to wear diapers, to get a spanking, to be restrained through ropes, or to kiss/lick a girl’s foot. In this article, we’ve discussed ten of the most surprising and taboo sexual fetishes that some people are actually into!