Bangkok Nightlife Wiki: Read This Before You Go Head In!

Get to know what's around, dos and don't to enjoy your time!

By Sophia R
Bangkok Nightlife Wiki: Read This Before You Go Head In!

Next Stop, Bangkok

Bangkok has grown and developed as a cosmopolitan city of the 21st century, with more than 10 million inhabitants. While, at the beginning, the immensity of the city and its vibrant and lively streets can intimidate the traveler, those who enjoy their vacations in Bangkok will quickly fall in love with each of its corners for everything they offer: from Exotic temples that speak for themselves from the deep-rooted Buddhist history of Thailand to modern shopping centers, which have made shopping a fundamental part of a holiday in Thailand and its capital.

Bangkok has a series of tourist attractions that will delight its visitors, both for those who are passing through the Thai capital and for whom Bangkok is the unique and final destination of their rest days. That is why Bangkok should be your next stop without any doubt!

15 Things to Do at Night in Bangkok

The sunset in Bangkok is like the change of scenery in a play, an unequivocal signal that something new is going to happen. If during the day cultural activities along with shopping tend to be the protagonists, from now on you can only think of pure fun. Keep reading to find out the best 15 night plans for when in Bangkok!

The "Clean" Nightlife

Bangkok is wonderful in all of its offerings, but the truth is that it has a little dark and more censored side that isn’t fit for everyone. We will be talking about that further on. If you are one of those people that love a normal, calm, and clean night plan, Bangkok has amazing things to show you. The best of them are:

1. Bars and clubs

Party tours have become a very popular, fun way to enter the festive nightlife at the hands of the inhabitants of the city and share the time with other visitors. If you find it appealing, look for Bar Crawls when you get there. It is an amazing way to know more in less time!

There are also some other clubs and bars that you could visit any time you want. Check them out:


The Club at Koi (Silom) Link Club.

Bangkok's Best Nightclub with International DJ Party | The Club@Koi

Koi offers an exclusive club experience in the heart of Bangkok, with spectacular views of the city on the 39th floor that set the stage for an exciting and unforgettable night.

Source: www.tripadvisor

Onyx RCA (Asoke, not far from Sukhumvit) Link

Onyx RCA

ONYX Main Stage opened in 2015 with the shameless great ambition to be the biggest and best dance party ever conceived in Bangkok and one of the main night destinations in Asia. Anyone under 20 are not allowed in the club.


2. Go to the top of the Baiyoke Tower

You will recognize the tallest building in Bangkok by the bright cartel with the phrase Long Live the King that turns on every night at the top of the tower. For 250 Baht ($8) you can go up and have the cocktail that is included with the price, watch the sunset from the bar and then finish going up to the open air rotating platform that is at the top of the building.


Baiyoke Tower Bar

3. Go shopping at the Patpong Market

For those who have wondered where tourists buy fake clothes and watches, Patpong Market is the answer. This market of fake brand products opens at sunset and closes at midnight. On both sides of the market there are strip bars and it is where they make the horrendous but famous ping pong show and some others, which we will be talking about further on.


Patpong Market

4. Have a special dinner at Chao Phraya River

Bangkok has a wide offer to taste all kinds of food and cuisine, from traditional local menus to the most modern international cuisine, from street stalls to exclusive luxury restaurants. But for this time, our recommendation is to take your lovely dinner to the waters of the Chao Phraya River.

Cruises depart from the River City pier (River City Shopping Complex) or from any nearby one. Some companies will pick you up at your accommodation to transfer you to the pier.
The itinerary along the Chao Phraya River is similar in all of them and what makes the difference is the boat, modern or classic, the menu, the entertainment on board and, of course, the price.


Chao Praya River

Of the different cruises we know, we recommend the Grand Pearl because it offers a lively atmosphere and free buffet. If you are looking for a more traditional boat, check out the Loi Nava.


5. Have dinner at a Rod Fai Ratchada or JJ Green Market

Of the abundant night markets available in the city, we recommend these two for dining: Rod Fai Ratchada and JJ Green Market.

In both cases, the atmosphere is very pleasant and festive, very appetizing for a walk and a drink, as well as dinner in one of its many amazing restaurants. It is very trendy among Thai youth. It must be for a good reason!



Rod Fai Ratchada
JJ Green Market

6. Watch Muay Thai

The main stadiums to attend an Muay Thai evening in Bangkok are three and are distributed on the days of the week so that there is always a fight in one of them.

Most likely, you are not a fan of this sport and this is the first and perhaps only opportunity to attend a show like this. So basically, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity you shouldn’t defiantly miss.


Rajadamnern Muaythai Stadium

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Link

Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Channel 7 Boxing Stadium

Sundays. Free entry.


7. Shows

There are also a bunch of entertainment shows about Thailand’s culture and people that are going to make your trip even more awesome and unique. Our favorite is:

Siam Niramit

Every day, open from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the show starts at 8:00 p.m.
This theater offers a 90-minute show focused on the life, culture, and history of Thailand and involves hundreds of actors in a spectacular performance.


