30 Best Qualities Of A Good Husband Every Woman Wants

Every woman dreams of having a perfect husband someday. Here are 30 qualities and attributes every woman wants in a good husband.

By Joyce Ann Washington
30 Best Qualities Of A Good Husband Every Woman Wants

Qualities All Good Husbands Need

There are many different attributes a good husband should have. Whether it's mowing the lawn, or walking the dog, or watching the kids while you have a nice evening with your girlfriends, he has to be there to support you. There are many good qualities a woman needs out of the man she chooses to marry. Below are 30 different qualities and attributes that make a good husband.

1. A Good Husband Accepts Your Bad Qualities

A good husband will accept the good and bad things about you. If this man wants to marry you, he has to take into consideration that you are not perfect, and you are going to make mistakes, and you have to be willing to do the same for him. No woman or man will be perfect, and neither of you should have to hide your true selves in order to make the other happy. A good attribute a great husband would have is allowing you to be true to who you are and not try to change you into a mold that suits him. You should be able to feel safe about being yourself, and he should give you the freedom to do so without judgement.

2. A Good Husband Is There When You Need Him

Things happen all the time in life and a good husband should always be there when you need him, not just when it is convenient for him. For example, let’s say your car breaks down in the middle of the road and you need your husband to pick you up or even just wait with you while the tow truck is coming. Even if he is having a Guy’s Night, he’ll stop what he is doing to assist you. No man should leave his woman strained.

3. He Considers You When Making Decisions

No matter how big or small the decision is, a good husband will be sure that he considers you and your opinion at all times. Marriage is about a partnership, there is no reason that your husband should come home one day and tell you he's moving to France for work without consulting with you first. Even though it may be hard to always consider someone else before making decisions, a good husband will also consider your feelings before doing anything.

4. A Good Husband Pampers You

A good husband will always pamper his wife if he loves her. Pampering you doesn't always mean paying for you to go shopping or paying for you to go to spa, even though those things are nice. Simple things like him being home with the kids so you can go to dinner with some girlfriends or making you dinner for a change. Or even just buying you a rose or send you cute text messages to you. As long as you husband gives you attention and do sweet things for you, he loves you and he's a keeper.

5. A Good Husband Has A Sense Of Humor

A good sense of humor is important in a relationship. The two of you should be able to laugh and joke around with each other instead of things always being serious. It can be a strain on the relationship if you guys never joke around with each other. Your husband should always be willing to enjoy funny banters and silly joke arguments with you without taking things too seriously. It will get boring when all of your jokes are overlooked and he does reciprocate the funniness.

6. A Good Husband Spends Quality Time With You

If you marry someone, he should definitely want to spend quality time with you. When it comes to your most exciting activities or hobbies, maybe once or twice your husband joins you or you two go to the movies every month together. Even when you two are married you should never stop dating each other and doing fun things together. Even if it's just a trip to the grocery store, you two shouldn't just feel like roommates on a "hi" and "bye basis. A good husband will always make time to spend with his wife.

7. A Good Husband Is Supportive

A good husband is always supportive of this wife. He should always support your dreams and decisions and be open and honest with you. He will be there to help pick you up when things fall through and continue to have your back through thick and thin.

8. He Makes You A Better Person

In a healthy relationship, both people have to have qualities and attributes to help make the other person be better. Life and relationships in general are about growth, so if you aren't growing, then you should be in the marriage. A man and a woman are supposed to push their significant other to do better and stay motivated in life. The perfect relationship would involve two parties always wanting the best for each other and making sure the other continues to strive towards greatness. A good husband will help bring out the best qualities in you, and always encourages and makes you want more for yourself.

9. He Accepts Responsibility For His Mistakes

A good husband should definitely own up to his mistakes. No woman wants a man who is constantly blaming the outside world for every bad thing that he does. If he is wrong or has done something that didn't leave you feeling happy, and he knows that it didn't make you happy, then as a good husband, he should be willing to take responsibility for his actions and apologize. He should never make you or anyone else feel bad for something that he did wrong, and a good husband wouldn't put you in the predicament.

10. He Compliments You

Another one of the attributes a good husband need is to always compliment his wife. Even if he tells you once a day that you are beautiful, he should never stop telling you that you're pretty or smart. A good husband will always make his wife feel perfect and never let her feel like she's not good enough. Even if you two have been married for many years, he should still make you feel young, youthful, and as pretty as the day you two first met.

