Rounding up 2019 with these 11 Best Lip Tints

The best lip tints and balms used by Hollywood to Korean stars

Rounding up 2019 with these 11 Best Lip Tints

Meaning of lip tint vs lip balm - What is the difference

What is lip tint and lip balm?

Lip tints are lip stains and come in glossy and matte finishes. It is in liquid form and stains your lips with lasting color and it is light and comfortable. They are popular across the world because they are easy and versatile to apply. Lip balm is a wax-like substance applied to the lips to moisturize and relieve the dry lips. It often contains camphor, beeswax or carnauba, lanolin, and petrolatum amid other ingredients. Other types contain fragrance, dyes, phenol, flavor, sunscreen and salicylic acid. The lip balm is mainly for protection, care, and nourishment purposes and helps in the prevention of lip dryness and protection from the UV rays.

Lip tint and balm brands used by Hollywood and Korean stars

Lip tint and balms used by Hollywood stars

1. Glam-glow Wet Lip Balm

Glamglow Glamglow Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment Mini

It is a moisture-rich balm and is explicitly made to restore the lost moisture in the dry lips. It aids in providing the lips to look more sensual with moisturizing properties of its kind. It is formulated with cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, murumuru, babassu oil, tamanu oil, Shea butter and enriched with Moroccan mint leaf and kombucha extract. It has a sweet hydrating punch that lasts for an extended period and provides a bright feel to your lips. It is best for the lips that are dry and rough and is easy to be used and not greasy. It can be used in a day or a night.

2. Lip per-fekt

Lip Per-fekt - A Tinted Moisturizing Lip Crayon from Per-fekt Beauty

It is a sheer color balm and is wax free and has moisture to help the lips look hydrated. It helps in restoring fullness and the natural color to your lips. It is perfect lip protection that you can use and has no chaps and no creases. It has beautiful colors that make it a lip tint to be admired by everyone. The buildable gel can be worn or layered with the best lipstick of your choice thus creating luscious lips just in one glide.

3. Terry Baume de Rose.


It has pure rose essential wax, Shea butter, and Bio-ceramides as its ingredient. It smooths rough skin and the chapped lips a favorite for the Hollywood actresses. It also works as a luxe cuticle treatment. It is best for dry flakes, hydrating and plumping. Smooth, thin coat over your lip and reapply throughout the day. You can heal your dry lips by applying a thick layer of it before bed.

4. Send Nudes Lip and cheek tint.


It gives you a rosy and a natural blush on your lips and cheeks. Beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin and coffee seed oil are the ingredients that make up this lip tint. It makes your lips naturally juicy and plump. Swipe it on the lips and apply for a healthy flush on your lips.

Lip tint and balm used by Korean stars

Have you ever wondered the beautiful lips that the Korean celebrities that look natural in spite of the colors they use? Lip tint is all the reasons that make them. Here are the best lip tint and balms that the Korean celebrities use.

5. Natural Pacific lip oil

Natural Pacific LEVRE Lip Oil 8ml Moisturizes & Nourishes Treatment

It is an oil based lip tint which one can use it alone or use with the other lipsticks of your choice. It is a pigmented lip tint and when added to your lipstick will give you shiny lips and a blend of colors. The uniqueness of the lip tint is that one can use it as overnight care for your lips. The lip tint comes in three tones, lightest Hazelnut, Raspberry and the darkest red berry.

6. Son & Park Air lip Cube

Air Tint Lip Cube

It would be your best lip tint ever. It is a cream type tint and does not feel heavy on the lips that will give you the look of a k lipstick but the feel of a lip tint. The pigmentations stay for long durations on your lips even after the products fades away. The stains give a natural look on your lips. Most of the users of the product love the packaging which is in an appropriate cube container which does not take much space on your bag.

7. Nivea lip balm original care

It is a Korean favorite lip balm. It has moisturizing qualities. It has become a favorite lipstick for most of the young stars in Korea. Jung Kook (BTS) and Yunhyeong (Ikon) made a lot of contribution in popularizing it widely by becoming an ambassador of the product.

