7 Women Get Jaw-Droppingly Real About What Anal Sex Feels Like for Them

The anus is a muscle - the more you exercise, the stronger it becomes.

By Michele
7 Women Get Jaw-Droppingly Real About What Anal Sex Feels Like for Them

For several women, anal intercourse is like icing on the top of a cake. But for some, it can be a painful experience of unnecessary friction. Let me tell you one thing, anal sex can be amazing if it is done in the right manner.

In this read, I have included reviews of 7 Women Get Jaw-Droppingly Real About What Anal Sex Feels Like for Them. These reviews will help you understand that; do women like anal sex?

Can Anal Sex Lead To Orgasm?

Yes! Anal sex can be intense because the butthole consists of several sensitive nerves, which are connected with other genitals. Anal sex, if executed properly, can help hit the A-spot and the G-spot. Both of these spots are near the vaginal wall that can be stimulated with anal penetration.

These spots possess the potential to generate orgasm. If you rub them right, it can eventually lead to female ejaculation, which is also known as squirting. If you search over the internet, you will come across several blogs that educate on how to stimulate sensitive sexual spots. So, learn and try and you would not be disappointed at all.

What Care Needs To Be Taken Before Anal Intercourse?

Always practice safe anal sex to avoid any sort of STIs, infections, and HIV. Use sturdy condoms or any other sort of barrier protection along with lots of lube. Be generous with the amount of lube you plan to use during anal action. An insufficient amount of lube can lead to fissures, which can be risky and painful.

Never mix anal and vaginal sex. It is not recommended to penetrate the anus and then vagina without washing or changing the condom. If you are not careful enough, be ready to invite bacteria from your backdoor to the vagina. It can be even lead to UTI.  In the same manner, do not take the penis after anal sex right into your mouth. You never know of the harmful parasites and bacteria that can wreak havoc.

Hygiene matters a lot when it comes to anal intercourse. So stay clean, practice safety, and have fun!

How To Avoid A Painful Anal Sex?

A few simple tricks to follow and you will enjoy rather than feeling uncomfortable

  • Use a skin-friendly soap to clean your anus thoroughly. Just make sure it’s clean enough.
  • Use silicone and water-based lubricants for latex condoms. And plenty of it.
  • Ask your partner to make your anus comfortable. Use fingers or sex toys.
  • Relax your anal muscles by gently pushing down. Reduce your anxiety.
  • Follow a proper breathing pattern to stay relaxed.
  • If you still feel pain tell your partner about it.
  • Immediately stop if the pain doesn’t subside or there is some sort of blood coming out.

Women Get Real About What Anal Sex Feels Like for Them

Let’s have a look at some genuine stories of women, who have experienced anal sex. Found these reviews online and thought of sharing the 7 best reviews.

Margaret C.

"For me, anal sex can be somewhat rough during the initial few seconds - right after insertion. But taking it slow, with gentle motions and yeah, lots of lube and fair patience can take me to the exciting and pleasurable phase. It is my personal experience that I get stronger clitoral orgasms while being subjected to anal sex. It is probably due to extra stimulation, emotional intensity, and intimacy of anal sex that makes vaginal orgasms stronger for me. An unpleasant pain is just around the corner, which can easily arise due to a sharp movement or a wrong angle. For me the right angle of insertion is very important.”—Margaret C.


“Anal sex is intense for me and it has to be determined yet if it’s a bad intense or a good intense. The thing is that I feel every inch of his penis inside me, which makes it very intense for me. This motion of his penis, in and out, in my backdoor, is not the same for my vagina.  Due to its sheer intensity, I do not engage in anal sex too much. It is just a feeling that anal sex makes it difficult for me to control my body. And I definitely cannot afford any sort of anal mishap when it comes to it.”– Chelsea

Tess N

"According to my experience, you need to have a trustworthy partner for anal sex, who is going to do it in the right manner. In the beginning, he must use lots of lube to relax the muscles around the anus, starting with the pinky finger and later using any sort of small sex toys like butt plugs. After this entire warm-up, anal sex can be amazing. It is an intense experience, which needs to be addressed carefully and delicately. Your partner needs to be super patient with it. Seeing the reality, the anus is a natural exit, not an entrance.  So any wrong move can hurt tremendously. Mark my words; you cannot trust any stranger with anal sex and especially when it comes to a quickie. If you want to have it, then get prepared for it. You cannot adjust another asshole in your asshole. Anal sex requires time, patience, communication, and trust. It is not a meaningless connection. So choose your partner for anal sex wisely, to have the most of it.”—Tess N


"As the penis moves around my sensitive rectum area, it leads to intense pleasure. All the nerve endings are stimulated at the same time that makes me feel connected with my partner. It is just like you are engulfing a part of your partner while being so close.  I have always noticed that I experience better and long-lasting orgasms, during anal intercourse. For anal orgasm, it is important to hit the G-spot, which is possible through doggy style or bent over or standing position.  These positions also help in stimulating the vagina, which can lead to climax easily. I love exposing my body to my partner through anal sex. It is really exhilarating and sexually powerful. Lots of lube and your anal sex can become very slippery and sexy.”– Madison

Clara A.

"My first experience with anal sex was a long time ago. I was dating a guy and he was really into this stuff. He wanted to try, even though I was reluctant. In the end, I surrendered upon his assurance. It was the first time, so understandably it hurt a lot. But I also noticed that he was going too fast and not using too much of the lube. In the end, it hurt a lot as I was extremely tight. After considerable thought, I waited for the right guy and time to try this anal stuff. I was looking forward to a pleasant experience. Just to make sure that anal sex is not that hurtful. The second time, it was better as my partner was extremely accommodating and did good foreplay, and used plenty of lube. It gave me huge vaginal orgasms.” —Clara A.


"For me, anal sex is just okay, if done alone, but if coupled with vaginal stimulation, it can be extremely sexy. Every moment of anal sex feels intense, penis rubbing against the walls of your anus and stimulating the vagina internally. Cannot be put into words. The feeling is extremely strong. If not done in the right way, anal sex is not remarkable not awful, and sometimes painful.”–Jen

Anna B

"I had my fair reservations, related to anal sex. What I feared was the pain that, I would experience due to insertion. But for me, it was more uncomfortable rather than being painful during my first experience. The level of discomfort varies from one person to another. Like there is my friend, who cannot tolerate anal sex, no matter how much lube her fiancé uses. In my opinion, anal sex requires your body to be relaxed completely - a little tension in your muscles and you won’t be enjoying it at all. You need to have a partner, who just doesn’t push you towards trying something that you cannot tolerate. I have anal sex a few times a month and being a little tipsy helps me relax further. My partner also makes sure to relax my muscles through fingering and sex toys, all in a gentle manner. He loosens the anus muscles and makes sure that anal sex is going to be good for me.”—Anna B. 


After all, it is your butthole and your decision. You can choose anal sex or vaginal sex. There is no need to come under any sort of pressure to try anal sex or even any other type of sex. If you do not want it, you do not want it.

Anal sex can be a source of immense pleasure and extremely satisfying if you are okay with it. Otherwise, keep your backdoor shut if it doesn’t bring pleasure. The possibilities of enjoying sex are endless.