7 Things People Do Not Know About a Stripper's Job

Being a stripper is not as easy as you think and it is hard work!

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7 Things People Do Not Know About a Stripper's Job

Stripping in the US

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Sex industry comes with hundreds of aspects on its own, too often, stripping is considered to be the same as prostitution, one of the oldest professions in the world. Stripping is often looked down upon, most people roll their eyes when they hear someone is a stripper, even though they never met one in person.

It is not hard to understand why strippers get such a stigma. We are taught that using our body to make money is bad, sitting behind a desk 9-5 is good. Most people didn't take the time to look into the stripping industry before they bash them out.

Stripping in most states are strictly regulated. In some states, it is illegal, while in some, it's heavily regulated to provide safety standards to all workers involved. Nevada is one state popular for it. Sex is strictly off the table and strip clubs are often under reviews to protect both customers and performers.

It is predicted that there are over millions of active strippers in the US alone, whether they work in a strip club or online porn site. The business generates billions of dollars each year, regulators try their best to make sure they are properly taxed and no dirty money is involved in the process to ensure a safe environment for all stakeholders. Stripping has become a more open profession through the hard work of performers and public acceptance.

Don't be surprised if you find your friends having worked as a stripper at some point in life. With the sea load of student debts, lots of students each year decide to join the industry to pay off the burden. Curious to know more about the stripping industry? Here are the 7 things you didn't know before!

7 Things You Didn't Know About A Stripper's Job

1. Most of them are large chains run by multinational companies

Saw the run-down strip in the back alley in a shady, dodgy neighbourhood? Think it must be owned by a crackhead smoking a joint behind a tattoo shop? Think again. Most strip clubs are highly organised with large fundings coming in from the mother company, usually a multinational company with chains everywhere.

Running a strip club isn't easy. Troubles brought by customers or even gangsters are expected at times. Owners need to ensure the safety of their employees and customers for more business. Likely you can't get that done if you are a pothead in your living room.

Opening a strip club takes a ton of process and brainwork. It involves questions such as how to improve security, regulation in respective states, workers' welfare and customers' experience. Running a strip club is no difference than running a normal business, if not more effort needed.

2. Sex is strictly forbidden

Your boyfriend isn't going to get any just because he is going to a strip club. Strippers are strictly forbidden to have sex with their clients in 95% of the places. Strip clubs are about fantasy, not sex. A stripper's job is to bring a client's fantasy to life, to feel loved and excited. Depending on how much you pay, you get to interact with a stripper and even hire a booth just for you two. The stripper will take the lead, not you. If she wants you to touch her, you can, and she will let you know when to stop.

Security in a strip club works to make sure no strippers go home with their client after work. This is a profession to be respected. Prostitution is another profession, it's just not what strippers do. In case of harassment by a client, security guards will act promptly to protect the performers. They will not hesitate to throw you out.

3. Strippers pay to work

That's right, strippers don't just get paid for their work. They have to pay in order to be able to work. The rate varies everywhere. Usually a stripper has to pay $80-$150, rates even higher in more well-known strip clubs, to their boss before they can work the night. This is called an "entry fee". Asides from the entry fee, strippers have to tip the DJ, house-mums, their security guards etc,

A successful stripper knows their position well and understands you can't earn if you aren't willing to give. Tipping your housemum and DJ more can give a good impression and they will remember you next time they have a good opportunity for you, such as when a big client comes in and wants a new girl. It's all about the connection. You be good to people and you get more jobs, like an investment.

4. Strippers might be more intelligent than your professor

More than just street-smart, the society no longer expects a stripper to be a dumb blonde that knows nothing. Often times, strippers have to converse with their client and make intelligent small talks to impress them. The diversity of clients' backgrounds may shock you. Any professions, you name it, a stripper has served.

Through the countless nights talking to different clients, a stripper might just be more intelligent than your college professors. Don't be alarmed if you start talking physics to her and find that she knows more than you. Another thing is that a lot of college students, even the ones with the highest grades, choose to be in the stripping industry to pay off their student debts. So they are not your average high-school dropouts.

5. Training is tough

Strippers don't just show up on stage and wing it. It takes years and years of practice to get to where they are. You don't just show up at the club and expect to get hired. At least you need to be flexible or have some sort of dancing background before you would get hired. It's not only about the pretty face.

Strippers usually take time to train a couple of times a week. Before they are allowed on stage they need to shadow senior members in the group to follow their moves and learn how to deal with clients. It's way more professional than you'd think.

6. Strippers don't need to be saved

They aren't some silly teenagers that got sold to a brothel. They entered the industry willingly, mostly for the money. One wrong perception towards strippers is that they are all troubled and they need saving. Well, they don't. They just enjoy the money they make and hope the public would just give them a less hard time for their job nature. It pays their bill.

Although there are indeed criminal organisations involved in some cases, crimes happen everywhere in such industry. This shouldn't take away the hard effort most strippers make to get into the industry out of their own will and trash them as a disgrace of the society. They make their money through hardwork. It's all about mutual concent. Our society places such a negative image on them that a lot of them have to hide their profession from their families not because they find it shameful, but because everyone else finds it shameful.

We can accept people's sexuality but can't accept what people do to make an honest living through hardwork?

7. You probably know someone that has been to a strip club

You'd be surprised who visits a strip club. Clients are from all ages to all professions. Some are just there for a one-time experience while some are loyal customers. Not only creeps visit. Actually there are barely any creeps that would go to a strip club because they would get throw out by the security guards so quick.

Besides, only high-earning clients are able to afford a stripper. It's a very expensive activity and not for the poor. You have to tip the stripper, the DJ, the servers etc. An average spending on a strip club night out can be $200 minimum and can get to $2000 if you get a private booth and drinks etc.

So next time you think strip clubs are for homeless creeps and all your successful, professional friends would never visit, think again. They probably have all been to the same strip club. Or every strip club in town.

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Intense for being a stripper, right? Being a stripper isn't easy. You don't just show up and flank your body and get a ton of money. It takes hard work and practice. You practice your dancing skills, your interpersonal skills, your management skill, etc. A stripper isn't submissive to their client. They are the boss of their clients. They direct what to do and how this night goes. If you don't comply and want things your way, you are out of the club.

Strippers are well-trained for their job to handle any situation that might arise. They are knowledgeable and always ready to engage in small talks with clients. Impressed by their skills? Ditch the prejudice towards strippers today and understand their honest effort to make a living!