8. Lip balm of Laneige

Lip Glowy Balm

Actor Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue) during the acting of the Shooting for “The package” film Contributed significantly to make the product widely known and used by many people. It is the best lip balm used by the male idol group Kpop. It has a light color and light shine that provides moisture to your lips during the winter.

Peel off lip stains to try : Lip Gloss Lipstick Lip Glosses Moisturizing Mist Professional Women Lip Care New Original Velvet Liquid Waterproof Non-Stick Cup Matte Lip Gloss Magic Peel Off Mask Long Lasting (# 3 LOVELY PEACH) : Beauty

The peel-off lip stains are applied and have a look of super shiny and sticky lip gloss. After waiting for 15 minutes, the glossy substances dry on the lips and can be peeled off the lips. The wait time differs depending on the brands. Here are the best peels off lip stains to try.

9. Romantic Bear Wow Peel Off Lip Stain

ROMANTIC BEAR Peel Off Long Lasting Lip Colour

It is an excellent Korean lip stain. It has a rose pink shade that looks extremely impressive. It is applied straight from the tube, and it gives an even coat. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to dry. The finished look is divine and pigmented; all the shades are super pigmented. The peel-off lip stain lasts for a whole day and provides a natural and sexy look. The pack comes with six luscious colors that you can coordinate your style daily.

10. Berrisom Peel Off lipstick.

[Berrisom] Oops My Lip Tint Pack (6 Colors)

The lip tint creates a non-smudging, smooth and non-fading color that lasts for 12 hrs. It has a clinical test and provides moisturizing benefits. There nine shades including red, coral, pink, orange peach and orchid tones most are bright in their color, original from Korea.

11. Kurious natural lip tattoo

KURIOUS Natural Lip Gloss Tattoo (Glitter Lip Gloss)

It is an easy temporary peel off lip tint that provides hydration and nourishment to your lips. Put on your lips and wait for about 5 minutes and Kurious will give you a day full of happiness on your lips. It provides a sustained color all day long without reapplying. It is an entirely safe lip tint to be used.

Easy homemade DIY lip tint

The market currently has many lip colors having different kinds of ingredients. Here is a lip tint that you can easily make in your home which only requires four natural ingredients that you can easily find locally in your food stores. The lip tint uses the beetroot juice to provide moisture and protection to your lips. You can purchase packaged beetroot juice or use a juicer to extract the beetroot juice. Follow the following steps to come up with your lip tint;


  • About one coconut oil teaspoon
  • Beeswax pellets ¼ teaspoon
  • Vegetable glycerin 1/8 teaspoon
  • Beetroot juice ¼ teaspoon plus 1/8 teaspoon of it.


  1. Heat coconut oil and beeswax in a small glass bowl in a shallow pan of water until they are completely melted.
  2. Stir the vegetable glycerin and beetroot juice into the melted coconut oil and beeswax mixture until they are incorporated.
  3. Store it in a small jar or pot and d apply the lip tint to your lips as often as needed. It will give you subtle color and shine to your lips.
The coconut oil and vegetable glycerin help in providing moisture to your lips. The beeswax addition protects your lips from the elements and also acts as a barrier to loss of, moisture in your lips. You can also experiment using the following blackberry, elderberry, blueberry, raspberry, and the pomegranate juice to have a different taste of your kind.

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In conclusion, lip tints have become common in the world of beauty. Lips represent an integral part of our oral health, and it calls for proper attention and care. The lip skin is sensitive which make it prone to cracking and chapping. Healthy lips represent the healthy part of our body, and it is critical for the lip tint consumers to research and do a detailed analysis on the best lip tint and balm that contains the best ingredients that will provide care to your lips. Be careful not to use lip tint that will cause harm to your lips since with the growing competitive environment in the world of beauty fake lip tints are prone to be sold in the market.


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