5 Healthy Cooking Substitutes For Olive Oil

If you are starting your diet next week or just making healthy choices when eating, try to substitute olive oil for other cooking oils when making your next meal.

By Shannon Garner
5 Healthy Cooking Substitutes For Olive Oil

Finding A Substitute For Olive Oil

Trying to lose the weight is a challenge and many people have a substitute for different ways to lose weight. Whether it is exercising, juicing or cutting back on fatty foods. Do whatever helps you lose weight and makes you feel good while doing it. In this case, we are talking about salad dressing and other cooking oils being a substitute for olive oil.  With this being said these substitutes are going to be a healthier way of eating without losing the delicious taste but, benefiting from low-calorie oils. So, what is really wrong with olive oil and why is it bad for you? Well, the omega-9 fatty acids are what clogs blood vessels in the heart which can cause heart disease and other horrible factors. Some fats are good for the body but, with olive oil being such a refined oil like most oils are this type of oil being olive oil, it changes the molecular structure damaging the omega fats and making the olive oil unhealthy. Below are five oils you can use in your kitchen to substitute and get the pot of food smelling good and your journey to eating healthier.

Substitute Canola Oil For Olive Oil

Canola oil was derived from the rapeseed oil and has plenty of vitamin e and k nutrients. This oil is an excellent source of energy and contains zero cholesterol. The health benefits of canola oil are that it helps to improve your heart, it lower levels of cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer, keep the brain operating at a high capacity, and may even prevent diabetes. This oil also promotes skin and hair health. This oil is also good to use as a salad dressing or for baking this gives food a bit of flavor, but not too much and that is what we love about it. The oil seems to be very neutral meaning you can use it with almost anything. Also, a fantastic substitute for olive oil. Adding to olive oil, you can't actually add olive oil to everything that you cook. For example, would you use olive oil to make pancakes? 

The Avocado Substitute

When we hear "avocado oil" we hear yumminess all around. People love avocados, and some are even obsessed with the fruit. The avocado has a fresh savory and sweet taste.  Not only do they taste magnificent but, avocados are beneficial to your health, unlike olive oil. Avocados improve digestion, helps with weight loss due to its high volumes of oleic acid, which makes for a great substitute. In addition, it detoxifies your body, amazing for high heat cooking and loaded with vitamins and minerals and can also be used to stabilize blood pressure.

Coconut Oil vs. Olive Oil

You are probably thinking coconut oil? That’s gross. A lot of people do not like coconut and that is understandable; it has a distinct taste but, still tasty in a tropical sense. Coconut is an exotic food in the south pacific and has been commonly used for its health benefits. These benefits being a lot of the fatty acids that are in this oil is not particularly a bad thing, so, when you substitute olive oil with coconut oil the upside to this is that it boosts brain function in Alzheimer’s patients, reduces seizures in people that have them, reduce hunger, kills harmful microorganisms and helps with your heart due to the 50% of lauric acid which helps control conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Peanut Oil Substitute

One of the best and my personal favorite oils to cook with thus far is peanut oil, also known as “groundnut oil,” is a type of vegetable oil that is mostly used in cooking that is extracted from peanuts. All health benefits from peanut oil are derived from the fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. Some of its benefits are to control cholesterol, boost heart health, prevent cancer due to high levels of resveratrol. Peanut oil also, prevents cognitive disorders, boosts the immune system and skin care due to the vitamin E found in the cooking oil. When cooking fried foods peanut oil will be the best substitute over olive oil. 

Sesame Oil Substitute

Sesame oil is more often used with Asian foods, even though it can be used for any type of cooking as a substitute for olive oil. Sesame oil has a high content of polyunsaturated fat than olive oil, which you should be precautious about for your next healthy dish. Sesame oil is strong tasting so it is best to not use this oil with every dish you make; remember, a little goes a long way. Dark sesame oil is a good substitute when working best for seasoning your food, in items such as some dips or in marinades.

Substitute Grapeseed Oil For Olive Oil

This oil is made from grape seeds. More than likely wine grapes. Grapeseed oil is high in unsaturated fats. Grapeseed oil gives out about 120 calories per tablespoon, as well as high levels of and various other polyphenolic compounds and antioxidants making it a great substitute for olive oil. The flavor of grapeseed oil is milder than olive oil, so it is often preferred as a cooking oil for many dishes. It is generally considered less healthy than olive oil.

Is Organic Grass-Fed Butter a Good Substitute For Olive Oil?

When you think of “butter” you automatically think of delicious but, unhealthy. Butter is an essential ingredient to everyday cooking just as olive oil is. Whether you are using pounds of butter for those biscochos you like baking every year for Christmas, spreading it on your toast or putting on your fully loaded baked potato. If we could substitute butter for salad dressing, we would. Butter is used as much as salt is and that can be unhealthy in many ways. That is why organic butter has come into play in grocery stores. Don’t be afraid of the word “organic,” especially, when the words are used alongside butter. If you think you are losing out on the regular tasting butter than think again. It tastes better than regular butter and it is a great substitute for olive oil because it’s healthier. How so? Well, it assists with anti-inflammatory because of the butyric acid that is contained in the butter, it's an excellent source of vitamin A,  helps keep a healthy heart and gives you a nice source of energy when you eat it.  

Now that you have taken the time to read this article I hope it sheds light on a healthier substitute for olive oil. Also, keep in mind that not only can most of these oils be used for cooking but also, for skin and hair just be sure you are choosing the correct oils cooking oil vs. hair and skin products. So stay away from olive oil and vegetable oils, there is no need for them anymore. So the next time you go the grocery store and you're strolling down the baking aisle remember to make healthy food choices. Whether you substitute your oils or switching from soda to water do what makes you feel the healthiest!

Olive Oil Be Gone!


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