15 Dirty Things to Do to Your Man

Feeling a little naughty to your man? These ideas will make your love life exciting!

By Kimmy
15 Dirty Things to Do to Your Man

Should You Do Dirty Things To Your Man?

Doing dirty things to your man is a bonding experience to strengthen your relationship. After a while, most couples go through the drought phase, where sex doesn't seem exciting and you don't find each other's body sexy anymore. During this time, you still love each other and perhaps are putitng on the focus to the spiritual side. But, you should never lose attraction to your partner.

Doing dirty things to your man can arouse that raw desire in him to want you. The lust connects you physically and enhance the relationship. There are many things you can do to your man and sometimes, a silly move can make his day. Whether is BDSM, or sending him nudes in his office, there are plenty of things you can do to make your man want you more.

There are 15 things you should do to your man!

15 Dirty Things to Do to Your Man

1. Put Ice Cubes On Him

The sensation of ice cubes on his body can be a fun play to try in bed. Ice cubes brings an extreme sensation and can be very arousing. To make it more fun, you can play games naked and whoever loses has to suck the ice cube off of the other person's body.

Time to store some ice cubes in the fridge so you don't run out of game night ideas!

2. No Touching

How a no-touching policy can be a dirty thing? In fact, it can be the dirtiest thing you can do to your man. The no-touching policy isn't to play hard-to-get, but to turn your man on so hard that when you finally have sex, it's off the roof.

Dress up sexily and post in all kinds of erotic moves without letting him touch you. He can only look. After a day, you will find him working for your body much harder. Don't overdo it, make your man want you and work for you. Then, give him what he wants. You will experience the best sex ever after not touching each other for a few days.

3. Pole Dance For Him

Men mostly find pole dancers attractive when they flang their body like a cat. Practise pole dancing and give your man a surprise. Pole dancing emphasize the balance and flexibility of a girl, just what your man would like. Besides, your man will love stripping you down as you dance. Pole dancing is a beautiful form of art and a very cool skill to have.

If pole dancing sounds a little too difficult, go for a lap dance instead. No man can resist a lap dance from their girl. Erotic dancing will make your man lust for you and want to have sex with you immediately. A very fine way to get your man hooked.

Pole dancing is one of the hottest dance that men always fall for. If you can learn that, you man will be head over heels following you like a little puppy.

4. Tie Him Up With Blindfold

With consent, of course. Different types of BDSM are getting increasingly popular thanks to many erotic movies like 365 Days. Getting tied up gives off the flaming hot feeling of being dominant for the one tieing their partner up. You may find it surprising that most of the time, it's the man that gets tied up instead of the girl. A lot of men enjoy the submissive feeling of being controlled and led by their partner.

Tie him up with his own necktie on the bed, put a blindfold on him and make him do all the things you want him to. Establish a safe word in case your game is going too far. This is one of the most exciting thing to do to your man.

5. Watch Porn Together

Some couples find it weird to watch porn together. In fact, a lot of couples don't talk about their sex life enough. Porn is a wonderful way for you and your man to access the quality of your sex life and how else you can add value to it.

Arrange a romantic dinner and movie date. Put on a porn afterwards. Instead of Netflix and chill, it can be porn and chill. Couples who watch porn together experience better sex life in general. They can explore what they like, what new tricks to try, and what fetish turn them on.

Besides, there are so many things you can learn from porn, from different positions to location ideas, porn is always the best school to master sex. With porn, you can try out and explore various fetish that could entertain you. Some couples got into BDSM after watching porn together, while others discoverd their foot fetish.

6. Send Him Nudes At Work

Maybe he shouldn't be checking his phone so much during work but who can resist a hot nude pic from their partner? Send him suggestive photos of you eating a banana sexually or posing in your underwear. Then level it up to send him nude pics of your in various locations around the house. These photos will surely want to make your man go straight to the toilet and start jerking it there.

If he likes it, you can even ask him to take a dic pic in the office when no one is watching. The most exciting is always about getting caught. The excitement from trying to avoid being seen by the colleagues and boss makes this trick a hot turn on. This is a great time killers if your man is stuck in a 9-5 with nothing to do.

7. Use A Remote Vibrating Panty

There are many options for your vibrating panties that will make you cum in public over and over again. Give your man the control and you put on the underwear. He should control when he wants to turn it on. You are expecting the unexpectable thrills of a massive orgasm when you are on the bus, in the cinema or even when you are walking.

This is a fun challenge for couples. Your man will be giggling when you try to keep a serious face during your high school reunions knowing you are close to having an orgasmic explosion. Vibrating panties are the top picks for many couples to enjoy a raw, flaming date out in public. Movie dates will never be boring even if you have chosen the wrong movie!

8. Get Him To Watch You Masturbate

That's a very naughty one! Get your man to watch you satisfy yourself but don't let him touch you. Couples like to do that to each other to make the other person lust for them even more. Bring your satisfyer and start performing in front of your partner.

Having your partner watch you please yourself is not something embarassing or awkward. On the contrary, it's great to let your partner have an idea about what you like and dislike in bed. Only by pleasuring yourself, you fully have control to what will give you an orgasm. It's a good learning opportunity for your partner. Lead and guide him so he knows what pleases you and next time, he can masturbate you.

9. Give Him A Dirty Massage

You don't have to just fantasise about a dirty massage. It can easily happen in real life. Lie your partner down on the couch with a towel. Use massage oil and start massaging him in an erotic way. Go from his back to his ass, make sure you sweep it up his crack. Turn him over and suck on his nipples, then move your way down to his balls. Massage them with oil. Finally, give a wonderful hand job to finish it off.

Dirty massages are said by many couples to be great ways to bond with each other. It's sexy and relaxing at the same time. Who doesn't like a good massage after a long day of work with a happy ending?

10. Cock RIng

Cock rings are one of the sexiest, hottest items you can give to your man. A cock ring refers to a ring you put on your cock to keep the bloodflow up so you can stay erected. Men lusting for a long-lasting performance or have problems staying up will use a cock ring to help.

Aside from helping the physical form, cock rings can come with the design the please the girl when her clitoris touches it. It's the best sensations for both sides.


These 15 things are hot, sexy, and arousing. With these tricks and ideas up your sleeves, your man will never stop thinking about an attractive girl like you! Time to start doing these dirty things to your man to make things spicier!