18 Best Life Advice You Can Follow For A Positive Outlook

Follow this life advice to improve and excel in your life

By Sophia R
18 Best Life Advice You Can Follow For A Positive Outlook

Life sometimes is a small carousel in which we go around and around without finding the right direction. Why is it sometimes so difficult for us to enjoy happiness? Maybe we aim too high, or maybe you're swimming against the current, with the wrong people and paths that are not yours.


What then is the way to have an authentic "good life"? In the first place, you must stop and look around to take the perspective of where you are; take care of your present, you're "here now" in order to aspire strongly to what surrounds you. You may be pleased, it is possible that if you observe each aspect with simple humility, you realize that yes, that yours is a good life. So, go ahead with it. On the other hand, if you notice that you have climbed on the back of a wrong horse in this little carousel that is life, put these simple commandments into practice. They will surely be of help.

Best life advice I need to lead a good life

1. Know yourself well

An important cause of frustration is not knowing oneself properly. We lie to ourselves either because of ignorance of the truth or because we resist it. Do you feel trapped in a life that does not make you feel 100% happy? You have to rethink if the foundations that sustain your life are correct or not. Why? Because if the foundations are not adequate, the whole building will wobble and eventually collapse.


You must ask yourself a series of questions and try to answer them with sincerity. If you could be reborn what profession would you choose? What activities do you like doing? By doing them, do you feel happy? What capabilities do you have? What skills or talents do you have that differentiate you from the others? What things do you do better and faster than most? What is you definition of a successful life? And of a happy life?

To answer these questions it is necessary to spend time reflecting and having a lot of courage, because some answers can dismantle your whole life from top to bottom. But lying to yourself and living a farce will never bring you happiness.

2. Be yourself

We only live once and the life we ​​live is ours and no one else's. Live your life your way and do not let others tell you how to do so. It is your special personality that sets you apart from others. Being different is not a bad thing but, on the contrary, it is your treasure. Do not let the social pressure mold you at your whim. Preserve your identity because it is your greatest asset. Remember, your essence is your charm.

3. Health first

Your health comes first, it goes above all other things. Without health, although you can still taste life without it, it wont be so sweet. So, the next time you're going to do some crazy stuff, think about whether it's really worth the risk. Imagine a scale and put on each side the best and the worst that could happen to you if you do the activity. What weighs more? Now you are aware of the pros and cons of what you are going to do and be able to make a conscious decision

4. Be grateful when each day starts

Greet the sun when you look out the window. Get up with a smile and think about the beautiful and valuable things you have in your life. That gratitude will put you in a positive mood that will help you face the new day. Think of your little daughter, your mother, your friends, your lived experiences and anything that makes you feel proud and eager to fight for it. Before going to sleep, look at the stars and say goodbye to the moon until the next day.

5. Aim high

If you aim high in life you may not get everything you aspire to but you will surely get much more than if you aim low. Conformism is the loser's drug. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by failure, because success may be right at the next stop. Be clear about what you want and work hard to achieve it, it is the only thing you need to reach the top in any sphere of life.

6. Get used to doing things you don't like

Make the bed after getting up; clean dishes after eating; study half an hour more; pedal one more kilometer, etc. These are just some examples of how you can train to reduce resistance to doing those tasks that you will eventually have to face in your day to day. It's what I call developing the capacity for suffering. It will help you have a much more positive presence In life.

7. Face your fears

Our fears repress us of doing what we want, they prevent us from achieving the best of ourselves and they close the door to the true path of happiness. Success is for the brave. The best way to chase away our demons is to look directly at them in the eyes and run towards them with determination. Believe me, they will run away. Only free of fears (or keeping them at bay) you can give 100% of your abilities

8. Get used to the inevitable

Sometimes things do not go as one expects. Get used to the evil that afflicts you, live with it and do not give up. Keep looking for ways for your liberation but face the possibility with serenity that you will never get rid of that. Constant resistance will do nothing but deepen your emotional wound. You have to greet the day with a smile and live life as best you can more than ever before when something goes wrong for you. Laugh back at life when it laughs at you.

9. Implement good habits in your life and practice them day in and day out

It is habits that will make a difference throughout your life. It is useless to do an activity in an obsessive way for two weeks if then it is not practiced any more. Habits are created by practicing them every day, if it can be in similar circumstances (time and place), and for a time not too long, otherwise it will exhaust you, making it more difficult to implement it into your daily life. My advice to implement a good habit is to do it every day and start by dedicating a short space of time to it. Little by little, the time you dedicate to it must increase until you are satisfied with the results you get from it. These good habits you will eventually get into your routine will have a positive impact in your mental, physical health, or both.