Siam Niramit

8. Dine in Chinatown

Chinatown is a neighborhood that changes a lot from day to night. During the day they open the huge Sampeng market, where they sell everything in bulk. At night - except Mondays - its streets and sidewalks are taken by street restaurants that prepare some of the best dishes in the city. The little stands and the restaurants intermingle in a great offer of Thai and Chinese food, as well as fruit and, curiously, chestnuts. You will love all the offerings they have!

Yaowarat Rd (Bangkok's Chinatown)

9. Visit malls

Thais love Shopping Centers. When they have free time they will walk through them all day. They are giant and have air conditioning, which is surprising for such a setting, right?

The most famous are The Central World, the MBK and the Siam Paragon. All are in the Siam area. In that area, there are 6 or 7 connected by the Skywalk, a platform elevated above the street but below the Skytrain, which allows you to walk for hours from one to another without stepping on the street.


Siam Paragon

10. Visit Asiatique

Asiatique was a huge hangar for merchandise from the river.

They have recently transformed it into a leisure area with shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas. The place is very popular among Thais. What you are probably going to do in Asiatique is more shopping, you can never rest from this activity in Bangkok. It is so big that it will take all night. But hey! It is defiantly worth it.



11. Ratchada Night Market

The Ratchada night market was opened in 2016. Unlike other night markets that exist in the suburbs of Bangkok, it is close to the center of Bangkok and near a subway station. It has everything a Thai night market should have: Places to drink with live music, food stalls and stalls selling clothes. It has a medium size. The market logo is a train. It is open every night, except mondays. You know, one market to check out!


12. Dance Salsa

Going to Salsa Bangkok Departing to dance Salsa in Bangkok is a very good idea because you will find ex-pats and local people and not just tourists. In addition, Salsa in Bangkok is one of the best in the world: there is a mix of people, open classes and of course Latinos who live here and dance salsa.

You may be surprised, but you can dance Salsa in Bangkok every day of the week (Salsa or Bachata or Kizomba). The nights usually take place in hotel lobbies or in bars.


Adult Entertainment

As we said before, Bangkok has a darker and not for all-ages side. It is one of the things that it is most know for, as the things it offers are very different from any other country’s Red Districts. If you are interested in this part of this city, check out the best night adult entertainment plans:


13. Ping Pong Shows

Alright. I guess you have read ping pong shows and thought about a common ping pong match show. What is dark about that? Well my friend, you are wrong in this one!

Ping pong shows in Bangkok are a show in which ladies demonstrate unusual practices with their vaginas. As the name says it, women shoot ping pong balls out of there for the audience to return them with rackets. That is the main part of the show but, other things like blowing out candles with their vagina or bursting balloons with blowguns fired from down there. Yep, people are weird!



Nana Plaza
Patpong Night Market

14. Coyote Dancers

Next up on our list: the coyote dancers. Some customers love them, others hate them. But what exactly are coyote dancers and how does it work?

Coyotes are basically showgirls that work in upmarket Thai-style clubs and nightspots. Typically, coyotes are very attractive girls who can really dance and entertain their public. Some are even semi-professional dancers with formal dance training. Coyote dancers have been viewed with a degree of skepticism by foreigners in Bangkok, mostly because it’s not clear what their role is. Do they only dance? Are they available for other things, if you know what I mean?


Insanity Nightclub


For coyotes, dancing is their primary duty. They’re hired for their ability to dance well. For the most part, coyotes are young and dress sexy with cut off shorts common. Unlike gogo girls, coyote girls do not show anything. Never. Not even a nipple. So let’s say that in the west, they would be strippers without stripping. Weird.

15. Go Go Bars

Gogo dancers are primarily sex workers who dance to get guys’ attention in the hope that she will be taken away from the bar and given an opportunity to make real money by giving sex. For gogo dancers, dancing is very much a secondary part of their job and often something they put less effort into; many gogo dancers don’t really even dance, if is just their way to show themselves and get man to take them for more. In other words, it is like with any prostitute in a strip club.



Safety to take note

In this sense, Thailand could be considered a very safe country for tourists. In general, you could say that it is very rare that you will encounter problems traveling around the country. Now, this does not mean that things cannot happen but fortunately for all travelers, they are usually very occasional and that can happen anywhere else.

Even so, we leave these safety tips for when in Bangkok. We hope you find them useful and above all very practical!

1. Pickpocketing

Thefts on public roads could be said to not exist. In Bangkok, there is no citizen insecurity that could exist in areas of Europe or South America. The most common robberies are usually during transport (usually bus) and it is nothing more than some pick pocketing.


2. Fights

Fights might be more common in nightlife areas for tourists (Khao San Road, Phi Phi, Ao Nang or Patong). With the mixture of alcohol and party, it is kind of normal for this to happen, you know. We all have been somewhere with some drunks fighting. Again, this is not common, just could happen, so heads up!

Source: wikipedia

3. Sexual Assaults

Thailand is a perfect country to travel as a woman. Sexual assaults are not common and if there are any they are more related to the tourist areas and many times the aggressor is another tourist. Simply use the same parameters or precautions as when you are in your country.


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Now that you have seen everything that Bangkok has to offer, we are sure you won't doubt planning your next vacation there! It must be on your bucket list. Don't miss on getting to know this amazing city, you will have the best time and memories there!