20 Romantic & Kinky Things To Try In Bed With Your Partner

There are those nights when a boyfriend and a girlfriend try new things in bed; it may be romantic, naughty, kinky, or even a little crazy. Let's have some fun.

By MJ Faublas
20 Romantic & Kinky Things To Try In Bed With Your Partner

Love, Look What You've Done

Regardless of the type of girl (or guy) you are, there was a point in your life that you'd decided relationships weren't for you and love was only for those who'd never been comfortable alone. Well, that was until you met your partner. He (or she) swept you off your feet. He (or she) made you feel as if you'd never lived before meeting them, and your first breath had been taken when you met him (or her). And then one day it hit you and you realized one of the most dominating events that happen to everyone involved in relationships.... You're in love and love has you in such a grip that every waking moment's thoughts involve this individual. So what do you do? Things have become more intense in the bedroom and suddenly they've stopped. But one thing you were not ready for is the death of your bedroom sizzle. Now, you're busy searching for ways to bring back those days when love was plenty and the bedroom was steamy. Well, before we get into the list that may change your relationship for the better, let's get to know one another.

Finding Your Partner's Preference

When you first met your partner, no words were shared regarding who they were and what they preferred in the bedroom. The game of "50 questions" mostly surrounded subjects such as favorite colors, places to visit, food, etc. In other words, the conversation was kept "PG" and now that you've been with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) for some time now, you've come to realize this person shares many similar bedroom interests as yourself and you'd like to get a little kinky. But you might feel embarrassed to bring the conversation to fruition. But fear nothing, as making your bedroom steamy and hot is what this is all about. Before you can steam up your bedroom, there are some key events that must take place:

Try The Talk

Be it face-to-face, over text messages, or over the phone, you must have that steamy conversation with your girlfriend (or boyfriend). The initial conversation is to make him (or her) comfortable with the subject matter plaguing your mind. For example, you might want to enter the world of role-playing in the bedroom and can't figure out how to bring it about. Well, the talk can include conversations about "cosplay". If your man (or woman) is into cosplay, bringing up role-playing and dressing up will be an easy task. In other words, try to find similarities in what you'd like to discuss with your everyday life. Another example is if you'd like to incorporate spanking in the bedroom to heat things up. The talk could include conversations with your boyfriend regarding the use of toys in the bedroom. The talk can become as romantic or as crazy as you'd like. The point is to keep in mind that you're in control of the conversation and the goal is to get your boyfriend (or girlfriend) to try these interesting things that you want to bring into the bedroom.

Try An Agreement

Once you've shared words regarding what is to be included in your new bedroom fun, there must be an agreement between you two before things get crazy, kinky, or naughty. The worst thing to experience is the misunderstanding of what is allowed and disallowed in the bedroom. Such a problem between you and your boyfriend (or girlfriend) could ruin all the good times you've been planning. So before you start anything, after that special talk with your boyfriend (or girlfriend), sit down together and make mutual agreement on what is allowed as you both explore new adventures in your relationship.

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Try Restrictions (Limitations)

Now with each agreement, there will come a few restrictions. Such restrictions could be nights that you're allowed to not participate in bedroom fun. There could also be limitations on how far you can push one another when participating in your naughty games. Regardless of what they are; make sure both of you understand the limitations or restrictions involved in the new fun you're about to embrace.

