15 Ways to Get Over a Breakup, Like, Right Now

we lose something, yet we find ourselves.

By Michele
15 Ways to Get Over a Breakup, Like, Right Now

A relationship, not necessarily, but comes with a heavy toll termed as ‘breakup’. Ending a relationship can leave a person damaged - mentally and physically. One of the toughest things to do is to forget someone: their smile, their way of talking, their way of showing care, and all those elements that are attached to that person - whom you used to love.

Sometimes attachment can be more detrimental than anything else. Upon separation, you are unable to eat, sleep, focus or carry out your daily activities. Hollowness and coldness surround your existence.  At that point, you need to stay close to your loved ones - your family and friends. Do not ever stay alone! It does take time, but you can get over this state.

My 15 Ways to Get Over a Breakup, Like, Right Now will support you during your tough times. And help make a decision that will bring you out of this era of gloom.

Why Does Love Hurt?

Love, depicted in the movies, is all about sunshine and daffodils, but in reality, love life brings something else. If you are in love, you will stay in pain, not for the entire duration but certainly for a lot of time. 

Being physically or verbally abused by your partner can leave you in distress. And why does that happen? Because one of the partners is fed up and there can multiple reasons for that.

Uncertainty in any sort of relationship causes it to fall apart. Love is a beautiful feeling that offers a sense of security and joy. Being accustomed to these feelings of love, one cannot let them go off easily.

Interestingly, love offers no sort of guarantee. Most couples are uncertain of their future and dread the pain that will arise due to uncontrollable circumstances of breakup. It is just anxiety nothing else that ruins the true essence of a relationship. If you worry a lot and do not communicate those feelings to your partner, it can cause a lot of pain.

Don’t take your happiness away by indulging in such unwanted thoughts. No one knows about the future, still, we plan a lot of things with our loved ones. So do not ruin the precious moments due to anxiety, stress, or fear of the unknown.

In the same manner, unrealistic expectations can lead to heartbreak. Understand your time and your partner and see where you stand. If you guys are honest with each other and are committed to staying loyal, there is nothing else to worry about. Ups and downs will come and go. Stay strong and together and face all the challenges!

Temporary pain should not lead to a breakup. Take into account all those issues that are bothering you and address them, one by one! By taking this step, you can bring your pain down. Love is an exceptional phenomenon. There would be times of pain and happiness too. Learn to accept all those moments and feel blessed.

How To Get Over A Breakup – 15 Most Effective Recommendations

You have been trying hard to stay positive during times of turmoil, but due to some irrepressible instances want to end your relationship. And here you are, looking forward to bracing the impact of breakup. Here, I will share the best methods through which you can come out of downheartedness caused due to separation.

1. Erase Memories

Most couples have this habit of keeping the belongings and memories of their loved ones. Based on this stuff they project their future and carry out improbable comparisons. The first thing that you need to do is get rid of whatever your partner gave you. Do not keep anything with you that will remind you of them.

2. Block Everywhere

Do a major cleanup and block them from everywhere so that you are unable to see whatever is happening in their life. It is none of your business now.  Focus on your wellbeing. Keep yourself on top of everything. By staying disconnected, you will never go through the pain that they used to inflict upon you.

3. End It Sensibly

There is no need of going clueless. What’s done is done and what’s gone is gone – forever! Keep this thing in your mind so that you do not ever think of patching up and bringing the source of agony back in your life. End on good terms, if you have to return any money or gifts or luggage, you can. If you had joint accounts, of any sort, anywhere, just terminate them.

4. Take A Break

When it is all going down the hill, take a short break from work. If you are studying then you cannot afford to take a break, as it might affect your progress. But you can take a leave from your job for a few days. Let all the negativity flow out. Forgive your partner and learn. It is your life and you are its savior.

5. Forget And Move

Forget everything, there is no instant ‘delete all’ button for that, but you need to train your brain to stop thinking about them. With time, you will start feeling better. Holding on to some painful event of your life, will destroy your peace and make you feel miserable at every other point.

6. Adopt A Pet

If you have time and you can afford it, I would highly recommend you to keep a pet. It can be a dog or a cat or a bird even. Pets deserve love, care, and attention. And the good part is that your pet will never betray you. Having a pet helps deal with breakups and periods of stress and depression.

7. Give Time To Your Hobby

Some love reading, some love writing, some love sketching, some love gardening, some love baking, and so on. Do pick a hobby that makes you feel better and connected with life. A hobby should be fun and consuming so that your mind is unable to wander anywhere else.

8. Go For A Vacation

With your family or friends, plan a trip. This can be a local or an international tour. Make sure that you leave everything behind and have a wonderful vacation. By everything behind, I mean all the harmful emotional baggage that prevents you from enjoying life.

9. Start Doing Workout

Exercise will help elevate your mood. And you need to do is be consistent. During exercise, certain chemicals, that are responsible for inducing happiness and peace, are released into our bloodstream. They make you feel better. So join a gym, a swimming club, or any other activity that demands physical exertion.

10. Pamper Yourself

Do all the things that help you feel loved! Get a nice massage, a haircut, hair color, a pedicure or a mani, etc. It is about time that you take proper care of your physical appearance and celebrate life. Tell yourself that you are loved and will be taken good care of.

11. Know Yourself Better

As you are going through a breakup, it is the best time to evaluate your personality. Get rid of all those habits that can damage your health or behavior. If you get angry easily, learn how to manage and control anger. If you consume alcohol, just quit! Switch towards a healthier lifestyle. Know your flaws and fix them.

12. Give Yourself Time

Do you know something as ‘me time? Yeah, give yourself a good time daily. So that you can overcome any sort of hurdles in your life. Plan and implement. Complete your tasks on time and don’t leave them pending. Invest in yourself and see how it changes your attitude towards life. You will become a completely positive and enthusiastic person.

13. Feel Blessed

Count your blessings. You have a room to live in, warm food and water, means of traveling, and money. You do not lack much. Always count on your loved ones. Share your thoughts with them, but never irritate them. Consider them as a gift. Take their advice and see how it can improve your persona.

14. Do Not Judge

Even during tough times, do not judge people. Just leave every thought that makes you question one's loyalty or honesty. Being paranoid will make you mentally and emotionally unstable and you won’t be able to trust anyone. Give people space and whatever good comes at you, must be returned gracefully.

15. Focus On Your Future

You have a life to live and for that, you will need to plan a lot of different fascinating things - with or without your friends. Care about your future, instead of remaining stuck in the past. Never compare your life with anyone else!


I hope that 15 Ways to Get Over a Breakup, Like, Right Now have made you feel better about your life and its purpose. Don’t panic. Just stay calm and don’t make quick decisions. All sorts of wounds will heal, provided you are willing enough. Let the scars stay; they will tell you that you survived and came out as a better person. Make use of your breakup to rebuild yourself – much stronger and happier!