10 Exciting Ways to Spice up Missionary Sex

It's boring, but the missionary position is the most versatile and women’s favorite position.

By Michele
10 Exciting Ways to Spice up Missionary Sex

Sex is an art that requires considerable self-exploration and practice. In this read, I am going to specifically discuss the missionary position – a favorite of many couples. Sex can get boring if you keep on trying a few traditional positions. You should always look for an adventure when it comes to sex – no harm there. Several things can be done like including sex toys, doing role play, etc.

Sexual inclinations vary from one person to another. Some like it wild and rough, while others prefer a slow and soft bedtime. A missionary position is ideal for any sort of mood. The real thing is to make the experience of this position sensual so that you would reach a climax, never experienced before. Here, I will discuss 10 Exciting Ways to Spice up Missionary Sex. 

Why Missionary Position Is The Best One?

Perhaps missionary is the most common sex position. In this position, the penetrating partner places himself right on the top of the other partner, who is being penetrated. I will tell you here that why it is the most favorite sex position.

Offers a sheer level of intimacy

It is indeed, the most intimate and somatic position as it offers the couple direct eye contact and an up-close and personal moment with each other. Imagine having deep and meaningful eye contact with your partner while you are doing your thing. Reading each other’s expressions and having the best time. You can kiss and play with your partner's face, neck, and even hair. It is all in front of you.

Helps with stimulation

During this position, it becomes very easy for the penetrator to hit the G-spot – the most sensitive area located in the vagina. When this upper wall is rubbed gently with the help of a man’s shaft, receiving partner experiences ultimate pleasure. And it gets intense with consistent to and fro motion. With a little effort, you can easily make a girl go crazy by hitting the spot in the right manner!  

Extremely comfortable

Apart from offering intimacy and pleasure this position is also very comfortable. With your partner on the top, all you need to do is steadily hold yourself and reach orgasm slowly. Several variations can be made during missionary sex. You can cuddle or fondle or even just play with your partner’s legs and back while doing it. Make it passionate enough so that you realize the real essence of this remarkable position.

Offers interesting possibilities

Do experiment with a new angle. Just place a pillow beneath your hips and back before allowing your partner to penetrate you from the front. This will help raise your vagina and allow the shaft to penetrate in a befitting manner. There are ample possibilities through which, you can enjoy sex in a manner never experienced before. Make it interesting! Raise your legs, allow your partner to play with them while he is giving it to you.

Spicing Missionary Position through Some Exciting Ways

Missionary is too cool. Trust me! Once you get to know how much pleasure you can indulge in, while having sex in this particular position, you will never stop exploring. Let’s see the 10 different ways through which you can make it more fascinating.

1. Make use of a sex toy

A sex toy is a perfect choice for this position. You are close enough and getting all worked up, just allow a little room for the vibrator to do its job. Ask your man to help take things from ‘oh oh’ to ‘hahaha! In the market or even online, you can find special couple vibrators, which can be inserted into a vagina during sex. Other sex toys that I would recommend for missionary are handcuffs, butt plugs, cock rings, and blindfolds. Ultimately it depends on you totally for what type of sex toys take your horniness to another level.

2. Lift yourself up

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Just placing a pillow or a cushion right beneath your butts, can help change the entire scenario. It will take some time to understand the right angle that allows comfortable and horny arousal. There are sex pillows especially available for this sort of position. If you don’t find one, a normal pillow will also do the job.

3. Do it everywhere

Yes! Think of a location, which is comfortable enough and rock it. It can be your bedroom floor, a water bed, on a piece of grass, an inflatable mattress, or anywhere else where you can enjoy it. Do some experimentation and you will be pleased. Why always do it on the bed when you can bang anywhere else?

4. Have some breaks

While having sex, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything else at all. Take a break and indulge in some steamy orals session that will help you reach orgasm. Stop right before you are about to reach climax. Tease yourself and your partner. Ignite the sparks. By doing this, you will get more time to enjoy missionary. Make it last long, until and unless you reach the desired level of climax.

5. Do it differently

There is no need to get naked while you do it. Leave your bra on, ask your guy not to take his underwear completely off. Play with each other’s little pieces of fabric worn and get involved at the moment.  Get undressed in a gradual manner. This will maintain the sexual intensity by inducing sexual frustration, acceptably.

6. Place your legs the right way

Missionary can feel different if you allow your partner to place his legs outside yours instead of putting them between your legs. Squeeze your legs gently and the stimulation that you will experience will evoke your senses in a sexy manner.

7. Try the kegel exercise

Yeah, kegel exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor, but have you ever tried them during sex? This technique will give immense pleasure to you and your partner while his penis is inside your vagina. Try this slowly, as it can lead to an instant orgasm. Do look for some kegel exercises over the internet suitable for missionary. They are really helpful and exciting.

8. Go deeper

This is only recommended if you prefer being penetrated deep inside. Raise your knees towards your chest and give your man a chance to dig deep. Tell him to go slow in the beginning, as it might feel uncomfortable. To make it easy, you can rest your legs on the shoulders of your partner or hug his back with your legs crossed. Doesn’t that make you feel horny right now?

9. Make use of a good lubricant

If you are using a condom, I will always recommend silicone or water-based lube. It prevents the condom from breaking while having sex. Use as much lube as possible to make it slippery and comfortable. As this position allows for deep penetration, you have to make sure that you aren’t in pain. There is no reason to make your partner feel disgruntled.

10. Induce food play

As you are face to face and in the position of sharing some good chocolates or berries, make use of this method to enhance sexual pleasure. Who doesn’t prefer a deep chocolaty kiss while doing it in the missionary style? Make it interesting! You can even rub whipping cream on your breasts during sex and allow your partner has the most of you. I am sure this food play technique will leave your man begging for more.

I certainly hope that you enjoyed 10 Exciting Ways to Spice up Missionary Sex. They are quite simple and can be included in your next bed game.  Hope you have fun!


Sex needs to be interesting and fun. There are no boundaries when it comes to enjoying sex. You can talk dirty, get wild and even carry out some sort of role-playing if you are into this stuff. Missionary position is not boring at all and even if it was, I hope that after reading this article you will be able to enjoy it differently.

Raise your legs, submit to your partner and do your play. Have an erotic mission!

“It felt like her body made the decision for her, and the prospect of being able to shut down the fears quickly taking over had been more temptation than Lara was able to resist. She relaxed her legs and felt a fresh rush of moisture coat her slick sex as Fischer pressed his lips against her ear and cooed sweet words of approval. “Such a good girl,”

Avery Gale, Missionary Position