Bedroom Fun by Personality Type

Now that you've talked, agreed, and created limitations and restrictions with your boyfriend (or girlfriend), you might be thinking let's get to the fun already. But wait, there is one more important factor to the fun. You must get to know what type of man (or woman) you're involved with. This is pertinent and relevant to the future of your kinkiness. For example, depending on the type of girlfriend (or boyfriend) that you have, dictates the type of bedroom fun they will participate in. You don't want to play dominatrix with a girlfriend (or boyfriend) who has discomforts and only wants to have innocent fun. You also don't want to get kinky and crazy with a boyfriend (or girlfriend) who only wants to get romantic in the bedroom. Be sure to pay attention during the talk, agreement, and limitations parts of this new endeavor to understand what kind of fun your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is really into. And if all else fails, just take a personality test together; this will make it more fun and easier to decide your next steps to try. Personality tests have been proven to be inviting in relationships. Personality tests will reveal parts of your girlfriend or boyfriend's intimate side that would otherwise not be open to you. So yes, a personality test to help with bedroom sizzle could be just what the doctor ordered. But first, read below, you may find your partner in one of these descriptions and most importantly, you could skip the hard work of actually convincing your partner to complete a personality test.


These individuals will use sex as a way of self-expression and bring happiness and excitement into the bedroom. For them, sex is not just about the love, or passion, but about self-expression and showing their partner that they have a wild side though it may seem tame at times. For many fitting under the "fun" category, bringing in certain foods, games, or toys into the bedroom are key to keeping things pleasurable, but not too crazy. These individuals will try most new things as long as they don't feel as if they are being pushed beyond their comfort zones, so keep the kinky and naughty fun to a low.

Adventurer: ENFP, ESTJ, INTJ, INFP

These individuals see the bedroom as another way to accomplish a goal or bucket list. For them, the bedroom is no different than a mountain to climb or a plane to jump out of. The adrenaline they bring to the bedroom makes new adventures even more fun to engage in. If this is your boyfriend (or girlfriend's) personality type, you are in for a treat as long as you keep the kinky fun a connection between the two of you, the fun will never end.


These individuals are probably perceived as the boring, shy bunch of the bedroom crowd. However, the individuals on this list of personality types usually are one of the most exciting and kinky groups because they require trust to unleash their inner bedroom beasts. If your boyfriend (or girlfriend's) a kinky personality type, it may seem like Fort Knox trying to get him (or her) to open up to you in the bedroom; however, once you realize all you need is to build bedroom trust with this individual, you will find yourself in adult Disney World. Your boyfriend (or girlfriend) will never say no to you. They will always want to try new things in the bedroom night after night.

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The romantic bedroom personality types are the types that most women adore in men. If your boyfriend is the romantic type, he will bring roses, chocolates, and other sweet things into the bedroom. Nights with your beau (or belle) will seem like a honeymoon as they will have you wanting more and more. The romantic types are filled with chivalry and will continue to please any girlfriend (or boyfriend) who wishes to have a specific bedroom adventure.

Wait...Did You Lose the Love (Excitement)

But, before we actually get into the fun, you must discover whether you lost the love or are only in need of some exciting ideas for your bedroom fun. If the love is lost, you will need to take other actions to fulfill your need for steam; however, if the love is strong, there are some fun ideas you could play around with using your boyfriend (or girlfriend).

Ok...Let's Start Having Bedroom Fun

Now that we've established that the love is strong, we can start having fun. Let's begin with date night. Date night can become boring and routine if not done correctly. And before you can try new kinky fun in the bedroom or get crazy with your boyfriend (or girlfriend), you must first have some practice on date night. Date night should be sporadic and each date night should introduce some new adventure. For example, on one date night, you could slide your boyfriend your panties, while getting more naughty as each date night comes. The less you give, the more he'll want, so save the best for last. And on that night, introduce your boyfriend to one of these fun bedroom adventures.

Fun Facts about Relationships

Relationships are borrowed time spent with another human being in order to not be alone. Instead of spending that time being bored, trying new bedroom fun will make that time more memorable and exciting. Relationships that have lasted for decades or generations have only done so through the understanding shared by the individuals involved. So with that being said, the greatest part of any relationship would be exploring one another and making the shared time as fun as possible. What other way to do this then to try new things in bed and to bring each other to your highest sexual points. The overall goal is to keep your partner wanting more.

