Porn Movies on Netflix: 5 Selections of Sex Scenes and Nudity on Netflix

Life is like a porn movie, you earn as much as you get fucked!

By Michele
Porn Movies on Netflix: 5 Selections of Sex Scenes and Nudity on Netflix

Netflix has a decent collection of movies that include sex scenes and some sort of nudity. In this read, I have included the five best movies that are not only erotic or sensual but also have an interesting storyline. It is not necessary that each sexual movie needs to be all about hot steamy scenes. There are porn movies out there that have a good plot too, to keep you intrigued. Porn on Netflix has a better effect on you if compared with the videos available over porn sites.     

Netflix has special ratings for movies that are based on the amount of sexual content, language, and exposure projected in the movie. Check for the ratings and categorization so that you know it includes sex scenes or nudity. There is a lot of diverse stuff present over Netflix that caters to the demands of its huge audience base. So if you are looking for something steamy let’s have a look at the Porn Movies on Netflix: 5 Selections Of Sex Scenes and Nudity on Netflix.

5 Selections Of Sex Scenes and Nudity on Netflix

Netflix certainly does not have a designated category of porn movies. But several movies include sensual sex scenes and even nudity for the viewers to enjoy. I would call it an unintentional sort of porn.  Let’s move forward towards the selections that I have made from different movies present on Netflix.

1. An Easy Girl – 2019

This movie is based on the character of Naima and Sofia – two young girls uncertain of their future. But the better part of the movie starts where Sofia makes her entry. She knows where she stands in her life currently. It all cleared up for her when Sofia embraced her sexuality and moved forward to explore life. She never misses an opportunity to uncover the glamorous side of fame.

She helps her cousin Naima to get connected with life that offers yacht parties, unlimited luxury, and great dining. She immediately believes that everything is possible in this sort of life. This movie is filled with really hot scenes that will leave you horny.  The main girl Sofia has an amazing body and is a part of several beautiful bed encounters.

2. Newness – 2017

Martin and Gabriella are the main characters of this movie, who come into contact through an adult dating website. Amazingly they don’t opt for an immediate hookup and instead spend time to know each other in a better manner. It was learned that Martin was married and Gabriella had some intimate relationships before. Eventually, they decide to opt for an open relationship, but when Gabriella discovers that Martin has a daughter she feels cheated.

At that point, both of them end their open relationship and fall into new relationships. At this point, they are still in contact with each other. And astoundingly they often meet for threesomes. Doesn’t it sound erotic? After several failed relationship experiments they reconcile and stick together. There is a lot of passion and sensuality in this movie.

3. Lust Stories – 2018

Lust Stories is an anthology movie that is focused on exploring the hidden aspects of sexual encounters in Indian Society.

There is a college professor, who has a sexual relationship with a student. This unusual friendship that revolves around an unimaginable sexual bond further gives details of how emotions play a part inhumanly desires and lust.

Another part is about an officer, who is sexually involved with an employer. Later she discovers that he is about to get married and as a result, their sex life would come to an end. Her frustration grows and makes it difficult for her to contain her desire.

Another venture explores the dire consequences of extramarital affairs and how the people around the offenders suffer. The impact is directly lent on the attached families and individuals.

The last part of the movie is about a newlywed girl, who is unable to satisfy her sexual urge. Her husband probably fails as a sex partner. As a result, she starts using sex toys and gets caught.

All of the above stories have been produced keeping in view the hurdles that women face while exploring their sexuality. The issues taken up in this series are not considered normal or acceptable in the Indian culture. It is something really interesting to watch.

4. 365 Days – 2020

I was hesitant to include this movie in the selection but had a thought that some people might have missed it out. It is an erotic drama produced by Polish directors and is well known for its ample sex scenes. Most of them are softcore in nature, but the sex depicted in this movie will certainly evoke your emotions. It is based on the novel 365 Days. Laura is captured by Massimo, who gives her a period of one year to fall in love with him. 

It is quite a weird way of making someone fall in love with you. But the drama has a course of interesting developments that shape their relationship and moves forward in the light of seduction and denial. Sex scenes between both the actors have been shot in a steamy manner to leave the audience delighted. I can easily say that ‘365 Days’ is one of the most seductive movies present on Netflix.  It has possibly been developed to serve as a counterpart of the Fifty Shades of Grey produced in 2015.

5. Milf – 2018

Most of the sex movies are about young girls and boys. But this movie is based on hot milfs who are in their forties. Three women choose to hook up with young guys during their vacation. There are ample sexy and raunchy scenes in this movie.

Milf is a sexy movie, which has been shot beautifully and will certainly leave you pleased. It has a storyline too. So we can call it a good package. Though, the name could have been a little better, as it doesn’t go well with the production aesthetics of this amazing movie.

So here is the list of all the super-hit sex movies from Netflix. You can save the names and watch them one by one. I hope that you will enjoy watching them alone or with your partner. Hope you have a good time.

Some Additional Recommendations from Netflix

Apart from the selection that I have shared above, there are a few other favorite sex movies from Netflix. Hope you will watch them once.

Malcolm and Marie

Starring John David Washington and Zenday the movie consists of a romantic night out. The scenes depicted are full of sexual energy, chemistry, and emotions. It can be described as a cocktail of sexual sensuality.

American Honey

Starring Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane has a complex character performance and exceptional cinematography. It is basically about how Sasha discovers a life of passion and partying with the help of Shia. There are intimate scenes in this movie that describe the chemistry between two actors.

My Week With Marilyn

It is all about the life period of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe along with Arthur Miller. It demonstrates her sexy, charming, and vulnerable state. This gradual story shows how Marilyn became the most famous sex symbol of America. Apart from being sexy, this movie gives a lot of information about how an actress managed to carry herself to the height of stardom.

Cuddle Weather

It is a raunchy Filipino drama that includes two sex workers caught in a sexual fling. The matter gets fascinating when they come to the point that they look forward to being something more than just being friends with benefits. This movie has ample hot scenes for interested viewers.

Netflix has a lot to offer, you need time to search and choose a movie that’s according to your likings. Each sex movie has a different storyline and the hot scenes further make it interesting. 


Netflix is certainly bringing the heat up by including a good variety of sensual movies. The temperature is certainly going high on this online streaming service. I hope that you enjoy watching the list that I have recommended.

As said the list of sex movies over Netflix is huge, there are several more well-written and produced erotic movies that you can watch on Netflix. So grab some snacks, play your choice and get in the mood.