11. A Good Husband Is Dependable

A good husband is also someone you can depend on. When things aren't going right in life, you can trust that he is helping pick up the slack so that your family is in good standings whether it be financially or emotionally. They may not always be grant gestures, but things like starting dinner when you may get home late from work or doing the chores while you have a fever. A good husband is always a man who you know has your back no matter what.

12. A Good Husband Respects His Wife

Another one of the attributes a good husband needs is to respect the woman he has chosen to marry. Your opinion and feeling do matter and a good husband should have the qualities to show that he does care and respects you. If he puts you down every chance he gets and ignores all your desires, wants, and needs, and only does things that he likes and disregards you, he doesn't respect you. A good husband should always take you into consideration when he's making plans and ask you how you feel about certain things. You don't marry a person and just ignore all of their feelings and constantly have them in emotional distraught. If he doesn't think about you before making decisions, have open communication, or takes into consideration your feelings, he isn't a good husband and he doesn't respect you.

13. He Doesn't Kill Your Dreams And Aspirations

A good husband should never make you feel bad about the things that you want to accomplish in life. If he loves you, he will push you to go after you dreams instead of telling you that you aren't good enough. He pumps you up and keeps you accountable for all of the things that you want to accomplish. It has to work both ways. Wives are always expected to stand behind her husband, and she has to put her dreams on the back burner. A good husband will even help you plan and have open communication with you about what you want to do with your life. He is open to listening and helping you accomplish hard obstacles you are facing when your dreams seem to be crumbling and pick you back up on your feet.

14. He Makes An Effort To Ensure The Marriage Works

A good husband always tries to help make the marriage work. He does not let you always try to fix the problems in you two's relationship by yourself. Even when you two are having a rough patch in your relationship, he doesn't just walk out of the relationship and pursue someone else. A good husband will always try to work out the issues that you are having and work with you to iron out the wrinkles. It shows how much a husband cares about your marriage if he is always willing to stay and ensure the marriage works.

15. A Good Husband Helps With Chores

This isn't the 1950s. Women work outside the house and no good husband today will let you work outside the house and then come home and cook, clean and take care of the kids by yourself while he sits around and watches television. He will always help you with the house chores and cooking and being present in your kids' lives as the children deserve. Marriage is a partnership, and both parties have to split the chores and responsibilities equally.

16. He Isn't Physically Abusive

No good husband abuses his wife, not just physically, but emotionally or mentally. If your husband is a good husband, even if he is angry with you are you two are in the heat of an argument, he would remove himself from the situation or room before he puts his hands on you. Your husband is not a good husband if he hits you, bites you, shoves you or any other sort of physical abuse. If he loves you, then he will respect you and be gentle. If you are experiencing any sort of abuse in your relationship, you need to remove yourself from the situation and seek help.

17. He Doesn't Neglect Your Sexual Needs

Although a lot of men enjoy sex, some don't always perform their best when it happens to pleasing his woman. It is very selfish if your husband is only getting his needs met in the bedroom and it's not fair to you. If he is a good husband, he should be open to your sexual desires and what you enjoy to do or the new things you'd like to try. For most, men are quicker to "explode" before women, but there are other techniques he can do to keep you satisfied.

18. A Good Husband Compromises

There should always be a give and take in the relationship. Not one person should be doing all of the giving while the other person sits there getting everything they want. Your husband should be willing to sacrifice some things to make you happy and make the relationship work. For example, if your husband has weekly golf nights on Tuesday nights, but you have a work meeting you can't miss and you two can't find a babysitter, he should be willing to miss one night of golfing to take care of the kids.

19. He Doesn't Cheat

There is no good husband on this planet that would cheat on his wife and no have remorse. Actually, no good husband would cheat on you ever! Mistakes happen, but there is no reason for your husband to stray for the relationship if he loves you. All relationships have their ups and downs, but those sorts of issues should and could be worked out without someone having to cheat. A husband who loves you should only act on his desires to have sex with you.

20. He's A Good Father Or Loves Children

If you plan on having kids with the man you marry, you are going to want him to be a good father figure. In order to be a good husband and a good father, your man cannot be absent when the kids are around. He has to listen and spend quality time with your children; talk to the kids, interact with them, listen to your kids’ dreams and aspirations. A father husband will try to be available for sports events or musical performance. In you want your husband to be a good father, he has to be willing to consider your children's feelings and help them make decisions when they are looking for assistance of any sort. Overall, if you want to start a family, a good husband will interact and be involved with your kids’ life.

