10 Women Describe Their ~Hottest~ Sexual Fantasy

Are you having the wildest fantasies? Check out these very hot and very common sexual fantasies from other women!

By Kimmy
10 Women Describe Their ~Hottest~ Sexual Fantasy

Is It Normal To Have Sexual Fantasies?

Humans often have raw sexual desires. It's perfectly normal to have fantasies about different sexual scenarios. The excitement thinking about having sex on a plane, with your best friend's dad, or even with multiple people. Most of the time, your sexual fantasies don't reflect your sexual orientation or your interest. Rather, they reflect some deep desires that you want to try out and experiment, but not necessarily want in real life.

A lot of straight women have fantasies about having a threesome with other women, or want to be in dangerous situations like being a spy. Most of the time, it only reflects they want to experiment something they don't have in real life, knowing fully they are not prepared or want this to happen actually.

Some fantasies may seem a lot weirder, like getting tied up or beaten. Again, it doesn't mean you want to be abused in real life. Sexual fantasies are raw lust that bring out the naughty side of you. Consider it a wild, fulfilling dream.

Curious to know what other wildest sexual fantasies women have? Here are the 10 stories from what women described from the internet!

10 Women Describe Their Hottest Sexual Fantasy

1. A Tortured Spy

A young adult described her favorite role play with her partner is pretending to be enemy spies torturing each other for information. Set in a dangerous time where you can't trust anyone, getting the information out of each other is the only way to survive.

She finds tieing her partner up and edging him very hot and arousing. Very often, they act out their fantasy with different bedroom setups and costumes. Some impact play is involved when they are supposedly torturing each other for information.

With a lot of spy movies and TV shows, everyone has that bit of hero complex and wants to be the sexy spy that saves the world.

2. Sunset At Country Road

For an adventurous young professional woman, her biggest fantasy is to ride off into the desert and make love to her man in the sunset. Wild sex has the irresistable energy that is so charming and hard to say no to. Wild sex is exciting because you risk getting caught. Anything can happen in the wild. The unknown makes it so much more arousing.

Having sex with the gentle sun softly caresses your body is one of the most romantic thing you can do with your boyfriend. That's what a lot of girls are thinking when taking a trip with their boyfriend!

3. Mile High Club

Joining the mile high club seems to be the goal for a lot of lust seekers. A woman shared her deepest fantasy that she never wants to admit is to have sex with two trans women flight attendants on a plane. Flight attendants are one of the sexiest jobs. The uniform, the perfect hair, the friendly smile, everything makes this job more admirable and attractive.

In her fantasy, she wants to be invited to the cockpit with the two flight attendants without the pilot, and accidentally locking themselves inside. Sometimes, when you are stuck in the cockpit with no one to help you, what's a better way to kill time than to have a threesome?

4. Student-Teacher Love

The forbidden fruit is the tastiest. Almost every girl has had a crush on their teacher at one point. Some teachers are just too hot to not be a model. They are handsome, manly, and gentle. When they are teaching you math, all you can think about is how much you want to suck their dick, rip their clothes off, and make flaming sex to them.

The student-teacher fantasy is actually one of the most common fantasies for girls. A teacher represents an authority that you shouldn't challenge. Being a rebellious young girl, dreaming about your teacher is not even worth the gossip because every girl around you has done the same.

5. Bull Sex

A married woman shared her biggest fantasy is to have sex with another man while her husband watches. In her fantasy, she should be tied up and resisting the man while the man humiliates her husband and gives her the best orgasm of her life.

She is in a very happy marriage, but she feels that sex is supposed to be wild and her and her husband are planning to invite someone to fulfil her fantasy. She enjoys forced sex, with consent, with another man as she likes being the submissive one.

6. Wrong Bed

Accidental wrong sex with someone can be so wrong, yet so right. A college girl says her fantasy is going to a house party, getting wasted and dancing with different men before going home with her boyfriend, have the best sex, just to wake up the next morning to find out it's someone else that she has slept with.

The idea of sleeping with the wrong guy is erotic. Everyone wants the best meet-cute. Perhaps the guy you shouldn't have slept with turns out to be the love of your life. That's how a fairytale starts.

7. Public Places

For women in relationships, sex can be very much the same with zero variation. Always in the bedroom, always missionary. It's easy for girls in a happy relationship to think about all the scenarios that could happen. A girl talks about how she wants to have sex with a different man in every public place, cinemas, buses, staircases, libraries, everything can be a sex playground if you are daring enough.

Public sex pumps the adrenaline in you because you might get caught anytime. The risk and thought of someone knowing makes the entire play much hotter and funner.

8. Getting Punished

The obedient, submissive theme seems to be recurring in a lot of women's fantasy. A woman in her 30s shared her fantasy of being tied up and punished for every wrong thing she did. Maybe she didn't return the library books she borrowed on time, perhaps her boss isn't satisfied with her performance, or maybe she didn't pay the bill so the gas company sent an angry staff over.

She wants to be ravaged in bed as hard as possible. She finds the idea of sexual humiliation arousing and erotic. She likes dominant men that are not afraid to guide her and punish her when she is being a naughty girl.

9. Best Friend's Dad

A woman finds herself sexually attracted to her best friend's dad. A charming man in his 50s. He is married and has never done anything to lead her on. Yet, she feels that there could be something more between them. Every night, she goes home to think about all the positions she wants to do him in.

She likes the love and attention her best friend is getting from her dad, and maybe she can share some of that love too. 

10. Dominating A Man And A Woman

Having the chance to tell both a man and a woman what to do in bed gives authority and makes a girl feel confident. A woman tells how much she wants to tell other people what to do in bed. Instead of being told what is good, she wants to decide what is good and have other people serve her.

She wants to make another couple have sex in front of her, but according to her demands.

What To Do If Your Fantasy Is Inappropriate?

Some women are concerned because they have a not-so-appropriate fantasy, such as a rape fantasy or sleeping with an underage. Remember, a fantasy is just a fantasy. And if your fantasy would be illegal in real life, you should never go for it and if it involves hurting other people, you should seek professional help immediately.

Most of the fantasies are harmless and fun, it should never escalate to a point where it will be a physical assult to others or to yourself. If you do want to act out your fantasies in real life, make sure they are legal and not harmful!

A lot of women have realized their fantasies. It's a very satisfying feeling when you can bring your dream to life. While some has decided their fantasies should stay a dream, that's what maeks it beautiful. Whether or not you want to make your fantasy a reality, it's entirely up to you. Always make sure you have consent from all parties involved before carrying out your wildest dreams.


These are just 10 of the very common fantasies that you will find among women. They are wild, fun, and exciting! Talk with your friends to see if you share any of the same fantasies!