15 Common Tricks Guys Use When They Just Want To Get In Your Pants

Remember the sting you felt when you realized a guy was just after your “cookie”? Learn the signs that he wants to get in your pants and tricks to avoid this.

By Sylverlne Odili
15 Common Tricks Guys Use When They Just Want To Get In Your Pants

15 Common Tricks Guys Use When They Just Want To Get In Your Pants

When you get to meet that guy that eventually sweep you off your feet,  giving you a macho complimenting smile like he was just created for it (We’ve been there before), he just comes through with the right words shattering every question before they come out, his sweet words, smooth action. Come on! He’s experienced and you are meant to see those you are a lady. You try avoiding him and flirt around casually while resisting those expected invitations like  ‘could we meet at the restaurant downtown’ with your “I should be busy and not available” reply.
You’ve got to realize that a relationship has got much more to offer than sex because you just can’t keep that guy if he’s not into you even when you believe he’s too good not to be true.
These are red flag signs that he just wants to get into your pants.

1. He promises you love and also promises a relationship

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A lot of ladies wants to be very sure that they are in love with a guy before they actually go on a date with him or even go to bed with him. The reverse is the case when it comes to the man who needs to actually explore by sleeping with the lady to build a connection or deeper feelings.

However, some ladies are already aware of this trend, the man tends to show you more attention so he can get into your pants or promise more love and connection if you go to bed with them. The ultimate difference lies in how the men and women develop feelings for each other.

Sometimes it comes true,  but in most and often cases it is a sign he just wants your pants down… Watch him closely.

2. He begins to convince you of how good his skills are on bed


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This shouldn’t come up in the beginning if his intentions are genuine. However, you can really tell if this is a sign he just wants your pants down when he always initiates the topic about sex suspiciously often. He begins by a little brag about his skills and sets in by asking you what you’d like on bed, what you would prefer to try, what have you not tried what you are definitely open to trying. Upon becoming aware of those preferences, he begins to tell you more on how good his skills have become and accolades he received from ladies about those preferences he just learnt about from you ingeniously.

There is a chance he could be different but it’s very cool for you as a lady to ponder on reasons why he feels the need to repeat this same topic so easily over and over. It could very much mean he is trying tricks to make you excited with the idea of sleeping with him which could be a sign he just wants to get into your pants.

3. There are signs his mind is absent when you hang out him

When you hang out with him you expect to spend quality time together which is not a one-sided feature. If he loses attention easily from you to his gadgets and he scrolls through his phone easily the entire time you hanging out with him, then he is surely not for keeps. You can’t obviously be in a competition with his gadget during a one on one hang out exclusively for the two of you.

A guy who pays more attention to you only when you are naked is a sign of the fact that he is just about your pants. Run!

4. Wow I have never met someone like you and other "he wants you" schemes of flattery

When en route to a girl's pants, guys make use of the power of flattery.  This is bad but really true as sometimes it works because the lady in question has low self-esteem and has the belief that "if he sleeps with me he will love me better." Let’s bring a scientific approach to this. After sex the releases a hormone called oxytocin which makes you feel attached to the person you just had sex with. For ladies it could take about 2 weeks for that hormone to keep you attached to the person you slept with, while for guys it only takes 48hours. 

5. He just gets up immediately after sex

When the guy leaves right after having sex due to some cheap excuses, it is just obvious he is not in for anything serious apart from getting to your pants. Since there are no feelings attached he gets up and leaves.

6. He wants you tipsy at every opportunity

When there are wine shots on the table he lets you on more shots because he wants you to just let down your reserve and guard down. In doing this he lets his confidence up after a couple of drinks and he now believes you will be supple enough to sleep with him.  If he happens to be that guy that just likes you to get drunk so you could help drop you off in his house, quit right now while you have a clear head. This could be a sign he is just out for getting in your pants.

7. He talks highly about himself too often.

Nothing could be more irritating than when you discover your guy doesn’t make an effort to know you but spends the better part of the time telling you more about himself.

As time goes on and you notice he doesn’t just really ask you anything personal the chances are that he doesn’t have any interest in you. He really doesn’t care about you.

The sign is this: if he cares about you he surely wants to learn things about you so that he could share a common ground with you. If not, getting into your pants is the only goal.

8. He puts a lot of admirable efforts on you and asks to get in your pants in return

Acting like a perfect gentleman is one way guys out there get to manipulate willing women into sleeping with them. He does your chores, spends a lot of time with you, etcetera. You think and feel like the queen of his heart until he states the real deal he wants from you.

Herein the manipulation sets in because you wouldn’t want to lose someone who treats you so well, so you tend to agree with whatever he wants. When he is denied sex on request his reaction to denial will tell you if he just wants your pants. If he doesn’t take it well it's likely he’s the guy we are talking about.

9. He’ll always threaten a breakup

When this pops up a couple of times just know he just wants to get into your pants. If he threatens to break up with you just because you don’t get to sleep with him, he’s not a guy you want to keep around because he feels an entitlement to your body. How sad!

10. He tries shooting down your self esteem

This part is a tricky spot experienced players often use. When this experienced guy meets this girl he puts her up on a conversation via any medium be it calls, social media or texts until he gets her very interested in him.

 He takes the low self-esteem shot when he notices she doesn't put out easily and follows through with gentle and obscure criticism and giving her a clue that being intimate with her will make him like her better.

To brush it off, a woman would have to secure her guard while not allowing it affect her ego while a woman who lets it affect her ego feels that a guy she likes has said something negative about her. In order to redeem his interest she tries to please him by sleeping with him. This is how she falls victim to an experienced player who is just interested in getting into her pants.

11. He painlessly does the odd things

If the guy constantly comments about other girls on how hot they look and so on, he is obviously not into the relationship but just committed getting your pants down.

The guy is not interested in how you feel and then he begins to show signs of disrespect. Who stays with an inconsiderate guy?

12. He comes around right after you have experienced a breakup

The most susceptible woman is the one who just went through a heartbreak.  Her guard is down, her self-esteem is at its lowest point, and she’s lonely and may be looking forward to a comeback. 

Here is a guy who’s been acting like a shoulder to cry on, a friend she could confide in without any sign of fear or doubt. Since she is willing to welcome any form of affection she falls victim to a guy who is just interested in getting into her pants.

13. He makes you feel sleeping with him is a privilege

Instead of telling you about his skills like we pointed out earlier so he doesn’t look like he just interested in your pants, he employs in a new technique of telling you that he hasn’t slept with lots of partners out of many he has met. He may say he only sleep with people who he considers special.

 He finally shows the signs that he’s not the right guy when he tells the same thing over and over in an attempt to convince you to sleep with him. 

14. He takes you for granted


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When you find out your whole life is built around him and you are the only one putting in the effort, remember that it is supposed to be a synergy with both of you.

You know he just isn't that into you when you are always the one who initiates hangouts. If you constantly drive to his place but he never makes an effort to come to your place, know that he probably doesn't like you as much as you like him. He may just want to get into your pants.

15. You get that feeling and see the signs that he’s the wrong guy

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Sometimes you need to listen to your instincts and I mean sometimes. Being in a meaningful relationship is different from being a side chick when you are fixing up with an experienced player.

The player wants to chase you and make you look like a queen without showing signs of his main goal (getting into your pants). It is important you stay ahead by stepping away if you are not convinced. Anything that makes you happy will not come from a guy with bad intentions.


It is quite hurtful when you discover the guy you want something special with only wanted to get into your pants. To protect yourself, always keep these 15 points at heart.