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10 Romantic Things to Try in the Bedroom

10. Sleep: Getting a good night's rest will prepare you for all the fun you're about to have. 9. Dinner for Two: Wear your sexiest dress with no panties, and while on date night, invite your boyfriend to taste the appetizer. 8. Chocolate Delight: While introducing fun into bedroom nightly fun, try some chocolate and strawberries. Feeding and teasing your boyfriend will make him want you more and most importantly, drive him crazy. 7. Kiss Me: Spend some time kissing and getting to know your boyfriend's face through eye contact. 6. Get Wet: After a long day's work, your boyfriend will most likely hop in the shower. Surprise him by joining him in the shower and get soapy. 5. Talk a Little: Have him describe what kinky, naughty things he wants to do to you. If you agree with him, show him by tugging at his penis or licking a finger while holding eye contact the entire time. 4. Be Vulnerable: Open up to your boyfriend, showing him a new side of you he'd not met before. This will make his connection to you stronger and bring you two closer together. 3. Superman: Be the man she can always run to and feel safe with. Sometimes, girls simply get turned on by knowing that they have someone to depend on and feel safe with. 2. Love on a Beach: After a long night (preferably date night), take a stroll on a dark beach and let your boyfriend have you any way he desires. 1. Talk: One of the most romantic gestures is simply getting to know one another better. This creates stimulating conversations and a bond unbreakable by anything.

10 Kinky Things to Try in the Bedroom

10. Blindfold: Normal bedroom fun get's a little more exciting when blindfolds are involved. You might even gain the courage to get a little crazy or naughty when your boyfriend's eyes aren't on you. 9. Get on Top: Be it reverse pony or any other position you could think of, when you're on top of your boyfriend, he won't know what to do with himself. 8. Spank Me: You've been naughty and need to be punished. The kinky and most crazy punishments work the best. 7. New Position: You've become pros at 69; but have you ever tried 77. Don't laugh, it's real. Just look at the numbers and try to position your bodies (77) and you will be shocked at the pleasure you get. 6. New Kinky Places: Sometimes his (or her) stimulating zone is not simple to find. Make a game out of finding your boyfriend's most sensitive zones. 5. Tie Me Up: Get into the 50 Shades of Your Bedroom and introduce some role play. This will drive your partner crazy and bring some naughty fun into your bedroom. 4. Tease: Regardless whose involved, a simple feather will bring you to your knees. Make him (or her) beg for mercy with the use of a feather or whip if you're into it. 3. Invite Another: Two is company, but three have more fun. If it's something you wouldn't mind, invite another into your bedroom for more kinky, naughty fun. 2. Dance for You: Either you or your boyfriend can become the working girl (or boy) for the night. Earn as many dollars ($$$) as you can. 1. Masturbate: If he does it, you're not too excited; however, if you do it...that drives him wild. So you choose, with or without a toy, let your hair down, and let loose.

So....Are You Ready?

Now that you have an idea of who your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is, you've had the talk regarding what the next steps are in the bedroom and what you'd like to try. You now have everything you need to bring all the heat back into your bedroom. Your boyfriend (or girlfriend) will not know what to do once you introduce these crazy, kinky, naughty bedroom fun things to try. And if you are the romantic type, getting to know your boyfriend (or girlfriend) on a higher level could be a remedy to your bedroom needs. No matter the decision you make, your bedroom is bound to become your new favorite room in the house.

One Last Thing

When introducing these new things to try in the bedroom, don't forget to be vulnerable at times. Being vulnerable allows your boyfriend (or girlfriend) the ability to open up to you and share new aspects of themselves to you. But while being vulnerable, also, take control every now and then. Taking control makes your boyfriend more excited to try new things. The more control you have, the less he has to work and the more he'll want you. And finally, never fall into a routine. Routines are predictable and boring. If you fall into a routine, you are bound to end up looking for newer ways to bring more excitement into your relationship. This will cripple all of the enhancements that you've added to your relationship. Good luck and may your bedroom be filled with all the craziness, kinkiness, and naughtiness you desire.