Life advice that is deep and meaningful

1. Think about death

I do not want to be sinister but this really is one of the best advice I can give you. Really trust me on this one. Death is a natural process of life that we have to get used to, we have to make it a part of us. We must always keep it in mind. Why? Because it is the reminder that we are here in passing and that, therefore, we must do everything possible to extract all the juice from life. It will be the push you will need when fear keeps you from doing what you want and fighting for what you long for. Also, it will help you prepare for death. Better to die with a smile of peace and satisfaction than with a face of fright.

2. Never lose hope

The hope for achieving the desired is the engine of our lives. It is the wick that allows our flame to follow its path. As soon as you lose hope your life will be meaningless and it will be pretty much the end for happiness. There is always light for hope. Put all your effort to get what you want step by step and, if you can not achieve it, at least you tried. There can always be a miracle, so look straight ahead, keep going and do not lose hope.

3. Think

Computer, television, work, love, children, and other hobbies or obligations fill our lives. These activities and tasks take over our time and without realizing it, this happens without us stopping for a moment to think, plan and reflect. The best time to do it is either first thing in the morning right after waking up or at the end of the night before going to bed. Silence will be the ideal companion of our thoughts. You will see how spending only half an hour a day (one hour would be better) to plan and think about the things that interest you will soon get positive results. The clarity of ideas will result in knowing who you are and what you want from life better. When the lighthouse shines the fog of the road disappears and this will also happen to the path there to get what you want.

4. Everything changes

Are you going through a bad time? Do not fall into a deep depression because everything changes, nothing is permanent. Today you are down but tomorrow you can be up. Look back and think about the laps that life has given you. Who would have told you back then that things would go as they finally did? The cells of our body change constantly, the skin falls off and grows back, our emotions change, the circumstances change constantly, everything, in fact, changes. If you are at the top, do not fall with the change that will eventually come for you. If you are in a hole, prepare to climb the ladder when it appears. But beware, do not rest or fall asleep on your problems because luck is for those who seek it.

5. Be positive

Life is like a mirror that reflects what you feel. If you are a positive person, good things will happen to you and if you are a negative person, bad things will. As simple as that. It is your perception of things that says if something is good or bad. What some see as a problem others call it a challenge. Life can be hell or heaven, everything depends on which eyes you look at things with

6. Little things make life a pleasant journey

Forget about Ferraris and yachts. Do not torment yourself because of the size of your apartment or its views. Stop obsessing about the business school that will accept you for an MBA. All that does not matter, because that will not give you the long satisfaction that you get from the little things in life: watching a game with friends; eating with a glass of wine; taking a mountain tour; taking a dip in the sea; enjoying the company of your children; reading the latest novel by your favorite writer; sitting down to write your book; Going to the movies with your partner. None of this is expensive or luxurious or, at least, there is no need for it to be. I mean, you can all agree with me that these are the main things that make life worth living.

7. Determine your priorities

What are the 5 things that you have or that you want to have that are the most important for you? Focus most of your time on doing activities that are aimed at conservation or obtaining each of these priorities. Everything else is superfluous, eliminate it from your life or destine a residual part of your time to it.

For example, one of my priorities is to become a writer. Therefore, every day I destine a part of my time to achieve this priority. Another of my priorities is to help as much as possible to make my family happy. For this reason, part of my daily efforts is to have the necessary conditions so that their happiness is possible. Another of my priorities is my health. Therefore, I follow a healthy diet and I destine a certain time to exercise every day. Some tasks that I have eliminated from my life, to save time for what really matters to me, are television consumption; reading too many magazines; nights out; alcohol consumption; etc. Establish the priorities of your life, eliminate or reduce everything else and, with it, you will implant the habits of success and happiness.


8. Treat others as you want to be treated

Respect and you will be respected. Hate and you will be hated. It is that simple. Again, life is like a mirror that will reflect what you show to it. Show it a warm and sincere smile and that is what you will receive in return. I remember that a study from a few years ago said that when people were close and, even more so when they interacted, moods were transferred. It is like a mechanism of the body that captures the vibrations of the other and adapts their reactions according to these. Therefore, if you want others to treat you with kindness, do not discharge your bitterness or frustration on them.

9. " Be water, my friend"

As Bruce Lee would say: "be water my friend". Flow like water and adapt to the circumstances. The world isn’t the one that must adapt to you, but you to the world. You must adapt to it without losing your essence. It will make your outcome of life much more positive and enjoyable for you.

Life advice quotes

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” ― Walt Whitman

“The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.” - Warren Buffett

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ― John Wooden

“Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it's your responsibility to love it, or change it.” - Chuck Palahniuk


Life can be beautiful, happy, and good, it is just a matter of how you see it and live it every day. The advice we gave you in today's will surely make your journey way easier, better, and happier. Follow it and you will start to see how it get increasingly better with the days that pass. After all, hapiness is not that far away from you!