15 Things Uncircumcised Guys Want You to Know

By Michele
15 Things Uncircumcised Guys Want You to Know

Here, I will discuss everything that you need to know about uncircumcised penises. Sex is fun, but sometimes it can get thorny. There are several questions, related to sex, which are left unanswered and eventually disturb the sexual life of men and women. The sole purpose of such topics is to help and educate people about things that are not discussed fairly.

There are a lot of sexual issues, which we cannot discuss with our elders or even friends so what should we do? Well search over the internet and read legit blogs that address sexual FAQs. In all of my articles, you will find helpful material as I have the habit of reading and searching extensively. I hope that you find this topic 15 Things Uncircumcised Guys Want You to Know helpful.

What is the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis?

Source: https://patients.uroweb.org

The major difference between a cut and uncut penis is the presence of additional skin around the penis shaft. Here, I will discuss how this difference affects sexual function and other factors.

Effect on penis size

Uncut: Due to the presence of extra skin an uncut penis can appear beefy especially when it is soft. While during erection the additional foreskin almost vanishes.

Cut: Penis size is based on a person’s genes. A cut penis might appear a bit thin when flaccid.

The penis size only increases when the flow of blood to penile tissues intensifies. Thus removing the foreskin doesn’t have any significant impact on the appearance of the penis while erect.

Effect on the overall appearance

Uncut: Foreskin covers the head of the penis just like a hood when it’s not erect. And when it is erect it moves back to the shaft and gives a bunched-up look.

Cut: Cut penis has no foreskin, which exposes the glans completely. It does not matter if the penis is erect or not.

The presence of foreskin might give a tougher or thicker look when the penis is down. When erect it won’t make any difference.

Effect on hygiene

Uncut: An uncut penis requires proper cleaning. If the attention towards cleanliness is poor, it can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and dead skin, which can cause the buildup of smegma. Smegma can leave an unpleasant smell or cause inflammation of the foreskin and that would be extremely uncomfortable. If any such condition arises, it is recommended to seek medical attention right away. Negligence can lead to further problems.  

Cut: A penis having no foreskin is very easy to clean. While taking a shower properly cleanse the area around your penis and you are done.

The presence of the foreskin makes it somewhat difficult to clean the internal area. The foreskin must not be pulled or examined vigorously, as it could be highly painful.

Effect on sexual stimulation

Uncut: According to medical research it was found that the foreskin is extremely sensitive to touch. But it was also concluded that sexual experience is the same for an uncut or cut penis.

Cut: According to medical research, it was found that men having cut penises reported some orgasm challenges. Later, this founding was challenged and rebuked.

The foreskin doesn’t enhance or diminish sexual pleasure. The level of orgasm is the same for a cut or uncut penis.

Effect on lubrication

Uncut: It is amazing to note here that the foreskin provides a considerable amount of natural lubrication during the action. So you might need a little less lube.

Cut: It can be easily understood that having no additional skin will require more lubrication, especially during anal sex.

It is not a problematic issue for cut guys. Sex experts always recommend using plenty of lube for both cut and uncut guys.

Effect on sperm production

Uncut: Sperm production is linked with your testicles. And that production is based on your overall health, lifestyle, and diet. The foreskin has nothing to do with it.

Cut: Same goes for the cut guys; they have no edge over uncut guys here.

It is the same for cut and uncut guys; your fertility depends on the additional factors listed above.

Effect on health

Uncut: This must be made prominent here that uncut guys are at a greater risk of developing penile cancer, as they are exposed to phimosis and smegma. Having good penis hygiene matters a lot for the uncut guys.

Cut: Having no foreskin prevents the chances of penile and cervical cancer for men.

Hygiene matters a lot for the uncut dudes. Special care should be taken while cleaning the penis.

So the only major difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis is that additional care needs to be taken by the uncircumcised guys. Else everything is normal and the same when it comes to sex and pleasure.

15 Things Uncircumcised Guys Want You to Know

Perhaps you are currently dating an uncircumcised guy and want to know everything about it. Here, I will discuss 15 important points that every uncut guy wants you to know.

1. It is not weird

Yeah being uncut is normal. There is no need to worry or stress over the fact that your guy has some foreskin on. Visually it might be somewhat different from a cut penis, but when it comes down to sex you would not experience any difference. So the level of fun is the same!

2. It is not dirty

Being uncut does not mean that a guy is unhygienic. Proper washing and cleansing would do the job. You would not notice any sort of smell or accumulation of dead skin. It depends on personal hygiene, which a guy would attend to.

3. It is extremely sensitive

Yes, can be sensitive to touch, as the foreskin hides the thin skin present over the penis. It can be exciting for the guy to experience a different level of sensitivity. But when it comes to the quality of orgasm, an uncut guy will have the same sexual pinnacle as a cut guy.

4. Best for a hand job

As I have stated above that uncut penises offer some degree of self-lubrication so it makes it ideal for an uncut guy to have more fun during a hand job. Sliding the penis up and down with the hand makes the job easier due to the presence of internal moisture.

5. It is totally common

There are nearly 70% of the uncut guys. So it is a common thing. But in the USA most of the guys are getting circumcised.

6. No need to feel uncomfortable

If you see an uncut guy, don’t make him feel bad about the appearance of his penis. It is truly natural. Maintain a good level of mutual respect.

7. Do not judge

If you start passing comments it might make your guy feel uncomfortable. Each penis cut or uncut is unique and that is the sexy part.

8. You will enjoy

Most of the girls think that an uncut penis would not help reach climax. Make it clear, once it is erect and inside, you will enjoy it like any other cut penis. You would not feel any difference.

9. Yes there is ahead too

Source: https://patients.uroweb.org

Some girls even have this misconception that an uncut guy doesn’t have a proper head. Well, it is there but hidden beneath the extra skin.

10. Do communicate

If you have any issues or questions, discuss them with your partner in a decent manner. He will for sure tell you everything about his hooded guy!

11. You need to be gentle

As the foreskin covers the highly sensitive penile area, you need to be careful while giving your guy a blow job or a hand job. No need to grab too tight or go too fast.

12. Learn from him

He knows his little guy better than you do. So ask him how you need to handle it so that he enjoys it to the maximum extent.

13. Show love

When it comes to the foreskin, you will get used to it. All the sensitive nerves attached to the foreskin give intense pleasure to your man. Feel his foreskin and make things erotic for him.

14. Feel his skin

Though the foreskin slides back when the uncut penis is erect, once he is inside you, you will feel his skin going up and down inside your vagina. Additional pleasure!

15. Try different positions

To have the best out of an uncut penis, I would recommend doing different positions like cowgirl, standing missionary, and the bridge.


I hope that this read has cleared misconceptions about an uncut penis. There is no need to worry at all, it is safe and clean. You can enjoy sex with an uncut penis and give your man the pleasure he wants. Keep it slow and sensual. Hope you enjoy that extra skin!