10 Ways of How to Use Sex Toy to Have an Orgasm

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By Michele
10 Ways of How to Use Sex Toy to Have an Orgasm

Sex is great, isn’t it? And you can make it even better by bringing some sex toys to the party. There is a good deal of different sex toys available online and indifferent adult stores. The trend of using these sex toys for pleasure became quite popular in the mid-90s, but this practice is quite ancient. Several paintings and manuscripts, belonging to the old civilizations, depict the use of some sort of interesting sex toys by individuals and couples. 

Technology has helped in making our lives easier. Sex toys now come in different varieties that can be operated with or without a battery. It depends on your personal preference. Some women might prefer a vibrator to achieve an orgasm while others will rely on an old-fashioned dildo. Here, I am going to discuss 10 Ways of How to Use Sex Toy to Have an Orgasm.

Why Do You Need A Sex Toy?

Sex toys were designed for individuals, who could fulfill their sexual satisfaction in the absence of a partner. These toys were mostly used by women to arouse their clitoris so that they could achieve orgasm. With time, the demand for adult toys increased. Various companies started manufacturing a wide range of toys that could offer pleasure and would be safe.

Currently, sex toys are also used by couples, apart from individuals, to enhance foreplay and overall sexual experience. It does not mean that the couple is unable to achieve climax, but the thing is that they want to try something innovative and more stimulating. Penetrative sex cannot always lead to an orgasm. So stimulating the clitoris, externally, is very important. 

Different surveys, related to the usage of sex toys by couples, revealed that the toys helped in supporting sexual intercourse and exploring new dimensions of orgasm. The battery-operated adult toys can work for long and can help in having nonstop orgasms.

But you need to be extremely careful while using any sort of sex toy. They can get addictive and might interfere with your normal level of physical intimacy. It is important to mention here that there is no substitute available for the natural method of sex. And if done in the right manner, sexual climax can be accomplished easily.

So basically a sex toy can be used as a supplement and not as a substitute ever! Just keep this thing in mind and you will know how to rock your body.

10 Ways of How to Use Sex Toy to Have an Orgasm

Now, I will discuss different methods of using a sex toy to achieve an orgasm. If you do not know the techniques or you are not in the mood, an adult toy won’t make up for a poor situation. Grooving to a horny mood is important! Let’s see how you can go weak in those knees.

1. Choose The Right Sex Toy

Your electric or nonelectric partner in pleasure needs to be extremely arousing. Before picking the toy of your choice, you need to read extensively about adult toys online. There are several blogs and online stores that can help educate you. Make sure that you also read the user reviews and see what are the pros and cons of a particular product. This will eventually help you in making the right decision. Products are designed to stimulate the clitoris, internal vagina, internal and external area of vagina, rectum, prostate, and even penis. Men also have the option of choosing different types of sex toys to achieve orgasm.

So give your fingers and your hands a break and think about the best toy that can help with solo or partnered sex. Know the places where you get stimulated easily and then choose a specific tool that will further enhance your pleasure.

2. Know How To Use The Toy

So if you have been making use of your fingers, it might require some time in getting used to experiencing pleasure with the help of a hardware adult toy. Some toys are made of rubber while others are made of plastic and they vary greatly when it comes to texture. The length, texture, and material of the toy that you choose will play an important role in helping you get horny.

Regardless of the toy you pick, just make sure that you use it gently like slow in the beginning allowing it to explore your body and see where it kicks. Do not go harsh. It is very important to follow the instructions suggested by the manufacturer so that you use it safely.  If the toy that you choose is meant for clitoral stimulation it cannot be adjusted to help you achieve orgasm by stimulating the anus. Made of each toy is quite detailed and its usage must be appropriate too.

3. Use A Lubricant

Yes, you will need a lubricant even if it’s a toy. Mostly the sex toys require some sort of lubrication to deliver utmost pleasure. For that reason, there are different gels and lubes available that are safe for adult toys. Whatever product you choose needs to be extremely skin-friendly. I would recommend choosing a lubricant that is meant for sensitive skin. It will provide ultimate protection to your sensitive sex organs.

Adult toys are mostly used for a long duration, so it is important to avoid any sort of external or internal bruises or injury. And here the lube comes to the rescue. Most individuals prefer using saliva but I would never recommend it, as it can get dry easily, and applying it over and over can leave your mouth dry. So just be sensible.

4. Choose The Right Position

I know you are not having sex, but choosing the right position is important even when it comes down to the use of a sex toy. You need to make your muscles all relaxed. This will give you an incredible sense of orgasm. Go slow and gentle in the beginning and choose a proper speed that will help take you towards an orgasm.

5. Maintain A Pace

Of course, it is important to adjust the speed of your sex toy, if it is a stimulator or a vibrator. Do not opt for a high or a low setting, just choose a medium speed. You can insert or remove the toy whenever you want to. As you are possibly a new user, it might take some days to make your muscles get used to external or internal stimulation. So understand how your body reacts.

6. Make Use Of Any Other Help

While using a toy, you can opt for a porn movie or any other medium that leaves you sexually excited. For many people, a deep oil massage or aromatherapy can help get in the mood. So you have to see for yourself that how you can make use of additional sources to assist orgasm. There are many couples, who assist each other with adult toys to have an orgasm. So if your man is interested, you can ask him to play with your body while the toy does its job. Double the fun!

7. Have A Proper Setup

I won’t recommend using a toy in your bathroom or any other area, which is quite small. Choose a place where, you can enjoy privacy, some dim light, and a nice smell. There is no need to torture yourself while feeling horny. It won’t ever help in reaching the desired orgasm. And you might later feel disappointed at your adult toy when in actuality it was your environment that wasn’t supplementing your mood.

8. Read and Feel

Here, I am sharing an extremely effective tip. Before using an adult toy make sure that you read some sort of sex story. Yeah, that is not dumb. It is even better than seeing porn. When you read, your brain starts working and it puts you in the same scenario. So choose a story that will make you horny.

9. Tease Yourself

While using the sex toy, you will feel like reaching the climax, and at that point just remove the toy. Play with your body and take deep breaths. Relax your muscles down there. Once you are all cooled down start over again and reach climax. When you train your body in this manner, it helps in improving the quality of your orgasm. That’s what sex experts recommend.

10. Stay Clean

Make sure that your privates and the toy are all cleaned up before and after your orgasm session. You cannot risk catching any sort of infection that would ruin your sex life. Stay healthy and clean.


Sex toys can enhance pleasure to an amazing extent. All you need to do is choose a product according to your preference and teach your body how to respond and attain orgasm. Trust me; a sex toy is a great supplementary device that can bring intense sexual pleasure to your normal routine. Go get a ride!