30 Must-Do Activities & Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List

The best summer bucket list ideas for ultimate vacation fun in the sun for families, adults, friends, and everyone in between.

By Sharon S.
30 Must-Do Activities & Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List

The Perfect Summer Bucket List

    It's almost summer! The days and night are longer, warmer, and filled with endless possibilities, as school ends, vacation begins, and you have more free time than you know what to do with. So, now what?

As a parent, you have definintely heard the refrain "I'm bored!" more times than you can count from your teenage kids or young children. Even as adults, summer can bring on the tedium of having to fill days upon days with activities; relaxing and laying about the house can only go so far. Sure, we may still have jobs or classes that need attending to, however there's copious amounts of free time to fill, wonderful weather and outdoor activities to enjoy during the summer.

Don't let the extended daylight hours slip by. Whether you are college students, couples, part of a pair of best friends, or anyone who enjoys getting out and having fun in the sun, check out our summer bucket list - filled with a variety of activity and ideas you are sure to find something to do.

Why not try out something new and exciting? A bucketlist is comprised of all the things youve never done before and want to accomplish for any given period of time. Summer is short - pack in as much fun as you can! Anything can be included on a bucket list - travel, food, day trips, or activities. It's up to you to decide!


Summer Bucket List Ideas for Adults

As an adult no one can tell you what to do ( ideally speaking!) so this summer, why not...

1) Eat ice cream for breakfast ( and lunch. and dinner)
2) Enjoy music at a local fair
3) Go on a roadtrip - no destination, just drive!
4) Rent a kayak or canoe and go paddling with friends
5) Skinny dip in a lake
6) Go for a night swim
7) Dance the night away with other couples
8) Get some reading done on that pile of books
9) Watch a movie outdoors
10) Host a weekly brunch or tea
11) Have an adults only BBQ
12) Have an adults only game night - no holds barred!
13) Wear a sundress everyday
14) Get a pedicure with a really bright color
15) Go for a hike
16) Visit a botanical garden
17) Bike everywhere you possibly can
18) Take a pottery class or follw another creative whim
19) Visit an art museum
20) Go to a wine tasting at a vineyard
21) Shop the outlets
22) Take a weekend trip alone
23) Be a tourist in the city you live in
24) Indugle in a spa day with the works
25) Shop local!
26) Use fresh produce from a farmers marktet to make your meals
27) Watch the sunrise
28) Check out a street festival or two and learn about a new culture
29) Try out new cuisines
30) Get a tattoo


Summer Bucket List Ideas for Families

Stop the chorus of "I'm bored" right in its tracks and make some of the best family memories this summer. Even your teenage kids can't resist. 

1) Go on a beach trip
2) Collect seashells
3) Build sandcastles
4) Have an indoor campout
5) Host "summer games" with prizes in your yard
6) Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
7) Make homemade pizzas
8) Make s'mores
9) Catch fireflies
10) Make root beer floats
11) Make your own popsicles
12) Have a water ballon fight
13) Have a fmaily slumber party
14) Go to a carnvial or adventure park
15) Visit a water park and go on every slide
16) Go to a baseball game
17) Go fishing
18) Stay up past midnight
19) Go to an arcade on a really hot day
20) Play night time hide & seek
21) Take a day trip
22) Unplug for the day
23) Tell ghost stories
24) Attend a family painitng class and go home with a finished piece
25) Climb to the top of a lighthouse
26) Go dolphin watching
27) Build  a campfire
28) Go camping
29) Ride all the rollercoasters in an amusement park
30) Have a picnic in the park

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Maybe you are in a long term relationship. Maybe you are new to dating. Whatever your status, enjoy couple - hood and heat up this summer with some fresh ideas.

