All You Will Ever Need to Know About Feather Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrows play a significantly huge role as far as our general look is concerned. And that's exactly where feather eyebrow tattoos come in.

By Auntrone89
All You Will Ever Need to Know About Feather Eyebrow Tattoos

10 facts about feather tattoos for eyebrows

Doing your eyebrows every single day can be a hectic state of affairs. And that’s why getting feather tattoo eyebrows keep looking like the best options with each passing day. In addition to that, the feathering is done in such a way that it makes your set of tattooed eyebrows look like the Real McCoy especially if done by a skilled tattooist.

But before you decide on getting the feather piece tattooed on your face, there are some things you’ll first of all need to take into consideration. For instance, you’ll be required to find the best and most experienced tattoo artist to work on your feather tattoos.

You don’t need anyone to remind you how sensitive your face is because that’s the fact that all of us happen to know – and do so quite intimately. And so, I repeat, if you need anyone to tattoo your face, let alone your feather eyebrows, then it has to be someone who is not only experienced but also incredibly gifted at the art.

1. Getting used to your new eyebrows will take time

In as much as your tattooed eyebrows will look breathtakingly beautiful, it might take you a while before you get used to them. This is simply because you’re already used to having hair for eyebrows at all times. Therefore, the first few weeks without your new set of eyebrows will feel a tad bit weird since the little hair follicles right above your face will be missing without actually missing – pun intended.

But with time, everything will get back to normal, and that’s when you’ll fall in love with your brand-new look. And to increase the chances of you falling in love with your new set of eyebrows especially after the “period of feeling weird,” then you’ll have to find someone who’s not only good but has a ton of experience working on microblade feather eyebrows.

You and your eyebrow guru of choice should then have a sit-down and have him/her walk you down the entire process. This “orientation of sorts” should give you the opportunity to know if you truly want to undergo the procedure or not. And if you choose to do it, then you’ll be presented with a plethora of angel feather designs to choose from.

2. Feather tattoos for eyebrows aren’t for everyone

Before you go under the proverbial blade, you’ll be required to schedule a consultation with your artist. During this consultation, he or she will examine your facial and bone structure to determine if you need the tattoo or not. If you do, then you’ll be presented with designs of different kinds of feather tattoos for eyebrows which will include the faded design among many others.

It’s also during the consultation process that you’re supposed to make your mind up about going through with the procedure. And if you change your mind, then it’s all good. Beautiful as feather tattoos for eyebrows may seem, they just aren’t meant for everyone. You don’t need eyebrow tattoos to look awesome so don’t sweat it if you don’t have one.

3. Tattooed eyebrows look different

Whether you’re looking to have the cute angel dove eyebrows or the simple, Kim Kardashian-type eyebrows, you’ll think first of all have to come to terms with the fact that the same designs will always look different on two people. And the reason for this particular outcome is perfectly simple – we all have different facial bone structures.

That aside, feel free to pick from a plethora of dyes or depths for your new eyebrows – all depending on your personal preferences of course. And if you find yourself spoilt for choice, then don’t hesitate to ask your tattoo artist for advice.

4. Your new brow tattoos will itch for a bit

Once you’ve received your cute feathering eyebrow tattoo, you’ll experience a short period of itching which is a normal part of your healing process. And as uncomfortable as the itching may feel, you’ll not be expected to scratch since doing so will be the perfect leeway for infectious particles to get into your body.

Infections aside, scratching your eyebrows can also result to your tattooed eyebrows looking a tad bit faded from the intended color. But by resisting the tempting urge to scratch, your eyebrows will end up healing fast and have you flaunting your cute feather microblade eyebrows in no time.

5. Schedule a follow up shortly after the procedure

In as much as retouching your facial tattoo after every single year or so is considered very important, scheduling a follow-up appointment is equally important. Note that your follow up appointment should be scheduled within a month after getting your new set of tattooed eyebrows. The reason for the follow-up appointment is to monitor the healing of your new eyebrows. If they are healing perfectly, then well and good.

If your eyebrows are infected, you’ll receive immediate and proper medical attention which will, in turn, curb the situation from exacerbating. But if you experience unusual swelling or extreme itching soon after the procedure, then you should consider seeing your tattoo artist as soon as you can.

6. Your new eyebrows will need occasional retouching

People will react differently when it comes to microblade eyebrows. While some people will heal fast, others might take a long time to do so. Other times, the first feather tattoo might come off a tad bit faded, or maybe it’s just being done in stages. For whatever reason, you might find yourself having to go back and have your eyebrows microblade for a second or third time.

If this happens, then don’t fight it; do what needs to be done and get over with it. Nine out of ten times it’s your tattooist who will recommend a second or third retouch. Again, if she gives the recommendation, don’t fight it. He or she is the expert and therefore knows what needs to be done.

7. The procedure doesn’t hurt even a little

Because the process involves a sharp blade making several cuts on your facial skin that doesn’t automatically translate it to a painful process. For starters, a strong anesthetic is usually applied on your brow area to ensure that you won’t feel a darn thing.

You’ll only have your feather eyebrow tattooing procedure kick-started only after a 30-60-minute anesthetic procedure that’s intended on completely numbing your eyebrow area. This alone should be enough to take care of any concerns you might harboring about feeling any pain during the procedure.

And if you’re still scared, which is perfectly normal, then how about bringing a pair of headphones to numb the sound made by the blade as it cuts through the skin. Thankfully, the procedure only lasts a couple of minutes meaning you’ll be rocking your beautiful angel dove tattoo eyebrows in no time.

8. Feather tattoo eyebrows are an investment

Working on your eyebrows day in day out can be exhausting. And apart from being plausibly time-consuming, you’ll also be required to constantly purchase the necessary eyebrow-tweaking products which – yes, you guessed right – will cost you money.

But once you’ve had your dove feathering tattoo done perfectly, your morning routine will without a doubt become a tad easier since you’ll always skip directly to the makeup hence saving yourself a lot of time in the process. You also won’t have to spend a ton of money every year purchasing eyebrow-tweaking products to achieve that desirable angel-wing effect on your eyebrows.

9. Take good care of your new feathered eyebrows

You should always be careful neither ignore recommended treatment nor skip any follow-up appointment. This is simply because negligence plays a big part in disrupting the healing process of your freshly done feather tattoo. To avoid such an outcome, you can start by following every piece of advice your tattoo artist gives you including the seemingly trivial ones.

If you do all the above - and do them all correctly - then your eyebrows will not only heal in record time but be on fleek at all times. And when your friends ask what your eyebrow secret is, be nice enough to share with your friends as its always better to shine as a bevy than to shine as an individual.

10. You’ll have to retouch your eyebrows on occasion

As beautiful and permanent as your feather microblade eyebrows might be, you’ll sometimes have to retouch them occasionally as they get faded for some reasons. Meaning if this happens to be your case, then you’ll be required to contact your tattoo artist immediately.

Working with the same artist when it comes to retouching your eyebrows is highly recommend since he or she already knows your facial structure and therefore knows what needs to be done. He or she can also recommend different designs before embarking on the retouching process.


Once you’re over the in-depth soul-searching phase and decided to go for either the dove or the simple feathering tattoos in place of your actual eyebrows, then your next order of business will be finding an experienced tattoo artist to work on your masterpiece.

The reason why you’ll need an immensely gifted tattoo artist working on your eyebrow tattoo is, just like it’s the case with any other tattoo, eyebrow tattoos are here to stay for the rest of your life. Therefore, if you’ve resolved to get one, then you might as well have it done the right way.


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