5 Points to Give Him an Awesome Blowjob! Blow His Mind!

A blowjob in the morning gives more energy than a coffee.

By Michele
5 Points to Give Him an Awesome Blowjob! Blow His Mind!

The concept of oral sex is quite ancient, as we can find details mentioned in Kama Sutra – a primeval Sanskrit manuscript that tells a lot about emotions, sexuality, and eroticism. We, humans, have been enjoying sex for a long time and with the advent of technology, the quality of sexual pleasure has got better.

Oral sex has a lot of things in it; here I am going to discuss 5 Points To Give Him An Awesome Blowjob! Blow His Mind! It has been reported that oral sex helps with improving intimacy, relationship satisfaction and even leads to a better orgasm. So why don’t you spice up your sex life and give your man the best blowjob?

Things to Know Before Giving Him a Blowjob

Everybody is different. And one thing, just forget whatever you see in the porn movies. It would ruin your experience, as not every penis is shaped like an eggplant, and not every other mouth has a perfect movement. So just chill!

Embrace the Body Odor

All of us have a unique odor, which is based on our eating and hygiene practices. But any sort of sweat or unpleasant smell can be avoided by taking a quick shower. Just to keep everything fresh and sexy. In general, men tend to wash properly before physical intimacy, as no one wants to smell or look bad. And if there is any odor left after all the cleansing it's natural and not that strong. Enjoy it!

Everyone Has a Special Taste

Genitals and even semen have a distinct taste, which you can only experience by trying orals. Just like our body odor the taste of our body is based on different factors that are linked with our lifestyle. That is why several sex experts recommend having fruits and vegetables regularly so that you smell and taste nice.

Understand Diversity

Porn has ruined a lot of things for us, as our expectations have gone shooting up. This is not valid. If you are looking forward to giving a blow job, be prepared for the penis to be of any size, shape, and even color. You might even come across a circumcised or uncircumcised penis. Anything is good. Make sure that you stay relaxed and expect good fun. In the same manner, pubic hair also varies. Some men have fine hair, while others have an unruly bush. There is nothing wrong as long as your man is well trimmed and tidy.

What are the 5 Points to Give Him an Awesome Blowjob?

Here, I am going to discuss the best points for giving your man the blowjob of his dreams. Just read them carefully and understand how you need to work your mouth. A little practice will take you a long way and make your man ask for more.

1. Get Comfortable

Before you go down there make sure that both of you are completely relaxed and in a comfortable position. According to a survey it has been found that an average man takes about six to eight minutes to reach orgasm. As you are giving him a blowjob, make sure that you reward him in the right manner so that he can last long.

Place your hands on his thighs or any other support that you have nearby, depending on your position. Don’t change your position every few seconds.  Look into the eyes of your man and see what he wants. Don’t lose eye contact and choose a position that is comfortable and sexy.

For that, you will need to consider the length and curve of the penis so that you can lean accordingly. You can even give him a chance of deep throating you, only if you are okay with it. But let me tell you guys love that.

2. Start Working Up

Just don’t go wild in the beginning. Keep it slow and get in the mood. Always remember that a blowjob needs to be extremely exciting and seductive. Choose foreplay that will excite him. Undress him and kiss his chest and abs go down but slowly and affectionately. Kiss and lick the area around his shaft. Examine his sensitive parts and arouse him.

Gently take a dip at the mushroom and grab his sack. After that, you can slowly hug his penis with your lips and the warmth of your mouth will make him go crazy. Just keep on sucking slowly see your limits. There is no need to gag. Use your saliva to lubricate his penis and start working magically.

Make sure that you wrap your lips and mouth around his penis in a very gentle manner. Apply slight pressure with your mouth while sucking and going up this will make him moan. Adopt a rhythm and after that, you can even tease and explore to see what your partner likes more.