21. A Good Husband Puts His Wife First

Your husband should always think about your feeling and make sure you are good and have everything you need. He should honor you and make sure that you always at the top of his priority list. If he makes sure you are at the top of his list, it shows that he isn't self-centered and that will make your relationship stronger. If you have kids, it will also show them how to treat others and not always be selfish in every matter. Keep in mind that you do have to make sure you put him first also so he's not the only one making sacrifices in the relationship. There have to be an equal balance of give and take. He can get emotionally drained if he's always giving in to your needs and you are doing the same for him.

22. A Good Husband Is A Good Listener

A good husband will always listen to his wife. If you need help running errands because you're too busy or you have some feelings that you would like to get off your back, he is there to listen. It is important for a good husband to listen to his wife because it makes communication and a partnership easier. If your husband doesn't listen to you, it can be frustrating. Sometimes you feel like all of your emotions are bottled up and you just need a friend to talk to. A good husband should always make you feel like you are valued and give you his undivided attention when you need to get certain concerns off your chest. You should never feel like you are talking to a wall. A good husband makes you feel heard when you speak to him.

23. A Good Husband Takes Care Of Himself

Another one of the important qualities of a good husband is that he takes care of himself. A man taking care of himself could be a number of things. Some things he could do are to take care of his personal hygiene, his appearance, and his mental and physical. Being a good husband requires a man taking care of himself because it makes him more likely to be the provider for his family. It's pretty hard to keep a good job if a man lacks good personal hygiene. A good husband takes care are his health and makes sure that his family is always taken care of.

24. A Good Husband Views You As A Partner

Another quality of a good husband is if he sees you and treats you as a partner. All good marriages are about partnership and building a union or a team together. A good husband will consult with you before making decisions and treat you as an equal rather than subordinate. You will have say in things like how you’ll raise your kids or how bills will be paid. A good husband takes into consideration your concerns so that the relationship is balanced out and there isn’t just one person (him) making all of the important decisions. Also he respects your thoughts and listens to your ideas and contribution about your life together.

25. He Is Sensitive To Your Feelings

A good husband is sensitive to your feelings. He should always be kind and understanding when you are talking about things that make you sad or insecure and not make you feel bad. When you are in need of someone to talk to, he is willing to listen to you and not criticize you for things that are important and touchy topics to you. A sensitive husband will also respect your feelings and values and not treat you poorly. He can also sense when you feel down and sit you down and talk to you or ask you what's bothering you. A good husband is overall caring about your feelings.

26. He Is Understanding

Being understanding is good for both people in the relationship. An understanding husband is a man who takes into consideration for how you feel and what hurts you, what you like, and other important aspects about you. Your feelings and what you deem as important should be considered by your husband. Even if he doesn't get where you're coming from all the time, he should still try to understand how you feel about certain things and why you do things a certain way and not judge you for it.

27. A Good Husband Is Trustworthy

You should always be able to trust your husband. Checking his phone every night to make sure he isn't checking or following him on his way to the bar with his guy friends are sort of stalker-like behavior and you should trust him. Allow him to make his own decisions without you breathing down his back and micromanaging his every move.

28. A Good Husband Is Goal-Orientated

A goal-orientated man is important. He will always want to strengthen his character and weaknesses and become a better man. A good husband is not perfect, but he is always trying to be the best version of himself for himself, you, and your kids. If your husband refuses to change qualities about himself that hurt you or put you in distress, he doesn't care about you, and therefore he isn't a good husband.

29. He Has Common Values With You

If you husband doesn't have common interest and values as you. That will definitely make the relationship hard. You two will butt heads a lot if you two don't have something in common. Not everything between you two need to be exactly the same, but you two have to be on the same page for a lot of issues. Things like core values, where you two would like to live and the lifestyle you'd like have are important things that need to match between you two.

30. Qualities Of Faithfulness

Being faithful is important for any relationship to work. No good husband will be out late at cheating on you with other women. You should never feel like there is a possibility that your husband is cheating on you. This doesn't mean that your husband can't have female friends, because there should be trust, but he should know that flirting with other women at a bar on a late Friday night while he's out with his boys is unacceptable, and he should know how to control his urges.

Final Thoughts On Qualities Every Good Husband Needs

There are many qualities that are perfect for a good husband. A man who is dependable, faithful, respectful, and helpful, are just the tips of the iceberg. A good husband also has to push you to strive for your goals and never make you feel bad for wanting to accomplish things in life. A good husband makes you comfortable in your own skin and makes you feel loved and true to yourself at all times. You should be able to be unapologetically you and he accepts that. There are so many qualities and attributes to make a good husband perfect for you and these are just a few. As long as he is keeping you happy and wishing the best for you, and is kind, he is halfway there to having the qualities of a good husband.