1) Go horseback riding
2) Kiss or dance in the rain
3) Visit a bed and breakfast for the weekend
4) Pretned to house hunt and go to open houses ( free cookies!)
5) Kiss on top of a ferris wheel
6) Take a bubble bath together
7) Go on a champagne and chocolates picnic
8) Visit a waterfall
9) Go on a romantic getaway in the middle of the week
10) Rent a hotel room for the night and play tourist
11) Enjoy breakfast in bed
12) Go on a dinner cruise
13) Take an art class together
14) Create a scrapbook of selfies from wherever you go
15) Get matching tattoos
16) Take a hot air balloon ride
17) Take a dance class
18) Take a couple only cookng class
19) Grab a blanket and go to free outdoor concerts
20) Take a home brewing course
21) Watch fireworks
22) Go to a poettry reading
23) See a play outdoors
24) Go on at least one official date night a month
25) Dig out a telescope and stargaze
26) Get couples massages
27) Spend the entire day in bed
28) Cuddle under a blanket on the beach
29) Share an ice cream float
30) Fly kites together

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Best Friends

"People let me tell you 'bout my best friends"...Your bestie is always down for an adventure right? There is nothing like getting your friends together for the ultimate in summer fun. Someday you'll look back on your shenanigans and talk about the good old days.

1) Spend the whole day shopping
2) Give each other makeovers
3) Get matching mani - pedis 
4) Go on a road trip
5) Take fashion risks
6) Make a time capsule
7) Try out a new craft
8) Go to a trivia night
9) Visit a tea room and be fancy
10) Volunteer together
11) Take funny photo booth pictures
12) Play boardwalk games for silly prizes
13) Go to an old-time photo place
14) Take yoga together
15) Go to a music festival
16) Brunch on the weekends
17) Create your own dance routine
18) Lay about in the pool or yard all day
19) Rent a beach cabana
20) Netflix all the shows you've been meaning to watch
21) Join a book club
22) Go berry picking
23) Paint outside
24) Visit a bar for happy hour
25) Go thrifitng or antiquing
26) Dine out on the patio of a beach restaurant
27) Spend the afternoon gossiping at a coffee house
28) Attend a poetry reading
29) Go to the opening of a new art exhibit
30) Play Truth or Dare

Summer Bucket List Ideas College Students

College is that weird time between being a kid and being a grownup - maybe you're still techincally in your teenage years as well, and as students, may not be interning or job hunting just yet. Before heading back to college in the fall, enjoy one of your last summers relatively free from real world responsibilites.

1) Have a photo shoot with your friends
2) Go camping
3) Jump in a pool filled with jello
4) Play Twister - with paint
5) Use a slip n' slide - with paint ( see a trend?)
6) Go skydiving
7) Try ziplining
8) Scope out local or nearby festivals
9) Go to a con - music, comic, sci fi
10) Rent a beach house
11) Spend the night out on the sand
12) Take an extended road trip
13) Go to a midnight movie premiere
14) Thrift shop for your first apartment
15) Join a hot yoga studio
16) Take a dance class
17) Run a 5k
18) Spend the day at a waterpark
19) Tie dye some clothes
20) Bike ride more
21) Particpate in a tough mudder run
22) Water tube down a river
23) Reunite with grade school friends
24) Try journaling
25) Bake cupcakes
26) Volunteer your time to an important cause
27) Learn to make jam or preserves
28) Take a sewing class
29) Learn to make your own soaps or bath products
30) Host an end of summer bash

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teenage Fun

Stay busy this summer and keep the boredom away with our list of fun ideas that include more than playing video games.

1) Play laser tag
2) Visit an escape room and solve a mystery
3) Play paint ball
4) Learn to code
5) Mow lawns or be a dogwalker to earn extra cash
6) Babysit and give your parents or neighbors a break
7) Be a camp counselor
8) Volunteer at the libarry for their summer reading program
9) Volunteer at an animal shelter
10) Really, volunteer anywhere!
11) Watch some classic movies ( yes, that means in black and white)
12) Read a classic novel or two ouside of what you are required to for school
13) Reinvent old clothing into something new and fresh
14) Take some kind of class and learn a new skill - sewing, ceramics, painting, whatever!
15) Go on a bike ride at least once a day
16) Visit the beach but don't forget your sunscreen
17) Cultivate a garden in your yard
18) Clean out your closet and donate clothes you don't wear anymore
19) Or, clean out your closet and host a yard sale
20) Spend the day barefoot
21) Try a new hairstyle or color (ask permission)
22) Create a summer playlist
23) Redcorate your room
24) Make a summer scrapbook
25) Be nice to your sibling all day
26) Go roller skating
27) Write a letter to yourself to open in ten years
28) Learn to cook basic recipes
29) Go hiking
30) Try some fun nail designs


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