4 Types Of Orgasms Women Have And What Orgasms Feel Like

What are the four different types of orgasms that a woman can have? What exactly, do orgasms feel like for the women who have them and what are the best signs?

By Maxine
4 Types Of Orgasms Women Have And What Orgasms Feel Like

The Orgasm

Since the beginning of time, humans have done many different things to survive and thrive throughout history. Some of these include; sleeping, eating, inventing, evolving and most of all having sex. Sleeping, eating and having sex can come easy or hard for some. The most important thing that everyone is trying to result in having sex, is the orgasm. The overall definition of the orgasm can be described by many as a euphoric explosion that happens at the end of a sexual encounter, and during sex when you are on your way and showing signs that you are about to be on the rollercoaster ride towards a climax. This major aspect of sex that can sometimes be a bit elusive is the amazing and explosive orgasm for most women. The average woman, about 75 percent, have never reached orgasm alone by just having sexual intercourse. Scientists, researchers, and many studies have been done to try to unlock this Pandora's box of pleasure for women, but it is not as easy as it seems. Many women throughout history have had much difficulty in achieving this magical erotic explosion. Ten percent to fifteen percent of women have never reached climax, no matter how hard they try, or what they do. There has been much information and misinformation regarding this sexual climax for women throughout the centuries; from the oppressive Puritan views of sex regarding women, who are discouraged from pleasure from sex to the liberation and embracement of women's sexuality as of now in the 21st Century. Women all through time and throughout the world have described the many signs of an orgasm as; "A spark of pleasure, and then an intense explosion", is what one woman has described. The broad definition of an orgasm is the feel of euphoria running through your body, which gives you a sensation of a "release" after a sexual act once you have reached climax. The definition of a climax, is a pleasurable spastic sensation running throughout your entire body and leaving a relaxed and released feeling afterward, just another word for orgasm.

“A woman’s orgasm is such a fragile thing, dependent as much upon her mind as on her clitoris.” Megan Hart

The Female Orgasm and Sexuality in Ancient Times.

The female orgasm through the span of time and many different cultures was often seen as an unnecessary thing. The female orgasm plays an important role in relationships and also it seems for reproduction as well. For centuries the female orgasm just wasn't seen as important, as was female pleasure in general. Women have been taught, even until this day, that their focus is more on the man and his pleasure not their own. It wasn't until the 20th century when female sexuality and pleasure was taken seriously and looked into. One of the many women pioneers of women's sexuality was Magaret Sanger who was a nurse and also a pioneer of women's birth control. With the explosion of female sexuality and women feeling as though they could be more open regarding sex and freer, there were many other results and effects regarding this. Women throughout time began to embrace their sexuality and pleasure and still do to this day. There were also many books written about achieving the female orgasm and women's sexuality in general that opened up the floodgates to experimentation and a more carefree and less rigid approach to women's sexuality and women's pleasure than it did in the past. Many of this books include; "For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality (published in 1975), "The Vagina Monologues" (published in 1996) to the most recent publications such as; "The Woman's book of Orgasm: A Guide to the Ultimate Sexual Pleasure." to "Women's Anatomy of Arousal." Through studies and questioning of many women, we are continuing to open the curtains and explore women's sexuality and pleasure.

The Definition of Pleasure: The Clitoris

The Clitoris is the erotic button at the epicenter of pleasure for women. Most women are not able to have any type of orgasm at all unless they are clitorally stimulated. But as always, be sure that your head is clear so that you can solely be focused on the pleasure that you are feeling from being caressed, licked, sucked on and played with. The clitoris is also the most sensitive erogenous zone on the body. There are many stigmas regarding the female body as well as female pleasure and sex. Partners need to take care and stimulate the clitoris to help achieve orgasm for women. Many women and men might ask themselves still to this day, where exactly is the Clitoris? The Clitoris is found aways above the urethra, and underneath the hood of the vulva area. The best way for you to achieve orgasm through your Clitoral area is to have your lover gently caress or lick that special button.