3. Stay Enthusiastic

Get into it. You cannot fake it, as your partner will notice that at once. Be in charge and let him know that you are enjoying every moment of it. Do not lose your momentum. Moaning while sucking, kissing and licking can make your partner feel pleased. It means that you are enjoying it. I will insist again on maintaining eye contact with your man so that he knows you are in the moment. During the blowjob, just for a change, grab his shaft and rub it gently over your breasts or nipples. Make him feel loved.

4. Get Naughty

While giving him a blowjob, you can bring him towards the climax and then switch your attention towards kissing and licking his other body parts. Repeat this several times and your man will go crazy. This act of teasing and repeating gives a powerful orgasm to men. For that, you will need to communicate with your partner properly. Don’t worry; it will take a little time before you guys say it all through your eyes.

5. Finish It Like A Pro

After all that teasing, you need to be sure that his climax remains unforgettable. When you know that he is about to finish, you can change your rhythm and experiment touching, kissing, and licking that makes him go wild. Let him reach the ultimate orgasm and while he is at it, you can slow down your pace and gradually lose your grip around his penis or sack.

While he is cumming his nerves will get extremely sensitive and would not be able to handle all the movement. Within a few seconds just remove your mouth and let him get okay. It depends on you if you want to swallow or let him cum on your face or breasts. As soon as he releases, play with his penis for a few seconds and give him a naughty nod. It is all done.

The above points have been discussed to help you out. There are several different positions, options, and erotic ideas that you can implement during a blowjob. The main thing is to have fun.

What Are The Possible Turnoffs For Men During A Blowjob?

Giving an awesome blowjob is all fun and games. There is nothing difficult about it. All you need to do is take care of these points that I am going to share now. Just to be careful so that your man doesn’t feel off the track at any moment of oral pleasure.  

Never Use Your Teeth

A blowjob needs to be smooth and warm. Some men might prefer light teeth grazing, but after all, it is not so pleasant for the delicate penis skin. Choose a position that will prevent your teeth from touching the penis.  And for that, you will always need to cover your teeth with your tongue. In the same manner, if you wrap or purse your lips around the teeth as you go up and down it would help in creating immense pleasure.

Do Not Gag

Okay, it is natural to gag while giving head, but you will get better with time. For many men, women who gag on their weenie instantly become a turn-off.  You can avoid it by adjusting a decent length inside your mouth that would allow you to move and breathe. Chocking on a penis like crazy isn’t a nice thing. Align your mouth and your throat in the same direction so that you do not experience a gag reflex. Your breathing technique matters a lot. If you choose to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth, it will help in staying relaxed and provide maximum air to your breathing system.

Do Not Feel Disgusted

For several women, semen can be gross or the structure of the penis might not be perfect. But there is no need to feel disgusted. If you can’t swallow let him know. And don’t ever give awful expressions while you are doing that thing, as it can easily make your man feel uncomfortable. A blowjob needs to be fun and sexy. Communicate with your partner wherever you feel some sort of issue. I am sure he would listen and find a better alternative.

Do Not Act Solo

Despite you doing the entire work, a blowjob is still a combined activity. Ask your man to make use of his hands, legs and whatever body movement feels sensual. Take a break, talk to him, pass some naughty comments, stare right into his eyes, and smile often. Give him the space to play with you by allowing him to touch you. Have fun together.  

Do Not Penetrate

Yes, do not explore the rectum area of your man without his consent. Though prostate orgasm is a real thing, several men aren’t used to it. Talk with him about how he can experience greater pleasure if you use your fingers to arouse his prostate while giving a blowjob. It rests upon you that how you make it calm and pleasurable for him.

So these are the simple things that you need to avoid or discuss for avoiding any unwanted situation during a blowjob. Keep it simple yet erotic.


The art of the perfect blowjob depends totally upon the mutual understanding between the couple. Related to blowjob techniques, there is a lot to explore and do. With time, you can get better and let your man have the best time. Men also love receiving pleasure!

I hope that you enjoyed reading 5 Points To Give Him An Awesome Blowjob! Blow His Mind!