10 Things To Know Before Experiencing Amsterdam Nightlife

Amsterdam, the unique nightlife destination to go

By Diana Nadim
10 Things To Know Before Experiencing Amsterdam Nightlife

Amsterdam Nightlife

You are insane to think. Dutch people don’t know how to party. Do you still have doubts? Well, head to any of the clubs in the city, and experience a night scene you’ve never seen.

Don’t allow the low key nature of the locals to fool you. Their party life exploits like no other, and just so you know, they host world-famous DJs like Armin Van Buuren.

First-time visitors think a night in this city is a night of drugs and promiscuity. Spending a moment under the skies of their streets brings more to the table than you think. It offers wild choices of beverages the same way it does drinking cultures.

Talk of pubs, short bars, and coffee bases that serve you at any time of the dusk.

What Is The Nightlife Culture There?

Partying till dawn in other places in the universe can drill holes in your travel budget, but not in Amsterdam. People also refer to this capital as the Dam. It is a nest for night owls, and a haven for young revelers such as students.

The night in the city is usually party heavy. It has it all. Your home restricts you too much? Then go to the Dam and do everything you can’t do at home.

From coffee joints that sell inexpensive Marijuana to brothels and discos that serve live music, all-night partiers find reasons to come back. It is always a great buzz. There is always more in store for all.

If you’ve got money to spend on high-end fun, the Dutch are great hosts. But, if you are budget cautious, you don’t have to be party cautious. There are many choices to pick which suit your pocket.

We found bargain versions of the best for less,  below.

1. Dance Clubs

It is rich with places to dance your feet sore until the wee hours. It is flooding with legendary joints with high-end DJs such as the Westergas, The Winston Kingdom, The Box, AIR Amsterdam, and many others.

Most of these clubbing venues are cozy nightspots, basements, warehouses, and industrial houses that suit every taste.

2. LGBT Clubs

The Dam is a great host. The place is friendly to persons from all walks of life, including the gay. What sets it apart from other cities is its welcoming nature.

 It is home for veteran gay bars such as Prik, Soho, and Taboo bar in the streets of Reguliersdwarsstraat, which is the center point for gay nightspots.

3. Live Music Clubs

You are likely to bump into lively crowd movers playing their instruments as if their world depends on it in this capital. You get to see your favorite band closer than ever, in joints such as Paradiso in Leidseplein.

4. Cocktail Sceneries

Hidden among its dance joints, this capital has the most amazing mixologists and spots you can sit and pass chill cocktails down your throat every night if you want. You can get the ultimate cocktail scenes in Bar Twenty-Seven or Vesper Bar.

Adult Entertainment In Amsterdam Nightlife

Quite a number of joints in the streets offer sexual satisfaction to the starving. It is a major hub for this venture, thanks to its lenient laws. Porn stars and business moguls have found a home in the city because of the liberal pornography laws.

The fun does not end in alcohol alone. For as much as 50 euros, you can watch a steamy sex show live, over a glass of tequila, or get into a swing for a lifetime experience.

1. La Vie En Proost

Blame the vast choice of women for the night to the absence of Strip clubs in the capital. Thankfully, the few strip clubs to fulfill your sexual fantasy include La Vie en Proost.

You will feel the night with lap dancers, pole dancers, and gogo girls as you sip on the finest whiskey.

It opens its doors for the whole week from 8 PM to 4 AM.

2. Banana Bar

Gracious, Banana Bar! The name alone should send you wishing already. Customers get a touch of beautiful hostesses performing erotic tricks of your desire. The tricks include baby oil shows and the banana trick itself. Do you want to know what it is like? The weekend isn’t far away.

3. Casa Rosso

You and the boys have a place to go-to for your bachelor party. Talk of erotic shows that include live couple sexual displays in the theatre-like setting. Crazy, right?

Website here.

4. Same Place (At Nassaukade 120)

It is more than just watching at Same Place. The gay and transgender friendly joint accommodates all fetishes and serves custom-made shows. Apart from you being the audience,  you can take part in the show if you want. Meaning, you strip and have sex in the show with other participants.

That’s the Dam!

Website here.

10 Things To Know Before Going Into Amsterdam Nightlife

1. Clubbing Hotspots

There are two major dance and club vibes, Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Leidseplein offers cozy pubs and live music joints, while Rembrandtplein is the most renowned fun spot.

2. Club Opening Times

The party-goers have their heaven in here. The authorities aren’t too strict. Some never close their doors, while others can stay open until 03: 00 on weekdays and 04:00 during the weekends.

However, most clubs operate a 24-hour operation license. Who would in their wildest dreams, think this city never sleeps.

3. Dress Code

The banker in you needs a makeover. Spare yourself the awkward moment of being the only person in a suit in club scenes. Casual wear is the trend. Being tidy, respectable, and sober is welcome. 

You may want to consider the city’s night scene; if you wear rugged jeans and baseball caps, you have no room! Though not all enforce a strict dress code.

4. Why You Can Be Turned Away

The bouncers and guards are keen on individuals arriving in large groups. You won’t get in if you come to the joints in squads, worse if you are all hyped up. It is wise if you and your groupie get in the joint in twos.

5. Entrance Fee

While you can get in for free in some, others require you to pay at the door. Most importantly, you need to know that the coziest clubs charge the highest. Most exclusive clubs can charge up to  20 euros. For live shows, it's a good idea to pay tickets in advance.

6. Drugs

You are in a better place with the knowledge that any hard drugs in the Netherlands are illegitimate. Besides being in the way of the law, you are at risk of passing out if you keep buying anything you find at the coffeeshops. The shops keep lacing their products with chemicals and drugs to sell better.

7. Don’t Mix Coffee Shops With Clubs

The versatile nature of the streets can get into any greedy individual. The strong beers round the corner and espressos in the adjacent coffee shop can give you the worst partying experience. The coffeeshops sell drug cookies and other drug-laced products.

Mixing alcohol and the hard drugs found in these shops could spoil the fun before it starts. Be wise.

8. Tokens For Drinks

Visitors are unforgiving when it comes to this trend. Before you buy a drink, you need to buy ' tokens.' With the tokens, you will be able to purchase your drink.

The real hustle is when you have to queue for the tokens and then make another for the drinks.

9. Where To Lodge

For anyone to sleep and hop in this vibrant neighborhood, it is prudent to lodge near the epicenters. In Leidseplein, there are the Leidse Square apartments that are pocket-friendly. In Rembrandtplein, there’s a bed for you at Coco’s Outback Apartments if you want to party night and day.

10. Age Restriction

Take a photo 1D with you if you are over 18 years old, and indulge in drinking if you are over 21. If you observe this, you will never cross with the law.

Safety Tips For Girls And Guys

Tourists arriving for fun become prime targets for crime. To feel the vibe of this place without

falling into the traps that await foreigners, we’ll guide you on how to ensure your safety.

  • Avoid walking alone in poorly lit and unpopulated areas.


  • Take Care Of Handbags. Handbags are targets for pickpockets. Keep it out of harm’s way, or only go out with small handbags.


  • Be careful of where you spend your nights, and of the persons you share rooms with.


  • Avoid driving, instead hire safe cabs or board buses. Drinking and driving are catastrophic.


  • Avoid Drugs. The greedy dealers sell fake drugs for profit. The fake drugs lead to the deaths of most tourists.

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Even if you are not a nightlife person, you will not regret!


There's life in the Dam! The city of sin grants individuals full package experiences that are hard to find in other parts of the universe. It rightfully earns the honor as a city to party.

Where else in the world do you find sex, drugs, and parties legal and accessible in one single night?