A Few Interesting Facts About the Clitoris

Around 50 to 75 percent of women (who have orgasms) need to have their clitoris at least stimulated/touched. The Clitoris is still growing throughout a woman's entire life. The Clitoris is a different size and shape on different women. The sole purpose of the clitoris is for pleasure: not reproduction. Women get boners. The Clitoris comes in different colors. If not touched regularly, your clitoris could develop atrophy. The name Clitoris is a Greek word that translates to "key". It has better and stronger orgasms than a penis does. The Clitoral arousal can change in pattern. You may at times have to do something different to stimulate yourself to help you along the way. And don't worry, it's normal to have this happen just as your preferences and fetishes can change over time as well.

What a Woman Needs to Achieve an Orgasm

The best way for an average woman to be able to feel an orgasm is shown in many research studies regarding women and sex. Two things that a woman needs to be able to reach an orgasm is the feeling of being safe, as well as relaxed: key elements to keep in mind when trying to obtain that amazing explosion. If you have never experienced an orgasm before, or if you are not sure that you have ever had one. The best signs that your body tells you that a climax is on its way, is that you will feel a hot, tingly sensation and a sense of a need for "release". When you feel this coming on, make sure that you try and stay relaxed and just let your body do all the work. Easier said than done. Right? Don't stress, there are many things that you can do to assist yourself to reach that climax. Try more and different types of foreplay. Be sure to that your partner pays attention to that erogenous button, which is a great way to prime you. Also, try different positions, slow down, speed up and if that doesn't work, it may be time for you speak with your doctor and they may be able to look into finding solutions to help you.

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Four Different Types of Orgasms for Women

Orgasm comes in many forms, they can be an intense electrifying jolt of pleasure leaving your body shaking feverously to a quick succession of multiple orgasms that leave you bathing in pure ecstasy. The average woman can experience many different types of orgasms and use different techniques to achieve this. The Clitoral Orgasm: The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings, and is extremely sensitive to touch. Your partner can touch, caress and lick this sensational button to get you engulfed in pleasure. Multiple Orgasms: These type of orgasms come in one after the other. You can achieve this by giving yourself a rest and trying to climax a second time. Vaginal Orgasm: This is another type of orgasm available to about 30% of women who actually feel this type of orgasm. The best way to achieve this type of climax would be to be facing away from your partner while he/she penetrates you. You can either do this sitting on your partner's lap or on your hands and knees while they penetrate you from behind. Blended Orgasm: The is described as the best feeling of both worlds. Both the Clitoris and Vagina are stimulated to orgasm during this.

Faking it: A woman with a Dilemma

On average, 80 percent of women fake having an orgasm during sex. Most women do this in order to speed things up in the bedroom. They could either be a little bit bored, or they might just not be into it at that moment in time. If you notice her having trouble getting to O-town, stop and generally inquire what you can do to help her reach her own climax. There are many different reasons why women will fake orgasms at times. So, partners don't fret, it's not that your not attractive enough, or that you aren't doing enough to help push your partner over the edge to bliss-town. Believe it or not, there are actually many women out there that haven't achieved an orgasm ever. So, partners don't always assume it's something that you are doing, or not doing. It could be just how their body is wired, and they could just need that extra help to get over the edge.

Interesting Facts about the Female Orgasm

The female orgasm has eluded and puzzle both men and woman throughout the centuries. Observing, researching and studying this amazing erotic phenomenon has led us to learn quite a bit about the female orgasm. Below are some interesting facts about the female orgasm throughout history and culture; There are some women that experience premature orgasm. It takes about 10-20 minutes for a woman to reach orgasm, it takes a man only around 4 minutes. Orgasmia, or orgasmic disorder, is when someone is unable to reach orgasm frequently. Some people can have orgasms through nipple stimulation only. Some women have even orgasmed during childbirth. Aristotle is known as the first person to write about female ejaculation. Around 15 to 20 percent of women have never reached orgasm. The part of the brain that processes fear and alertness for danger. Approximately 25 percent of woman always have an orgasm during sexual intercourse.


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