15 Best Songs About Sex!

From David Bowie to Nicki Minaj, these are all the songs you need to make your playlist juicier!

By Kimmy
15 Best Songs About Sex!

Songs About Sex, Is It A Trend?

Songs about sex or sexuality is hardly a modern day invention. Even in several decades ago, well-respected signers and songwriters like David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Madonna are constantly challenging the world we perceive. They have created music hinting or directly indicating to sex, expressing and freeing themselves from the boundaries society had on them.

However, it is true that more and more singers have joined the list to celebrate sex in their music. They take to their platform to express their feelings about sex. In the recent decade, more hit-pop and rap songs are about women and their body. While some find the lyrics are often demeaning and insulting to women, a lot enjoy the freedom in writing about sex as compared to decades ago.

Curious to know the best songs about sex? Here are 15 popular songs about sex that you should know about!

1. WAP - Cardi B ft, Megan Thee Stallion

Cardi B is no stranger to writing sex songs. In one of her biggest hits, WAP (Wet-Ass Pussy) has created the dance challenge frenzy around the world. In the song, Cardi B sings about a girl who doesn't want her boyfriend to cum inside her and all the wild things about a WAP.

WAP has gained popularity both because of the forward lyrics and the powerful dance moves. Till this day, it's still one of everyone's favorite songs about sex!

2. Moonage Daydream - David Bowie

How can we forget a legend like David Bowie? He was well-adored by his million of fans for his ability to express his sexuality through his music. He encouraged fans to follow their heart and not be shy to show who they truly are. The legend will forever be missed.

Through his poetic lyrics, things are not as outspoken as modern day pop songs, yet suggestive enough that you get what he is hinting at. The perfect balance of sex and innocence at the same time. Some good memories will never be forgotten and David Bowie will always be an icon in his field for his contribution for the music industry and his somewhat wacky images back in the days.

3. Like A Virgin - Madonna

Another great music icon forever engraved in the millennials' heart. Madonna was the role model to inspire all the young ladies to step up and break free of social construct back in the days when women had more restrictions than today. Her iconic cone bra says a lot about this superstar's style and her fierce for expressing her feminine side.

As the song goes, "Like a virgin, touched for the very first time", a line that almost everyone knows even nowadays. How can this not be one of the greatest songs about sex?

4. Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

The hot music video was once drawn to much criticism as viewers find it too "exposing" and "porn-like". However, the "Starship" singer, as always, has firmly defended her work. It's a way for her to express her feelings and keep the world interesting. After all, we should all be able to talk about sex publicly without feeling shameful, right?

Nicki Minaj has always been direct in her lyrics. She never disguises the sex words used. Keep it real is probably a motto the popular singer lives by.

5. I’m a Slave 4 U - Britney Spears

This song probably, on a certain level, describes how the singer actually felt with rumors circulating her financial situation and her aggressively controlled career. The song talks about a girl having her feelings ignored and necglected as everyone feels she is young and innocent. She is screaming for her feelings to be heard and understood.

Not too far from reality for the controversial star. And it's something very relatable for all. We've all gone through stages in life where we're treated like little girls and it felt like no one understood us.

6. Adore You - Miley Cyrus

The once rebellious girl has found her voice and is using her talent to give a brand new side of her to her audience. Everyone's favorite "Adore You" is about a girl crying for the one she loves to return her love. It's surely one of the best sex songs to put on your playlist!

7. Lollipop - Lil Wayne

If you are ever lacking words to describe the act of licking, you will find all your inspiratoin in this song. Possibly one of the most extensive songs in history to hint about licking a dick like a lollipop. Lil Wayne has got a big hit from this song as fans blast the catchy pop everywhere in nightclubs.

Who doesn't like a juicy lollipop?

8. Feelin’ Myself - Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce

Women's pleasure is not talked enough in the society and this song is here to change that. Two of the top singers are singing about women's sex and how girls are in control of their body and themselves. They are not here to pleasure men. They are here to pleasure themselves.

For anyone standing strong for the girls' squad, it's time to put this on your playlist and appreciate what girls can do for themselves!

9. I Want Your Sex - George Michael

It's always good to be direct. George Michael brings to you the song that dissects what most men are thinking. They are patient and they are waiting. But they want just want to have sex with you and sometimes their patience runs out. If asking a girl up front isn't the way to go, then perhaps singing her a song to ask for permission is the romantic way to succeed?

10. Side To Side - Ariana Grande ft, Nicki Minaj

Running after a hot boy and riding him like in your dreams till you cannot walk is a fantasy. It's nice to think about what can happen and how rough sex can be the best sex. Not even the best girl can handle being with a man like him.

All these lines are arousing and of course, Ariana Grande has just the right voice to make the sex song even better! One thing for sure when Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande are in the same frame, expect the best and most powerful dance moves of all time!

11. Your Body Is a Wonderland - John Mayer

Well, isn't all girls a mysterious wonderland of her own? John Mayer has described the exciting feeling every guy has when discovering the body of his dream. You are willing to give everything to the girl you desire. If she wants your love, it's hers. If you wants you, even better.

The song poetically talks about a guy discovering the body of his girl. Some of the metaphors are cute and still relevant today.

12. Naughty Girl - Beyonce

Let Beyonce teach you how every woman should feel sexy and naughty at the same time. Girls should be proud of their body and find themselves attractive. Listen to the queen Bee. If she says you are sexy, you are sexy. It's time to be crazy and be a naughty girl for once.

Get rid of what people around you expect from you. Live for yourself and be a kinky girl for the night! Hop on the dance floor for some more and party till your pants drop.

13. Sex Machine - James Brown

Time to get to business. Let your baby go down and do the thing! Once you turn this sex machine on, there is no turning back. This sex machine will ride you till you reach heaven and blow you till you see the stars. Get up for the sex machine!

It's perfect to have another throwback song on your playlist. For sex songs, time really does brew a song to be a classic. It just gets better and better.

14. Kiss It Better - Rihanna

No one masters a sex song better than the queen Rihanna herself. Kiss It Better should already be in your playlist. Who wants to miss out on Ri-Ri telling all the boys to kiss it right and kiss it tight? Leave a love mark or just take it back.

If we are making a list of sex songs, Rihanna surely deserves her own sex song playlists as she just creates the best songs about sex!

15. My Humps - Black Eyed Peas

A classic from the hilarious Black Eyed Peas. Putting in the fun in sex! Sex is arousing and erotic but it can be humorous and fun at the same time. Look at how the famous band is rocking it. Sometimes, you need that funny sex songs to laugh with when you want a change of mood.


Sex songs can be about everything! All the variety is what makes the playlist so great and wonderful. If you don't already have these 15 songs on your playlist, it's time to add them there before you regret it. Play these funky, romantic, and sexy songs for a night to enjoy yourself!